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Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by sarahbartholamew, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. sarahbartholamew

    sarahbartholamew New Member

    Has anyone heard of Human Potentials, formerly Spirit of Freedom? Former members of Scientology created courses strongly based on Scientology teachings and have been operating from Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast with centres up and down the East Coast of Australia (and formerly New Zealand) making a fortune. After an initial feeling of hope, 'advanced' courses leave people reliant, poor, often distant from family & friends and trapped. Wedges have been created in relationships, under the guise of 'helping closeness', through intimate examination by the group and particularly by the leaders who have major relationship problems themselves and will not be challenged! For people who have already come out of cults, none of this will be a surprise, but for those still in, or those contemplating doing courses, have a good look.
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    Oh hai OSA bot.

  3. LongTimeGone

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    Hi Sarah.
    I hadn't heard of it but when I googled Human Potentials Australia, CCHR came up!!!!!!!
  4. Another front group? :confused2:
  5. Ann_H

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    Yes, everything you say about Human Potentials Australia Py Ltd is correct - although not sure about the links to Scientology. They seem to be based on the Gold Coast now, and have leased premises there under the name Dove Connections Pty Ltd
    445 Golden Four Dr, Bilinga, QLD 4225. The leader is Suzanne (aka Suzi) Micallef. Many ruined lives from this cult. The first course is ok - people who get out after it would be fine. But those who stick around end up severely brain washed.
  6. Ann_H

    Ann_H New Member

    By the way, Human Potentials is largely undetectable online - which is something the leaders insist on. Also, the Gold Coast address won't be forever - the head office moves around regularly...
  7. Ann_H

    Ann_H New Member

    Not sure if my first post went through properly, where I confirmed what sarahbartholomew has said is correct, although not sure about links to Scientology. Leader is Suzanne (Suzi) Micallef and head office, which always moves, might currently be located at 445 Golden Four Dr Bilinga, QLD 4225, Australia, with lease under the name Dove Connections Pty Ltd.

    Avoid this organisation at all costs.
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    sarahbartholamew, Ann_H, mabudo, do you know each other, did you participate in courses at Human Potentials or Spirit of Freedom?
  11. namaste

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    I've never heard or it but, yes, it does sound an awful lot like Scientology right down to the deluded leader on a mission to save the planet.

    Thank you for the warning.
  12. Voltaire's Child

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    If it's any kind of Scn spinoff, it will not have CofS' seal of approval and, thus, it's nothing to do with OSA ops or OSA bots.

    So that's interesting.

    Sarah, I think there've been many many Scn spinoffs, some of which we've probably not even heard it.
  13. Ann_H2

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    Ann here again. :eyeroll:

    I don't know who Sarah or mabudo are - but I am very happy they have been brave enough to come forward on this forum! Everyone is intimidated into silence after leaving Human Potentials Australia Pty Ltd (HP). There is so much secrecy and intimidation and punishment for speaking out against a leader or the organisation itself while you are in it - so you are programmed to keep quiet even when you leave, or you think you'll attract terrible things on yourself.

    But the problem is - when new people do a check on the organisation there is nothing on the internet at all to warn people! So I urge anyone who has been involved in HP to post at this forum, and others, such as - to get information out there for unsuspecting people. Post as much accurate information as you can, on any websites that allow it - so that Google searches start to return some information about this cult.

    (PS Forgot password - hence my slightly new username now)
  14. Ann_H2

    Ann_H2 New Member

    Also to add to the pool of information for those who stumble on this blog wanting to investigate further, go to and you can search for Human Potentials Australia Pty Ltd and Dove Connections Pty Ltd and get ABN, and other official company information. Keep in mind there are time delays between something happening, such as leaving an address, and it being updated officially by the organisation.
  15. Petey C

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    Thanks to the OP for posting this. Always nice to see another rip-off cultic organisation on the horizon! I'll keep an eye out for it in my neck of the woods, might even go along if there's an event just to see how scientological it is and what it does and, importantly, who does it.
  16. Travoola

    Travoola New Member

    I cannot STRESS how important it is to totally avoid this organisation. Everything that has been mentioned here about Human Potentials Aust/Dove Connections is correct. It is a CULT! I was part of it for seven years, and it has taken me 3 years to recover mentally and emotionally, financially I still have not recovered. Thank you for setting this information up for people to access. Alot of people think the organisation has closed, but it has not. It is operating on the Gold Coast and in Sydney. They are running courses from peoples houses, last course I heard about was at Mt Tamborine 2 months ago. Susie Micallef is ex-scientlogy, and she really thinks she is saving the world. She believed she was everyones spiritual mother, just a different name for 'guru'. You dare not do anything without the approval of Susie. When I left the organisation 3 years ago, there were over 150 'Advanced' followers. Doing courses on a weekly basis, handing over their money, time and life to Susie. Since then alot of these people left all at once, and the numbers have dwindled. But they are trying very hard to start up again. Many, many lives have been shattered and ripped apart because of this organisation, don't not become another one. I am not righting this in Malice, I am writing this to save someone from going through any further trauma.
  17. Finally Free

    Finally Free New Member

    Thank you Sarah
  18. Finally Free

    Finally Free New Member

    Hi Sarah, Yes Suzi is the leader, but she also has close counterparts who are just as manipulative - Jilly Gabrielsen (Walker), Lisa Aliprandi, Tony Philps. I think these guys also need a mention, together they have helped to destroy many lives, separate families, ruin relationships, Jilly Gabrielsen is especially close to Suzi and is looked in as her powerful advisor, together they make a dangerous team, making up rules as they go. Jilly is as dangereous as Suzie. The same is with Lisa Aliprandi. Tony Philips was in a relationship with Suzie, then they split, then they got back together, then they split, then they got back together, everything was revolved around Suzie and Tony, the so called perfect couple who came into spiritual alignment to help the so called bigger picture. Joke!
  19. Finally Free

    Finally Free New Member

    Hello Ann, gosh you are so right, so much intimidation and punishment for speaking out against the organisation. But you are right there is nothing to warn people, and we all need to start speaking up and getting this information out there. It has been hard because so much fear is placed in you and when you come to the realisation that it was a cult, the embarrassment and the heartache can be huge and to talk about it is still so upsetting. Alot of the Advanced group has left the organisation, after the leaders starting swapping partners, the pressure was then put on the followers and it was was a bit like throwing your car keys into a hat and picking out a new set and going home with someone else. It had nothing to do with love.
    Even when you leave the organisation if you dont get some help (counselling etc) you stay in the way of thinking as if you are still in there. I still see some people who have left the organisation and they are still a mess. when you leave you basically cannot relate to the rest of the world. it is like you hit the concrete very very hard. Human Potentials is not about love, it is not about freedom, it is about control and money. Whilst you are part of the 'advanced' group you are stripped of all of your confidence and dignity. this happens slowly each course you do, you slowly get chipped away at until finally there is nothing left. you think you are nothing, unless of course you are a suzi favourite. TAKE CARE AND DO NOT ENTER is my advise.
  20. jesse james

    jesse james New Member

    :coolwink: It is most encouraging reading others' experience in this cult. Here's a first hand account. The "suppression order" is now off.
    This organisation is run by Susie (susanne) Micallef. This is a deluded and messed up individual. She is still at it. During my "stay" I was manipulated out of large sums of money, aside from the thousands and thousands that I paid out for the courses. I also witnessed the partner swapping "ceremonies" first hand. The belief is that when the exact and correct people are in a relationship, the planetary vibration will be raised sufficiently to aid ascension from these earthly confines. Sounds appropriately absurd as I write that, but the nature of brain-washing is to remove one's own sense of judgment and ability to discern. Brain-washing is what occurs in this organisation - disguised as love and care.
    It is fundamentally based on scientology - with the founder, New Zealander Colin Brown, spending around 20 years in scientology.
    Susie Micallef took over when he passed away - and along with her posse - started running workshops on the gold and sunshine coasts, brisbane, sydney and melbourne.