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    The place now is closed, but the story should be known.
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    Mace-Kingsley still runs a childcare in Clearwater.

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    Welcome & thanks for sharing some of your story :thumbsup:
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    WELCOME!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
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    THIS !
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    The nice lady said Scientology is fun! Why can't you Wogs, Homo Saps, SPs and DBs see that?
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    I wonder if they do Sea Org recruitment there.
    That'd be *really* fun.

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    What an AWESOME thread! Thanks guys for the info, and for doing what you did. It was the right thing to do....

    I wish you peace and prosperity in your lives.
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    AlphaSierra and Replyer and jons526...

    G'day guys - Glad you've popped in and filled us in on some of the info (as sad as it is).

    Jons, Good on you! :thumbsup:

    A big welcome, to each of you. :)
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    truly touching...

    To the many young people who have posted on this thread...my heart goes out to each of you. Thank you for your contributions to helping expose the abuses you witnessed and personally experienced. You should NEVER have had to endure any of it.

    Do well in your lives. Please continue your education...go to a real school if you haven't gotten thru high school. Do what makes you happy. Have all the things you want. I wish you all much success in whatever you undertake.

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    Hello everyone. This is my first post, so I'd like to introduce myself as well as thank all of you for providing this means of support and catharsis. I too was a ranch kid, and "studied" there in the late 90's. Despite the amount of years that have passed since my time there, I still have yet to feel a sense of closure from the entire unfortunate situation. I could write you all a novel about it right now, but I'll save that for another time.

    I'd really just like to speak with those of you who were there for the final days. I actually didn't even know it had been shut down till about 2006 and I still only have bits and pieces of info about how it all went down. Details. Has the state of NM taken any further action against Molly and the gang since it closed? What about any personal lawsuits? How did they get away with all of this??? Esp Wally???????

    Anyhow, I have so much repect for those of you who were involved with the collapse of the MK NM empire. Please message me if you have any experience with this place, regardless of whether or not we were there at the same time. We need to keep this story alive.
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    Welcome, Darkon!
    Would LOVE to hear more about the ranch experience.
    Was education to be part of the deal?
    Was that delivered?
    Was there abuse? Laws broken? :omg:

    Glad you're here!:yes:

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    Wally Hanks

    I knew Wally in 1975, at Orange County Org, when he was an intro course supervisor. I worked with him as a carpenter when he moonlighted for my father on some org building projects. Dude is a trip! When he takes off his shirt, there is an obvious story waiting to be told. " Dude! WTF happened to YOU?" You see, Wally has scars running from the left shoulder to the sternum across to the right abdomen, where he was torn open by AK 47 fire, while manning a 50 caliber door gun in a Huey helicopter in Vietnam. I have no knowledge, other than reading stories, of his escapades later on, handling kids. I saw him when he was on OT 7, and he told me he spent a Summer in the high Sierras auditing solo NOTs, and the ranger would take his mail out and in, and bring supplies. It's a bit of a side cash job some rangers do. I forgot to ask him how he charged his meter, maybe he had solar.
    Wally had some 'trained killer" stories I believed. Personally, I would not f*@k with Wally Hanks. He might not respond they way you think he would. He might find you and snuff your ass. I'm just sayin'...
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    Welcome Darkon :D

    Id never heard of this place before

    Mace-Kingsley Ranch School

    The school was opened in 1987.[3] At one point the school had a Reserve, New Mexico post office box,[4] while at a later point it had a Carrizozo, New Mexico post office box.[1] It was located in the Gila Wilderness, New Mexico,[3] on 2,000 acres (8.1 km2; 3.1 sq mi).[5] It catered to children ages 12 to 17.[4] School tuition was approximately US$30,000 per year.[5] In 2000 the school's director was Molly Baxter.[6]

    The Church of Scientology publication Freewinds listed Molly Baxter as having completed the highest level of Scientology, Operating Thetan VIII, in 1989.[7] Miles Decker worked in admissions at the school in 2000.[8] The Church of Scientology publication Source listed Miles Decker as having completed Scientology courses in 2001 and 2002.[9][10] The school closed in 2002.[5]

    Scientology thrives, so theta compassionate, non threatening.
    Loving empowering.

    Financially viable for its members, was it a Wise enterprise??

    Lets just stick to the Abuse and laws broken in the name of the founders compassion.
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    What can you say to that....

    does he like DM?? NO

    Does he Need money??? YES

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    Hi Arthur!

    Many false representations and promises were made to my family in order for them to agree to enrollment. Yes, I will admit that I was completely messed up as a kid, and my family was concerned about my well being foremost, however education ran a close second in their pecking order of priorities . So of COURSE the reg at MK guaranteed them that I would be studying constantly while I was there, and I was guaranteed be far ahead of my peers at home after graduation. You know, typical grandiose reg promises. The reality was, I just read Vonnegut, Hunter S. Thompson and Kerouac 90% of the time. The supervior never really seemed to mind, and he would have me crack open a math text maybe once per week. However, when scientology course time rolled around, it was serious business. He was like Zeus, striking down the barriers of study with lightning bolts. Flurries of word clearing. Kids stifiling every yawn.

    I never saw any instances of physical abuse (hitting, ect). However we were forced into hard, physical labor on a regular basis. I guess it would depend on your definition of abuse. Do you consider an underage kid working in a field all day under an 110 degree sun (with one break) abuse? I guess that we would need to refer to New Mexico labor laws to make the decision on that one.

    whoa, sorry to go off on such a diatribe. Got issues to sort through. Lots of issues. haha.

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    Wally tapes

    does he like DM? does he need money? well, I heard a tape of Wally being interviewed about the ranch, and he has no use for Scn any more, apparently, so he passes the IQ test! He also does not apparently have a lot of remorse for how he handles the kiddies. Wally is an ex- Marine Corps drill instructor. No whining allowed, you dig? There are some stories told about giving beer to underage kids. I wasn't there, so I have no knowledge if those stories are true. and as to your second question, don't we all need money? I mean, my list of crap I want is pretty long!
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    sounds like a hard dude, no use for Scio, is that cause he exorcised all his demoons at 7

    1975 [when auditing was "cheaper"] I saw him when he was on OT 7, and he told me he spent a Summer in the high Sierras auditing solo NOTs.

    Like to hear more about him.

    But this may not be the thread to do that.

    Too true theres alot of Crap to be had.
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    Yep, THIS \/ \/

    THIS /\ /\

    Yep :clap: and welcome :welcome2: :wave:

    And Alanzo ! Welcome back ! :yes: :buzzin: