If you were in the cult for a long time, please reply.

Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Pooks, Aug 5, 2011.

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    ^^ yeah long walks are really good , so long as the weather is okay and the clothes and shoes are comfortable. Fortunately I live in a flat place with 2.2 square miles of sidewalk... maybe not so good because stepping on concrete may be bad for the knees(?) Perhaps the field would be a better place for me to amble. In any case at least there is ground which is not covered in stones or trees. But yeah the constant focusing, un-focusing and refocusing of the eyes brought about by different things catching one's eye at different distances along with the amount of detail and colors of the outdoors is wonderful for the brain. While walking you are subconsciously learning all sorts of things like balance and spacial relationships because first hand knowledge of a three dimensional world educates much better than a two dimensional one or second hand knowledge of someone else's. This is why school should have an equal amount of recess time as time for academics. Now I am just running my mouth ...

    Reading pages on wikipedia also helped balance my mind since $ci is spiritual and pretty far fetched whilst regular psych is much better.

    I also believe that the reason humans cry saltwater tears is due to sodium channels being disrupted.
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    I didn't realize that the balance and the like had such an effect. I knew it was nice, but I didn't know why.