I was a Scn at London Foundation until I discovered Xenu

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by RolandRB, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. RolandRB

    RolandRB Rest in Peace

    I was a public Scientologist at London Foundation until I discovered Xenu on the Internet.

    I wasn't getting the rave gains that everyone else seemed to get so when I had the money I went to St. Hill UK for the "professional" auditing. Although I had an "exteriorization" during this (I don't know if it was real or just seemed that way) I dod notice the auditor was cheating by clocking up TA by rocking the Tone Arm of the e-meter. I didn't get the rave gains there and nor did anyone else I could see. The auditing just made me miserable and tired. I kept writing notes to the C/S about this and I think I was C/Sed for the Lisa McPherson Rundown at Flag. They wanted me to go there but they wouldn't tell me what the C/S action was for fear it would "throw me into session". I was short of money so I didn't go and spent some time n the Internet. It was there that I discovered Xenu and the space-opera nonsense of OT III. I later got hold of a recording of the Assists lecture with L. Ron Hubbard in his own voice telling this story. I checked with this at St. Hill and went there to speak to the chaplain who confirmed all my worse fears of OT III. It was at this point that I left.

    I'd be interested to hear from any other London Foundation public who were there around the time I was in the 1990s.
  2. Emma

    Emma Mother of Dragons Administrator

    Hi Roland,

    Welcome to the forum.

    The day I found out about Xenu was the last day I was a Scientologist.

    Strangly enough it wasn't this claptrap that put me off. It was the lies. The lies about LRH, his wives, children, war record, academic record etc.

    I realised that he was a fraud and from that point on and then everything that didn't make sense in Scientology suddenly became crystal clear.
  3. Brian

    Brian New Member

    Xenu was one of the last straws for me, too. OT 3 in it's entirety. I had doubts based on other things, took some time away to do some homework, and started unearthing what the Bridge was all about... exorcising your body thetans! No thanks... I'll just get me the BT-Begone body spray and buy three houses with the money I'll save...
  4. lionheart

    lionheart Gold Meritorious Patron

    I can't help you Roland with London folk in the '90s - that was already after my time!

    The Internet is a wonderful resource for those wanting to know more about the real Scientology that is kept hidden from them.

    When I was declared there was no internet. I had to struggle more or less on my own, through the fear of being denied total freedom forever and all that nonsense. I tried to use admin tech to handle the policy violations, but that was like blowing in the wind.

    Luckily a lot of people got declared in '82 and a series of briefings and tapes emerged and got circulated amongst us telling about the Mission conference and the RTC takeover.

    As a final step to decide if I was going to abandon Scn or try to somehow get back in I sought out a book at the time called "Inside Scientology" which described OTIII. I read it to see if I really needed the OT levels to take me to total freedom.

    I was appalled at the auditor code violations of the level and the rubbish quality of the science fiction and my mind was made up. Frotunately it is much easier these days.
  5. KMomma

    KMomma Patron

    Hi Brian,

    Did you actually go all the way up the Bridge to OT 3 and then quit? Or did you find out early about Xenu? If you found out early, did you discuss what you find out?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just curious. The stories about members of CofS finding out about OT 3 and xenu are fascinating to me.
  6. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Thing about Hubbard is that he said that everybody had certain incidents, that auditing would always work if done standardly (and if it didn't, then it was the pcs fault,the auditor's fault, an SP's fault, anything but the tech's fault) etc. I just don't agree with that but it took YEARS (as you probably know, Roland) for me to lose that idea.

    I know that there is commonality between various people, various mental mechanisms, and I do like auditing, but it's very very obvious to me that sometimes the tech does not do anything even if every single thing is hunky dory, best auditor ever, pc doesn't have withholds, no Sps in the woodpile.

    What benefits or harms me may benefit or harm another but we are not all the same and one size does not fit all.
  7. mate

    mate Patron Meritorious

    Hi, KMomma.
    When I was Cont. Snr. C/S EUS in the mid 80's, I had a panic call from the C/S at Philadelphia Org. One of the local newspapers ran an article on the content of OT3, and staff and public panicked convinced that their "OT case" had been restimulated. I had the C/S read the article out to me on the phone, to find that the description was incomplete, in that it did not include the restimulative material. As a result, each person who felt they were restimulated, received a C/S R-Factor, and when this was done, an announcement was made to all staff and public. The omitted material was the description of the implanting. But, of course, in reality, there is nothing restimulative about any part of OT3.:naughty:
    Regards, David.
  8. moggie

    moggie New Member

    I also found the OT material complete rubbish.
  9. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    What I could not understand was that so much of the Xenu story was "public knowledge" within the org, and I certainly knew it was "associated" with the Wall of Fire, but people who were completing OT3 were stating that we would "never guess" as to its contents.

    Now that I believe that the Xenu story is OT3, I look back incredulously at those very people and say, "How did you justify lying to us?"
  10. RolandRB

    RolandRB Rest in Peace

    I had heard snippets of it and had certainly heard the name Xenu but I could not believe it was true before I really looked into it as I knew plenty of OT IIIs and above to talk to and I assumed they could not be that *stupid*. I mean I could have conversations with these people so I assumed they had normal mental functions. How wrong I was. To this day I can not believe people can be that stupid so I have to explain it away as due to mental conditioning or brainwashing, even though I was subjected to the same and can not explain what form this brainwashing might take.
  11. Royal Prince Xenu

    Royal Prince Xenu Trust the Psi Corps.

    In fairness to my own gullibility it was somewhat fantastic, after experiencing the buzz of auditing, to discover that the Universe was full of aliens and "whole Track incidents" to someone who had read two libraries to exhaustion on their SF content. I loved Heinlein, Clarke and Bradbury et. al., but never could get interested in Asimov.

    I had never encountered anything by Hubbard outside the org, and when I finally read some of his SF "works" I thought they were very mediocre efforts, but the little snippets in the Tech. Dictionary about the Marcabs and so on were delightful teasers that only served to suck me further in. Other people told me so matter-of-factly, that it had to be true.

    Sadly, I grew up without Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny, so I guess I needed something to act as a substitute!
  12. mr_bad

    mr_bad Patron

    Believe it or not I was in the Sea Org before I 1st heard the xenu story.

    That story was largely responsible for my decision to leave.

    Before I read it, they were like "don't go read this particular article." Naturally, the 1st chance I got, I went and read it. I went--you've got to kidding me--I've been busting my balls here to eventually get to this point and then I'm supposed to treat this 3rd rate sci-fi crap like "scripture."

    I guess I really felt pissed off about it. I was already being treated like a slave, and I felt insulted to have to keep a foolish story like xenu a secret.

    They crossed the line of human decency I don't know how many times up to this point, and xenu was the final straw.

  13. Soul of Ginnungagab

    Soul of Ginnungagab Patron with Honors

    Well, I made OT3 after I left the church, so at least it was an affordable price buying it from splinters; and yeah the story is very weird. Anyway, I ran the processes. It is around 20 years ago or something like that, so since then I have continued my "journey" in life into new areas.

    But sometimes I do think what was all that about? There was a story (about this guy Xenu and his behaviour) and there were processes to run. Was there something behind that weird story, could it somehow give a glimpse of something that wasn't at all told directly, but nevertheless was told? Well, it was about some kind of spirits attached to the body, or maybe some kind of stuck attention units or clustered units, or some kind of indication that there could be stuff that was misplaced in space and time, or maybe some kind of energy that needed a simple acknowledgement? Anyway at a certain point I realized whatever could be around it is best handled with a caring and kind approach. If there is misownership, an indication of right ownership is great. If there are ARC breaks they can be indicated. Maybe some of it is your own not-isness of something. In other words, there can be many approaches.

    Blessed be!
  14. ExSeaOrg

    ExSeaOrg Patron

    Great post, as for going exterior... let's be real about this, whatever is real for you is real for you ok? But as far as I am concerned, unless you can really leave the body, float around like Peter Pan, be concious of it, prove it... then it's not going exterior there are not OT's and there are NO superpowers.
  15. RolandRB

    RolandRB Rest in Peace

    Well, you know what? I don't think any of the freezoners want to "prove" exteriorization either. They just want to talk about OT powers and hang onto their beliefs and this is only possible if they never put it to the test. Hubbard was dishonest in his research but those who left the Church and continued with it are equally, if not more dishonest, with themselves. It seems these poor individuals want to hang onto their delusions rather than being freed from them. To me, that is sad.
  16. Cat's Squirrel

    Cat's Squirrel Gold Meritorious Patron

    Something happens when you go exterior, that's for sure. It happened to me a number of times when being audited or running processes on myself. I think it's to do with the astral bodies or something.
  17. RolandRB

    RolandRB Rest in Peace

    That or part of the brain saying "get me out of here!".
  18. Quber

    Quber New Member

    Hi Roland - remember you. Was around same time as you. Having trouble with this site as don't seem to have permission to private message you or anyone else I know...I was around 1984 - 92...Zander put a post up to try to contact me...R

  19. Ogsonofgroo

    Ogsonofgroo Crusader

    Hiya Qbob, Roland passed away about 1-2 years ago, you are responding in a very old thread, info can be found @WWP or here, use the search to find more, I simply don't have time to do this for you.


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