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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Clay Pigeon, Jun 15, 2019.

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  1. Clay Pigeon

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    ...cannot cross a frontier then armies will" is a fundamental principle of diplomacy. e.g. Japan needed access to Indonesian oil. They were willing and able to buy it but when this was denied they raided Pearl Harbor.

    CoS has created a frontier with disconnection which keeps goods and services from being exchanged within families.
  2. Karakorum

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    I think that will rather result in people "voting with their legs" and simply leaving CoS to be with their families, rather than said families coming back into CoS with "an army" to get control of CoS.

    Look at it this way: after a few years outside, ex-members for the most part would not want to return even if DM was ousted. I myself would not return, unless I was promised a exec post with free rein to reform it as I see fit.

    And even then I would not return becaus eI feel the need to be with the tech again, or something like that. I'd return solely for the opportunity to reform things.
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  3. Clay Pigeon

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    Keep your ears on...

    The opportunity for significant reform may soon appear.

    In fact something just happened in my area which could become very hot news quite soon. I just mailed a letter to a managing editor of a highly respected daily newspaper asking her to check out something which is likely to expose a serious recent CoS crime.

    I expect her to respond within two weeks.