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  1. vumba

    vumba Danielle Chamberlin

    Jenny Bunting (nee Brodie) slipped away calmly and peacefully following a very short illness (1.5 days) on the 16th of January, fully compos mentis until the very end. Greatly missed by family and friends, but free of the confines of her bed after so many years, and her broken body.

    Her health issues began at Stonelands, when at the age of 42 she suffered a Stroke, and was admitted to hospital. However her recovery was not as good as it should have been because two Scientologists from St.Hill turned up at the hospital and discharged her, against the will of her children. These Scientologists said they could handle her!! She was put to bed at Stonelands, and was not doing well. She had had no medical intervention yet, so the family pushed and Anna Rutherford, a nurse, who lived st Stonelands, arranged for Jenny’s GP to see her. He immediately readmitted her to hospital, but it was too late for proper treatment that would have curtailed the severity of her Stroke. Her family will never forgive the Scientologists for having done this.
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    I am so very sorry to hear that ... she has been on my mind a lot lately (I wondered why).

    Jenny had the most beautiful (and saddest) eyes I think I have ever seen and was about the warmest person I met while there, I could feel her distress from the first day I met her but never knew what had happened because (of course) she would never have spoken of it. I always felt that she wanted to warn me about the SO ... but of course she couldn't.

    RIP Jenny, you deserved so much better.

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    I didn't know her.... may she rest in peace.

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    Si sad!

    Another (health care denial) murder
    Yes she deserved much better care!

    Rest in peace away...far far far of this cult darkness and see the true comforting light...
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    vumba Danielle Chamberlin

    So beautiful