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Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by sarahbartholamew, Nov 26, 2010.

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    People were talking about Scientology knockoffs before....there is an outfit in Berkeley, California called the "Seminary of the Church of Man", aka the Berkeley Psychic Institute. It was founded in 1973 by an ex-Scientologist named Lewis Bostwick; he squirreled the tech, turned it into something else, and his group is still operating.
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    Spotted the cult leader Lisa aliprandi in Africa trying to recruit in Johannesburg south africa. Further investigation reveals she has scuttled off to Zambia. Believed to be with her male apostle and lover or maybe they only raise the vibrations by looking into each others eyes
  3. so disappointed

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    You are welcome. The only good thing that can be said about lisa is that she has not bred. The thought that such evil genes could be passed on to another generation that would pray on the vulnerability of others being manipulated by Satanic misconceived pious hypocrisy is frightening.:angry::angry:
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    I’ve read the whole thread and can see there’s a bit more to the story than what I experienced with HP. I thankfully didn’t experience any of what the other forum members mention, as I only did a few courses and logistics.
    Yeah there were niggly aspects of certain individual’s approach on one course that I didn’t necessarily agree with, but overall, what I got out of it has completely turned my life around for the better. I’m way stronger, confident and more open. I’m not affiliated with HP and have no desire to promote or advocate for them, just wanted to share my small part and show that it wasn’t all bad.
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    That's how cults work. There is some yummy bait there, but once you're hooked things can get nasty. The cult can begin to control your life in many insidious and harmful ways - as this thread has outlined.
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    Dox please

    :goodposting: Anyone done this?

    So far, regarding Human Potentials:
    No links to websites.
    No physical addresses, no specific locations.
    No photos, no videos.
    No scanned documents.
    No credible testimony from non-anonymous witnesses or affected family or others.
    No proof of complaints to police or human rights advocate groups.
    No record of legal action.

    If this actually existed and was of any consequence, it would be worth it for at least one person to stick his neck out and provide some credible documentation.

    Dox, please. Or else, stop trolling our forum.

  7. so disappointed

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    I understand that the international investigation into this scam is gathering pace. Interpol are now communicating openly between Australia south Africa and are about to involve Zambia. It will be am interesting couple of weeks. It is about time that evil
    People are brought to task. With the French courts sending people to prison last week for 5years for extortion and the Australian authorities cracking down on these scams, there is now real hope.
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    So Disappointed? So am I. Vitriolic hatred reflects more your own immaturity than any truth about the subject (besides you are in breach of your warranty on joining this notice board that you will not post anything obscene, hateful or otherwise violative etc). The rubbish about Interpol is clearly untrue and so I would question too your integrity.

    If you truly have some constructive criticism of Scientology or Human Potentials , (if indeed you’ve done either) we should love to hear it. Otherwise this may be the wrong forum for you. If you just have an axe to grind you might try beating a pillow (not HP or Scientology but worth a crack !)

    They suggest ignoring Trolls as they want to be engaged but thought I should give you the benefit of the doubt. Happy posting
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    I have only just heard about everyone's discontent regarding human potentials. i was in there for a couple of years, and while i wasn't up there with susie or mike or jilly, I did get a good understanding of the concepts. my letdown was that unless you were at their level, they separated out from you. so i felt inferior and quite alone. i didn't feel the love which is what its all about. i believe that everyone has to confront their own negativity, including susie etc and stop pointing at everyone else. i didn't think it was a cult, but i felt left out if i didnt participate on a regular basis. i think the reason people think its a cult is because everyone seemed to swap partners, which proves that if you cant confront your own stuff, that love doesnt work. i am a one relationship person and dont agree with this swapping practise. i have since gotten on with my life and enjoy very loving relationships with people. i feel some of you are bitter and didnt learn the simple things they were teaching, like what you dont like in another is a reflection of what you dont like in yourself. Happy endings and spread love, not bitterness
  10. NoName

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    Happy Staturday trolls.

    Thing is, even the most dyed in the wool critics will admit that some of the introductory courses (you know, the stuff LRH ripped of from legitimate psychotherapy) were helpful. How else would the cult keep people?

    Between now and 1:59pm, you night want to think about that. How LRH's "tech" was really abreaction therapy. As in what the psychs were doing. Back then, the psychs were only bad because they were pricing their therapy out of reach of most people. LRH was trying to fill a need.

    Think about it - are you getting the same wins now as you got with Dn? Are you really more able now? Is trolling the internet really being cause over whatever? It seems more like a junior high prank to me.

    I'm not going to say dox or stfu because I already know the answers. I had wins with Dn too. And I've seen people I love ruined by the Co$. And what's true for me..... Well, you know.

    I love you too, and hope that some day it will be true for you. When it is and you're ready to blow, 1-866-XSEA-ORG is will help you.
  11. Chris O'Keefe

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    Do we know if this cult is still operating on the GC?

    And has there been any media scrutiny of these guys?
  12. its out there

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    WARNING - Susie Micallef presented a talk at byron bay called WALKING WITH THE UNIVERSE on the 25th of august. Must be looking for fresh pupils to rip off. Enter at your own risk
  13. emlife

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    Go Susie! Love your work.
    There are millions of people who share your passion for helping people, and making the world a better place. On behalf of the many thousands of people who have directly and indirectly benefited from your effort, Thank you.
  14. namaste

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    Dox or STFU
  15. Jump

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    Looked like sarcasm to me :confused2:
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    I am a child of HP. 
    My parents were in from the time I was 9 years old in the 80's when there was a core group of around 10-12 people, in Auckland, NZ. My parents were quite "high up" if you will. They left when I was 20.
    We all moved to Australia and it started off in Mullumbimby, NSW. After a while we moved to the Gold Coast where they were stationed for quite a few years, a place on Bundall Rd that they called "The Centre". This is when the development of courses started, the worst being the 26 weeker. As most of the couples in the cult had kids, we sort of grew up together (and are all still very close friends to this day). Over this 26 weeks, myself being one of the oldest, would look after the other kids whilst our parents were trying to obtain spiritual enlightenment. The only lightening going on was of their bank accounts (Colin and Suzi coaxed my parents into donating all of their Super, not some, ALL of it). We were alone from sound 7am to 7pm for 26 weeks, I think that why I'm such a good cook now ;)
    I remember when Colin died, we were watching Telly and the call came through, I didn't even get up! My brother went to see his body, I think as a way of "cleansing" because he had it rough as he lived with Colin and Angela, so was under constant "spiritual" scrutiny and to this day is still f#%ked up over it all. Bare in mind people, we were 8, 9, 10 years old being told we were "negative energy fields". We were kids!
    He died of a heart attack. Ironic.
    Eventually, when I was 20, my parents left HP and it was awesome, I had my parents back. I would tell stories of my teenage years and my mum would cry because she had no recollection of the things I was saying. Another core group member got them out and I will be forever thankful to John for doing that. 
    There are some elements of HP that were good, being able to openly talk about how you were feeling, all those sorts of fluffy things. But the adultery, the money, the breaking down of people's marriages, confidence and self expression (my mother was told not to wear red because it meant she was a whore) was wrong, utterly wrong. 
    Suzi and Colin were sleeping with each other, and his partner Angela knew about it but never said anything because she was so brainwashed, and she still is, 15 years after he died. Colin would tell women by being involved with him sexually they would get to a higher place. I know people will say "it's a choice!" but these were people that were already in some sort of emotional turmoil, they were vulnerable and in search of something, anything. He took advantage of that vulnerability. When he died Suzi took the reigns, dumped her partner Justin and shacked up with a guy who was involved with another woman (and had been for years), telling her it was for a higher purpose. He left Suzi to be with a woman who was married. Suzi hooked up with a married doctor who'd left his family without telling them. Couples who had only just had babies were torn apart by the relationship chess that went on.  I can only tell you of one relationship that is still together from people who went in as couples.
    I am all for faith, but this is not faith, it's a cult and there is a difference. 
    I am lucky, I was a kid when it all happened and I knew from the get go Colin was not right. I told my parents but they were so "in" they couldn't see it. I have a diary i wrote in as a teen and it references all of this stuff. I'm a perfectly well adjusted 30 year old now (and still know of a few people in HP), and there are elements of that adjustment I can attribute to HP, but man am I glad I could see it for what it was but not have that be an issue because I wasn't 'formally' part of it all. We did have to do some of the courses though, but really, what kind of things is a 12 year old going to say about their "relationships"? Really? "Tom was mean to me in the playground at school and now I feel sad"? Come on!
    My brothers and I became master manipulators of the system, which we worked to our advantage. We played golf with stones once, as early teens do, and broke a car window of one of the members. We told Colin we were in an energy field and not participating in present time and got off Scott free. What a load of cods wallop!

    Anyway, I digress. If youre searching for some sort of spirituality or direction or whatever, fine, maybe do Section 1, but, please, please, don't let them get their talons into you. Keep your wits about you, don't give them too much money, guard your partner if you go in together, don't sell anything to fund course attendance, stay in touch with your friends and family who are not part of it and don't push HP on them - at some stage you may need people on the outside, don't move cities to follow them (that's how they know they own you), and just simply see it all for what it is. Good luck!

    Oh and P.S if you're not a fan of holding hands, standing in circles and singing John Denver songs, steer clear :)
  17. 82disco

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    Hi Chris,

    A few years ago a journo from Channel 10 genuinely 'joined' but was managed out pretty quickly once they found out who she worked for and what she did. They're pretty cagey about the media.
  18. Jewelee

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    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. Hearing this from your perspective is both helpful and insightful!
  19. Ann_H2

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    The talk you mention was advertised on the website

    It says: For more information & bookings phone Sharon on 0418 204 288 or Yvette on 0412 664 846.

    (This information is still on their website and in the public domain - I am not revealing anything private). She charged $35 a head and held it at Eco Natural, 1 Natural Lane, Broken Head - Byron Bay.

    Looks like Suzie Micallef still has minions promoting her "work"... And that she is still remaining invisible. (Her name isn't in the ad for the talk).

    Why be secretive Suzie unless you have a lot to hide? (Clue: The answer is NOT that there are powers-that-be who would want to "take you out" if they knew you were saving the world...)

    Does anyone else know of any of the ring leaders who are still actively trying to sell themselves in the spiritual arena? It is important that we keep tabs on them - it is really helpful for people googling to see if a speaker or a course is legit - this forum has become a very important source of information to warn people.

    I am still appaulled by how much dishonesty there was by the leaders of this cult - so much of what is being revealed here was kept secret apart from the tight inner circle of people around Suzie, Colin etc. Let's look at the facts though - most of the "advanced" HP members ended up broke or in debt, with their relationship over, their career (if they had one) over, and no sense of even their own hobbies let alone their own identity.

    Does anyone have instructions on how to post documentation from HP to the forums? It would be good for people to scan and post the session questions, the basic interview and the registration forms for both Human Potentials and Dove Connections.
  20. idealist11/2

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    WoW! I just stumbled across this site quite by accident and I felt compelled to post my own experiences with this group. I probably have met a few of you that have posted on this forum, in particular the posting from the ‘child’ (at the time) of the parents ‘high up’ in the organisation that eventually left.

    I joined Human Potentials back in around 1995 when it was based at ‘the centre’ in Bundall Rd, Gold Coast. I was having problems with my relationship, and after gaining amazing insights after a couple of ‘clearing sessions’, I moved on through all the levels, attending the advanced 2 weeker sessions, which I did twice. I didn’t get to know Colin very well as he died shortly after I started with them. I was more involved with Susie, Liz, Justin, and later, Lisa.

    I must say that I did gain some valuable insights. One of the most valuable being that I recognised the ‘games’ that we can unwittingly get caught up in, in this physical universe, sort of like ‘the matrix’, and what it felt like to view life, in the short periods of time I was able to, being untangled from the web. So much more too, to get a sense of the energies that are all around us – they are real!, just look into what they are discovering through quantum physics. Also, unlike most it seems, I was supported with the relationship I was in at the time and my partner & children were not expected to join. Susie also supported me in many ways, including one on one sessions at no charge and asking nothing in return. All these aspects contributed to me continuing to stay and grow with it. At this time I knew that there was some weird relationship stuff going on, but I never thought I was caught up in a cult.

    I stayed with Human Potentials for about 5 years, and they were amazing years that I will never forget. But... something went terribly wrong. I used to say “why don’t we open this up?, there are some tools in this that could be so beneficial to so many people, reduce the price, do workshops for teachers, nurses, etc” Boy I must have been naive! Things started to get weird, yes, relationships changing, more workshops being made out of workshops, small groups being made, sometimes in secret to other members, exclusivity, eliteness. It just started to feel like something had entered & contaminated it. They lost the plot. It didn’t feel right anymore.

    At this time, the time that I left, there was a huge division & a large proportion of the group left. Left with scars and frustration. No-one has mentioned Colins’ co-founder in New Zealand who sensed something sour way before most people and had split with Human Potentials way back. Many of the group that left when I did, had, or made contact with him, and I know that he helped to put a lot of ‘spiritually dead’ & disillusioned peoples’ lives back in order. He told me that Susie, her new partner, Michael (I think it was), Lisa & I’m not sure about Liz, went over to a trip to Hawaii & got caught up in some weird stuff, bad energies, and I do remember them going over there. Anyway, when he got wind of it & they showed him what they had ‘learnt’, he warned them it was dangerous & that if they started to go down that path it would destroy them, that there would be no turning back. When they continued with whatever it was, well, thats when he left & started up his own program in New Zealand. A very reputable program, open, transparent, and above board.

    For me, I lost my trust & my confidence in discerning ‘reality’, if that makes sense. The positives that I gained from being in HP I began to doubt as truth, like it was all just an illusion so you could say I was spiritually dead myself for many years. To be honest I feel saddened that such potential to help so many people turned so ugly. I can see from reading all 16 pages of the forum that there have been a lot of people left affected and I know lots more that would benefit from sharing on this forum as a way of healing, if they knew the forum existed.

    I wonder if Susie, Liz & Lisa have any awareness of the damage they have helped create, albeit their initial intentions may well have been honourable? I think that until they can be accountable & accept some responsibility, we are all going to be ‘stuck’ in some way.(Sorry this has been so long-winded).