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    You too

    You too, Good Twin :buzzin:
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    Thanks Darkon!
    Don't worry about going off on a diatribe! Let it rip!
    Are/were you parents in Scn? I know there were both scn kids and non-scn. kids there.
    Hopefully you'll tell more and shine a light into the darkness of that ranch!
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    Oh shit

    Oh shit, I just realized, this thread is REALLY OLD - and Alanzo and Good Twin are not back :sadsigh: :bigcry: Oh crap.
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    @ Jachss99. I don't believe it was affiliated with WISE. However, the school did have the Applied Scholastics seal of approval.

    And you are so right about the, "loving, compassionate so theta" line. They convinced my (non Scn) mother that I was breathing in the fresh air, riding horses everyday and really getting a handle on my studies.

    Whenever I was able to phone her, with any attempt to tell her about the reality of the situation, the phone cord was yanked out of the wall by staff supervising my call. I would have to call her back and lie about the bad connection.
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    Thanks Arthur!

    Yes. I have family members in the S.O. My father is Scn. I was raised by a non-scn however. So MK was my first real in depth exposure.
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    Hi Darkon, and welcome ! :wave: :welcome2:
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    Applied scholastics is about the same as Wise, still got a C/O

    its amazing how much compassion and spirit of play flys out the window, when Ethics("your own personal knowledge of right and wrong") is introduced.
    You Just feel that LOVE... well we dont need the tough love anymore.

    Reg tech on the story telling, terminator 5 on the phone call!

    Hubbard wrote a book called fear then he wrote the brainwashing manual too (ethics and justice tech) for real life demon-stration in schools like yours. Its inbred in all scio.
  8. This is NOT OK !!!!

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    Watch out here Darkon!!!

    The policy of disconnection is alive and well in Scientology!!

    Do you even know what that is?

    What this means to you is that if your family members who are in the SO find out that you've been lurking or posting here, they might be asked/ordered to threaten you to get "back in line" with Scientology or else they will suspend their relationship to you.

    I don't know how long you've been lurking here on ESMB and perhaps you think I'm an alarmist. No veteran lurker or poster here will say that though.

    If you're hoping to be a "safty net" to catch your family members as they bomb out on staff, you might need to be careful.

    If you don't give a crap, then LET 'ER BUCK!! Name names (of the obusers that is).

    good luck,
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    Hey Darkon,

    If you're uncertain of the lay of the land here, go ahead and ask questions here on the thread.

    If you want to receive PMs from people, you have to allow that somewhere on the ?UserCP? I don't remember where.

    Someone will help.:thumbsup:
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    Hey Darkon!

    Welcome to the board. Lots of good people here who have seen it, been it, bought the book and T-shirt too!
  11. Welcome Darkon!

    Welcome, Darkon! I'm very glad you found us here. Thanks for beginning to tell us your stories. I hope that reading and writing and getting in touch with others who survived MK or similar experiences will be healing and encouraging for you, and will help you to deal with some of your issues with this part of your past.

    We need to hear about the abuse and neglect and fraud there, as there are still kids in private non-accredited Scientology schools who are at risk for similar treatment, whose parents are being ripped off for hefty tuition fees, and COS entities are trying to infiltrate "StudyTech" which is nothing but a gateway to indoctrination into Scientology into public school systems, and elsewhere.

    We need to broadly and publicly de-bunk the whole notion of "a Scientology Education" for children and young people.

    We're listening! :)

    P.S. You can pm or email any member (if they allow it) by clicking on their avatar and following the links provided. :thumbsup:
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    And while we're at it, don't forget the indoctrination courses the self-styled church runs on Freewinds during school holidays. "Your kid is a problem? We'll handle them."

    I don't think they're badly treated, unless you count auditing children as harmful.
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    Reposting Succes-story

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    i thank god that ive never had another run in with these sadistic freaks. i remember you IKMK, i think its been so many years. i was there from june 2001 to june 2002 when they closed. i can remember all sorts of sadistic shit going on. i never even knew what scientology was (still work pretty hard to keep it that way too). i remember that when you first got there you were sent to "camp" to "calm down". i was a log cabin a mile and half up the mountain from the ranch with no windows. you got one chaperone in the form of one of the good behavior students and stayed up there for at least a week, you ate cold food when they could bring it to you and otherwise just sat there.

    then i can remember after getting through that the discipline. the worst punishment was "the round pen" i remember being put in there once for stealing some kids cigerettes or something. you camped out in a dusty horse training pen at night; by day you had to do pointless soul crushing tasks like chop down weeds with this archaic weed chopper thing by hand. i can remember so well because im allergic to rag weed which is what they had me out there chopping all day. it got the point to where my entire face swelled and turned red and i could barely breathe. however because of their "philosophy" on medication i couldnt take the goddamn claritin my mom had left with me. they just had me sit in the office for a few minutes till i could breathe again then sent me back out. all for stealing a few smokes? i was all of 14.

    i remember fights; getting my ass kicked more than a few times for nothing, by the other kids i mean. i also can remember the story you're telling IKMK. its been so long its vague but i recall two kids (i wont name names for privacy's sake) getting put into the round pen for something then running away. the two of them got caught sent back but they mustve done something while they were gone cause they got to go home like a week later.

    sadly that did not stop them. we moved to some campsite for a while after that. we were told that we were just camping till the "new ranch" was ready. in retrospect i think they were dodging CPS or something. I remember some interview with some lady during that time too. I think she was CPS cause we were told to tell the lady how nice they were to us. I wanted to scream at her about how ad they were but i was afraid because sooner or later she would leave and we be alone with staff again.

    then we made it to the "new ranch" i think it was in some small village called White Oaks, NM. I remember seeing road signs for Alamogordo, and Roswell. that place was worse no electricity, propane everything small cabin, bed space was cramped. the "cabin" i talked about above was replaced at this new ranch with a tent further up the mountain. I remember supervising some kid up there since i was one of the "good kis" by that point.

    The worst things we did there were to eachother. The students i mean. The staff was oppresive and clearly trying their hardest to religiously indoctrinate every single student. however i remember watching one kid torture a kitten and then laugh about it. i remember a mentally handicapped kid being forced to shower while some of the students poured Comet on him.

    I left that place and its been a decade already. ive tried my hardest to just move on and realize it's just another dark chapter in my life that has shaped the person i am today. then i saw one of the former students on a commercial yesterday. his parents were rich scientologist actors of some sort. it made me start to think, about all those kids and what happened to all of them. here is the list of nick names and first names i can remember; if you know anything about any of them message me id love to know what happened to all of us:
    Big Bean

    Theres many more i cant remember. The last thing i want to say is this. Since i left that small chunk of hell i have done great with my life. i am a 7+ year vet of the army. been to Iraq and back. After writing all this down and reliving (for the first time in years) the experiences i had at the MK ranch school, i can honestly say i dont know which was worse. going to the war to get shot at and have crazy things come out and try to kill you all day; or living at the ranch school with those oppressive cultist pieces of trash. to all the staff of that place there were a few good apples but
    Molly Baxter
    Randy Baxter
    "uncle" Mike
    those three for sure, i hope they rot in whatever hell they believe in and i hope that in the end the have or will get exactly what the deserve
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    Welcome Kane to ESMB, nice of you to drop by and tell us a story (most of us loves stories), enjoy your stay and continue what sounds like a fulfilled and interesting life!

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    Welcome and thanks, very insightful.
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    Care to share your story on film?
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    Hello Kane,
    Good for you getting that ranch closed down and well done on going on to lead a successful life without the trappings of cult philosophy.

    And, it's great to hear you talking about it now.

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    obviously you want the credit thats for sure . you think your the first to complain kid. They were on the verge on getting it anyway. Everyone seems to want to to crush scientology themself.
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    i was there and didnt touch any work. i was sent to camp and froze and never sleep . They dont kick you out . they ruin you. THey must've gone soft then or your lying. like a fifteen year old could break them. Aaron gottfried left and got lost in the mountains never did anything they said. but ya your the man