Idle Morgues in the news!

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    Okay Scientology - we are going to give you a little session to help you get some relief with the BPC you are "dramatizing" due to the onslaught and ever increasing Suppression you have been experiencing by some powerful SP's that have ruined any chance you had of expansion.

    Auditor: "THIS IS THE SESSION".

    Scientology Organization "Okay - good"

    Auditor: "Okay, fine! Now - we are going to do a list. I will place an X by the items that read".

    "Here we go"

    Suppressed X ROCK SLAMS
    Invalidated X ROCK SLAMS
    Misunderstood X ROCK SLAMS
    Nullified into Nothingness X ROCK SLAMS ...needle continues to Rock Slam...

    Auditor: "I would like to indicate you have been suppressed, invalidated, misunderstood and nullified into nothingness.":yes:

    Scientology: Scientology throws the can's at the auditor and screams "Well, that is not really helping at all - I already have that knowingness! I need to get rid of the BPC and the tech is making it worse!!":omg:

    Auditor: "Your needle is rock slamming and I would like to indicate that there was BPC on "that is not really helping".

    C/S: "I am afraid your ethics are out and until you make up the damage, Scientology, to all of those people you have lied to and will continue to dwindle down to the nothingness that you are"
    " Ron does not have the tech to help - you have duped yourself"

    "End of Session"

    Auditor flees the scene for real and Scientology fades into the nothingness that it is.

    The end! :happydance:
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    When I hear these speeches I imagine that I'm listening to Shakespeare on acid...

    The organisation's leader gave a speech at the event.

    He said: 'When that inaugural ribbon falls, so a curtain rises… and so it becomes every Scientologist's responsibility to uplift England's Salt of the Earth, thereby turning an industrial revolution into a spiritual revolution.'
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    I wish the media would stop calling scientology orgs "places of worship".

    WTF are they worshipping apart from money?
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    It's like this article says: 'The main motivation for them is money, property and expansion and that's evident here.' Leah and Mike talked to a guy that had been the computer tech for scn in U.S. and he said he was always sent to check on the computer systems in brand new buildings that are un-inhabited. As a tax-exempt organization they can't make profit. They can buy property and it isn't making profit for them. Another good way for them to spread their logo all over the world and they probably hope the property will always go up in value.
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    The motivations behind all this are kind of a circular debate - money or control or mental illness or fraud or sincere belief in the Tech...or money...

    Combination of all of the above?

    I do think LRH had a kind of charisma and mystique and he leveraged it to develop loyalty in very talented and capable people who helped him build all this. LRH deservedly or not was respected by a lot of people but I think his successor was highly self aware that his singular accomplishment was a coup and had little tolerance for anyone who might reflect this back onto himself. Without a gift for building on LRH's hobbyhorse, the Tech, there was always the old historical alternative of monolith building, selling indulgences, the inquisition and crusades.

    Personally, I think LRH was an amoral vindictive controlling narcissist who had no compunctions about saying or doing whatever served his mood or ambitions in the moment even if that contradicted himself.
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    Yep. However crazy and psychotic he was, LRH had a certain charm. He could attract capable people and make them want to help build his dream. Miscavige has no charm at all.
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    Until he chose to turn on you...

    LRH's history is full of stories of people that he cajoles into helping.... but he eventually throws em under the bus!!