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    Oh it was discussed alright!!!!, The topic on spiritual being - where do we begin. The whole focus was around being a spiritual fact physicality was totally rejected. You must handle everything spiritually. What happened to you spiritually???? We were told over and over again things like: You are not helping that person Spiritually, you are not seeing the person spiritually, you are not understanding the person spiritually. The topic of being a spiritual being started in the first course 'Basics of Life'. You are not a body you are a spiritual being.
    The concepts for Basics of Life were
    1.Willingness to be responsible for your own gains
    2.Decisions "Game played called Make a decision and do it now"
    3.Resistance - Energy Fields/Stuff/Emotions "Game Played Win as much as you can"
    4.Big Picture/Small Picture
    5.Judgements "Game Played "Sticker on Forehead"
    6.Point and Blame
    7. Shop Fronts
    8. Flows
    9.Lowest Common Denominator
    10. Understanding

    With all of theses concepts, we were spoken to, then we had to sit knee to knee and discuss the topic, a logistics person would sit in with you to make sure you were discussing the topic and if they picked up anything that would help the presenters they would leave the group they were in and go talk to the presenters, the presenters would then share it with everyone.

    The we would head into Section One (this was human potentials first course) they said they had to create basics because the vibration of the planet had dropped and they need basic concepts...initially, Section One was the first Course. This was about the "TRIANGLE" Yes that is right....the L.U.A Triangle....Apparently the spiritual universe revolved around this triangle. Love, Understand and Acknowledgement.! Then you were sent into a one on one session with another person on the course and a "clearer" again sitting knee to knee. This was called "Restoring Love". Once the restoration of love has been done spiritually then it sets you free!

    Section two and three are about control!! Controls in your life, controls in your family, and the dreaded controls of the planet.....We are prisoners on earth. We need to be free spiritually. When we look at we control others, that will set us free...We played "the time game" We sat knee to knee in a straight line, talking about something passionate for us, they would play music and then after a certain time they would yell out 'CHANGE' one side of the group would get up off there chair and run down the back of the line whilst everyone else moved up a chair and you would start to resume to talk about things you were passionate about, now with a different person. This was done over and over and got faster and faster then noises came in from the logistics people they would start yelling out behind you, playing with your hair, rubbing your shoulders, doing cart wheels whatever they wanted to do to distract you. Then the game ended abruptly and you would go home. It was a NIGHTMARE!!!! The next day you came in still frazzled by the shit that happened the night before. You were then bought up the front to discuss in front of the group how you were going with the course (long story short, it was proven that you cant be with one other person) What a joke. If you told people to go away because they were too loud or took there hand off you because it felt uncomfortable. This was bought up in front of everyone, this is the beginning of the thinking that you are not worth a piece of shit.

    I did this course twice and did logistics for it about 4 times....I saw so many people traumatised by this game. Imagine Music turned up onto FULL. Someone yelling CHANGE every 30 seconds and logistics staff running around screaming at the top of the lungs, fuzzing up your hair, adjusting your clothes, touching you body, leaning over you and talking to the person in front of you, mimicking what you are saying it just goes on. NOW if you were there for the person spiritually and you were speaking from your heart, and you were being vunerable, you would not have been affected - This was the theory.
    I know the intention of this game and it was not about gaining awareness, those presenters wanted you to be affected, smashed so the next day you would absolutely break which many did.

    Then you would go onto the TWO WEEKER, the main object here is to discuss planetary controls....and to acknowledge you as a spiritual being. Every person one by one gets up in front of the room and is acknowledged for who they really are! You get played some songs to acknowledge you. You are so beautiful, the gift you are, what one man can do, wind beneath my winds, the list goes on. Music was a big part of it. The main idea of this was to open up and receive the acknowledgements so you would break down and cry your eyes out, because you have never been acknowledged as a spiritual being before. once you break down and cry they change the music to an upbeat tune so you can have a little dance

    Past Lives, this was not often bought up because as soon as it was, we were told by Susie "whatever happened in a another happening right now in this life, deal with it in present time, you bring everything forward into this life with you, anything you haven't dealt with is here right now" Susie (Leader) didn't like the idea really....however if you did a one on one session with Tony (her partner) and you happen to go in there, he would let you go. But if Susie could by pass it she would. I wasn't here when colin was around, so I don't know how he handled it...I was told Colin had all of his memories of his past lives...but that is all I know

    I hope this helps, it certainly has helped me to write it all has made me understand more why it has been so hard to pick up the pieces.

    There are others tho out there who may be able to answer this better as I was not particularly friendly with Susie and her mob!

    Until next time....:dancer:
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    To understand myself what the heck is going on, I have been looking for information ....trying to "get it" at the this a cognitive implant??? lol

    Looking at postings on this site about scientology I can see some influence in HP however you can also view HP as a LGAT. ( Large Group Awareness Training ) in more advanced courses there appears to be similarities in the direct confrontation techniques used in encounter groups/ sensitivity training popular in the 70's.

    Viewpoints I heard presented on many courses/ whilst listening to other people in the group are
    we are naturally loving / good people
    we are love
    we are willingness
    we naturally are willing and love to give and help others
    if something negative happens then we are Cause
    as a Being we have high integrity and we are Powerful
    if something positive happens to ourselves or the people we are connected to then we are also Cause- everything is our creation and we are to be responsible for our gains and our creation.
    the best thing we can do is "clear our stuff" for our own spiritual evolution and those we love. If we are having difficulty then we are to "have a look" at what we are doing and how it is affecting others.

    Sessions- ( from my understanding and experience)
    after sect I people can do a number of 1:1 sessions with a trained Clearer to "clear their stuff"- things that have occurred and not been experienced/ resolved . If One wants to do sections II and III these sessions are a prerequisite. . Client and Clearer will go into session for 2-3hours then break - if the session isn't complete it must be within 48hours. During the session the client has the opportunity to clear whatever is blocking them from operating more naturally from their Beingness. After clearing alot of this "victim area" then there is more of the Being operating and then they will not be in effect.This viewpoint seems to me to suggest that the person has reached a level of "clear" to be able to see everything from Cause/ responsibility for gains/ awareness. The ability to "not go into affect" presents itself the more clearing occurs. As you go through sessions and courses the quicker one is able to "clear themselves." from sect II and III onwards to advanced courses looking at stuff through the "cause viewpoint" is what can "bring the greatest gains." and the focus can be on "really being able to help others not just clearing the stuff!"

    Sessions are based on looking at areas and how this area may play out in present time day to day life for the client.There is a session instruction given by a session instructor. It is done by a client looking at the area in their life and experiencing what happens for them. The Clearer asks the question and accompanies the client during their exploration in the session. Awareness produces a felt energy change. If there is no new awareness there is no energy change and the person could be stuck in self blame/ guilt which can be cleared to "get back into session" Sessions are all scripted and written by Colin Brown. The format is ask a question/ answer the question There is no regression or asking people to divulge childhood traumas. The viewpoint is that information is stored in the mind and the mind will "toss up" information to be cleared during sessions.

    trauma- there is a type of session based on dealing with a traumatic event. The viewpoint I heard is that during that event even though information may not be consciously remembered whatever happened is within conscious reach and when experienced fully will be cleared as though it never has occurred.

    past lives- The only viewpoint I have heard presented in the course room about past life is that if you clear something in present time whenever it has showed up in your life prior will also be cleared. In the interview prior to the Basics of Life Course there is also a question about past life viewpoints.

    life after death- I never heard this viewpoint presented / discussed

    Understanding- this "understanding" seems similar to what I have read about ARC in Scientology on this site.

    drills- only done in advanced courses and communications courses which were phased out and absorbed into interview/clearer/ presenter training.

    "time and space game" in sect II and III . Just realized looks very similar to TR2 bull bait ( from looking at the utube link posted in this thread) however as a game involved all the participants in the course room with the logistics team creating distractions.

    emotional tone scale- introduced in communications/ clearing training
    the emotions are listed in the same order as in the Scientology tone scale however it appears to be a more condensed version with only the main emotions on it. This concept I recall was to assist the person to observe their own experience . Not as a tool to assess anyone else or predict what another person may be like according to their presentation

    for those of you having experienced Scientology does anything I say here resonate?
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    Thanks. The method of the madness seems quite different in some ways than scientology. Although...there are a couple of "triangles" in Scientology. The ARC triangle (Affinity Reality Communication) which is supposed to help achieve Understanding, and then there is the KRC (Knowledge Responsibilty Control). This part is also said, "The whole focus was around being a spiritual fact physicality was totally rejected." In scientology, being a "Thetan" (spiritual being) is super important and the physical body is treated with disdain or contempt.

    Actually, GUILT is a big part of scientology too. The way it plays out is that people are made to feel that THEY have caused shit to happen to them...everything from the common cold to life threatening diseases, disasters etc. And "confessional" aspects of "auditing" (counselling) are used very distructively. Volumes have been written on that in relation to Sci-cult.

    A lot of the ex-scientologists here have said how therapeudic it was to write about their experiences.
  4. degraded being

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    Yes it sure does resonate. I think you may be right when you said: "Looking at postings on this site about scientology I can see some influence in HP however you can also view HP as a LGAT. ( Large Group Awareness Training ) in more advanced courses there appears to be similarities in the direct confrontation techniques used in encounter groups/ sensitivity training popular in the 70's.
    . I don't know much about LGAT, but from a quick look on google, some of the tecniques of HP mentioned look very LGAT. However scientologists will, IMO, see familiarity, for example, what you said about "going into affect". To "go affect" (or remain "at cause") would seem like pure scientology catch phrases to any ex sci-culties. The word "clearing" seems to be widely used now. I don't know if it migrated from Dianetcis/Scientology into the general "New Age/Self Help" world, but it's very possible since Hubbard was using it in the 50's. But since Hubbard was a plagiarist he probably took it himself, from the psychologists.

    In the Human Potentials picture that you paint, it sounds as if the practitioners had a bit more leeway than scientologist practioners do. Hubbard, control freak that he was, controlled every frigging movement of everyone, and still does after his death, for many. However he too was far more open when he first started Dianetics. Not becuase he was a better person then...but becuase he needed time to construct his control freak nirvana of a slave world, dominated absolutely by him.

    Hubbard also spun a line about "man (being) basically good". Which he knew was what people wanted to hear. He said little about "love". Such a conman he was, but he failed to exploit that one. Probably because he never understood what the word meant.
  5. Curly Sue

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    Interesting......Guilt/Shame was also heavily used with us as well....We were also led to believe that anything we did it caused shit to happen, everything from wacking your toe on the table to your mother and father passing away or disease. Definately confessions were encouraged. In fact when you do confess it gets announced publically. So that if you dont confess you feel even worse. You are encouraged to stand up in front of everyone, the phrase to us is "does anyone want to share anything into the room, it will help the group" so up you get, confess your little heart out and feel like an absolute tool after it.

    We also had the BLACK TRIANGLE oh yes this was about Power Greed and Control! Pity they didn't take note for themselves about this concept. You were given a choice be in the GREEN triangle Love, Understanding and Acknowledgement or be in the BLACK Triangle. There is nothing else, its either one or the other.

    Also on the two weeker we did the disgusting drill called THE ILLUSION PROCESS! I hated it with a passion. Apparently if a certain amount of people pulled there pin at the same time, it would stop an atomic bomb going off. Well I say KA - FUCKING -BOOM!!!!! This process gave the person a chance to sit in front of you (knee to knee of course) and tell you what you are doing that is stopping you from being close with them. They could say what they liked! You had to sit there and listen to absolute shite coming out of peoples mouths, listen until you break down and cry, then you can be close with them. I tell you some times I just wanted to snot some people. But oh no, sit there I did....again have another look at myself over and over over and over again. Now I say .... If you have a problem with me ...You deal with it!

    Honestly sometimes I cannot believe the shit we all put up with for so long.
    You are right you know, writing down your experience does help!
  6. another_one

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    thanks for your response :)
  7. oneborneveryday

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    Hi Jewelee, I am glad you are free from the vultures. We probably know each other considering the length of your sentence. I don't recommend what I did to help find my way out but I joined scientology after I left HP (gave myself one year) and found the similarities between the two organizations, satisfying what I needed to know then moved on. The similarities were astounding, the bulldust thick and as murky as HP doctrine. Two black religions catching "the hearts and minds" of we blebs. You know as I returned to my family and friends to make my apologies for walking out of their lives without notice, without exception, all welcomed me back and time has done the rest with the rebuilding of trust and friendship. I am still gobsmacked at times at my own stupidity at being conned by "The Great Colin" but still there is "one born every day". The strength of my wife, who was encouraged by Suzie for years to break up our marriage and leave me has been a great friend and helped me find myself in my own way and my own time. Jewelee time will heal any wounds and those who cared about us B4 HP still do. Laugh with em when they tell you they thought you had gone nuts. You are an authority on cults now and the damage they do. You will be able help others who think some mob like HP can help them.
    See you in the soup some day.
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  10. Alone

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    I really don't know how to answer that question.
    Before I read this thread I never even heard of HP having anything to do with Scientology.
  11. I told you I was trouble

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    That's OK Alone ... I was only asking if you were an Ex (scientologist) in case what you mentioned experiencing was related to being involved (in scientology) ... I just wasn't quite sure.

    Anyway, I'm glad you came back ... relax, you are very welcome here regardless.

  12. Alone

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    I was involved with HP for a long time .
    Its been difficult to do simple things.
    I deleted my post because I was so afraid to say something. :no:
  13. I told you I was trouble

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    I thought that may have been why (you deleted) ... don't worry though, you can say what you like or say little or nothing until you feel more comfortable.

    I don't know what HP is about but others here will and you could 'talk' (post) with them if you feel like it someday.

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    I was like that too 'Alone', but there is nothing to be afraid of now...they cant hurt you and nothing will happen to you...that is all part of the suppression. I know how it feels to do simple things...its like you don't fit into the don't relate to will get better....please take care of yourself and surround yourself with your family if you can. People who really know you and love you for you. Writing about your experience helped me alot...and I feel better for it...and I bet alot of people could relate to it...even tho they haven't said so....take care
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    There is something missing in my life, The missing thing is Me.I spent so much over the years focusing on other people, supporting them, ensuring they succeed. Working for everyone else I disappeared.
    I don't have family . I came into HP alone and I still am. I was given hope and tried relationship yet failed at that amongst other things.
    Doubting every decision I make is difficult.
  16. Ogsonofgroo

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    It could be that this is what you are though, someone who helps.

    Your purpose and mind directed at straightening things out.

    Ain't no big thang, just lots of little ones making one big happy planet :p Enjoy your time, do it for your family and friends, do it for your world.
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    • :angry:RED ALERT RED ALERT Has anyone seen the HP cult leaders in MT TAMBOURINE lately. If you hear of any life changing courses (curses) being offered please let the people know what these people represent. They are slimey maggots who will do anything to continue their CRAFT.
    • Please post any sightings for us. Many Thanks.
  18. Finally Free

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    :omg:Yes spotted one Lisa Aliprandi Mt Tamborine!!!!! Yes currently residing ontop of a mountain...interesting...going and living on top of a Mountain will not keep you hidden Lisa, there are eyes every where.
  19. Alone

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    No :no: this is not who I am.
    This is what I was lead to believe.
    Drilled into me over and over again.
    To make me feel good then
    do this :duh: , feeling very bad when I was failing
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    I think that when humans are bound by nothing, there is a lot more potential they can go with, but most often than not, they are bound by something that only them can figure out. And again in most cases, these boundaries do not allow them to move forward living them to the sort of dumps that can be very hard to get over with. There must be the unstoppable search for more knowledge and greater heights at that.