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    I was sent to mace kingsley when I was 15 it was about 2001. I was there two weeks before being kicked out. In the time spent there I almost died from strep throat and a 105 degree fever, which at time the other students had to pack me down with snow outside in my underwear to get my temperature to drop. I was showing clear signs of serious infection and had to be snuck out by the MLO (she was an awesome lady that only worked there and didn't believe their ways, hence sneaking me out) to a clinic in near by reserve new mexico. I was only allowed 2 showers the one each day for the first two days I was there. I stayed in a cabin called "camp" that had windows on only one side the weather reached around 2 below to 14 below. It was in November. After two weeks and me causing such a ruckus I got kicked out, albequerque newspaper had apparently run an article using my name which helped with the closing of the ranch. Before I left I got about 50% of the "students" phone numbers and personal information and either wrote or called each parent on my list. My mother helped me. Soon after they were investigated I was getting calls from Mace Kingsley Ranch asking me why I would give up all that information to the Press and soon after that they were shut down. Come to find out one of their security gaurds who was notorious for beating any of the kids that got out of hand was wanted in a few states for felony home insurance fraud for buying and burning down homes. The one girl I can fully remember her name was Danielle (leaving out her last name for this but did recently post to someone inquiring in an e-mail. I've searched all over online for her, she is out of florida. First names I can give of students were...
    Kristie (ATLANTA, 16 at the time)
    Tim (NY, NY 17 at the time)
    Jordan (CANADA 15 at the time)
    ROMAN (CZECH 9 at the time)

    The camp councler I remember was a guy named Sean he was 19 at the time.

    I told everyone when I had arrived that I wouldn't be there longer than two weeks and they kicked me out.

    While at "camp" we were only allowed cheese, tortillas, and water to eat and drink. If we were lucky we would have gotten a bagel.

    Because of me, the press got involved and parents started calling Social Services as well did my parents.
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    O.O Holy shit.
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    Looks like your are going to fit Right In! :thumbsup:
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    :smoochy: Welcome IKMK.
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    Wow! Indeed. Welcome. :thumbsup:
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    Very well done!:thumbsup: :clap:
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    :clap: :clap: :clap: JOB WELL DONE!!!! Good for YOU!!! Whoo hoo! :happydance:

    Oh! And welcome to the board!
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    Glad you survived your encounter with the most ethical group on the planet. And great job for sticking it to those bastards. Welcome!
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    A BIG welcome to you!

    I live in Albuquerque and so your story is relevant to me in a couple of different ways.

    If you haven't posted on the ex-kids site yet you should do so. There are some kids there who were at the ranch.

    Just wondering if you had any dealings with Wally Hanks?

    I'd like to commend you (and your mom) for what you did. You saved a lot of kids a very horrible experience. :)
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    :omg: Holy Shit! :blink: WOW! :giggle: Now, THAT'S what I call kicking $cn in the ASSS!!! :hifive:

    WHAT a first post, right out the gate! :thumbsup: So glad that you got out and are ALIVE after all that, huh? Gee, guess they didn't give ya enough Assists? :eyeroll: :p

    A BIG :welcome2: to ESMB to YOU! :bowdown:

    Look forward to hearing a bunch more stories from YOU! :yes: :drama:

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    :wow: :welcome: Ikilled. You made a great entrance. :goodposting:
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    Every day during the last 18 months I read another horrible story. Hope this board will help you track those people down.
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    Wow! That's amazing. Welcome!
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    Very well done, Mace Killer. I bow unto thy presence.
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    I'm looking forward to stories of MK. Mostly we know nothing of the actual closing; one day it was there and then it wasn't, so, if you know of any 'media' reports, I'd love to hear them.

    Mace Kingsley *still* runs a childcare in Clearwater.

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    Wow, great job IKMK! Any such neglect and abuse needs the light of day shone on it.
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    Yeah, and Wally still hasn't answered for his crimes. Another one of the most ethical people on the planet.
  19. Welcome honey, you did a great job! Please do go and tell your story on Ex Scientology Kids if you haven't already. I'm sure you will make some new friends here, and hopefully meet up with some old ones. Big Hug! :happydance:
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    :welcome2: IKMK to the message board...

    Impressive CV and one to be proud of .. :thumbsup:

    I look forward to reading more of your journey... :yes: