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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Edwardo, Aug 22, 2017.

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  1. Edwardo

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    There are now 51 episodes of the Surviving Scientology podcast. They can be found on a website or by subscribing to them via iTunes.

    Here's the website:

    The episodes consist of interviews with former Scientologists who played a substantial role or were close to the top.

    Janis Grady, who has just brought out a book about her time as one of LRH's messengers, has done three fascinating episodes. They are well worth listening to, despite the poor sound quality (I think the interview must have been recorded over Skype).

    She has plenty of good stories and answers questions about lots of topics (Was LRH a drinker? How much money did LRH have with him? Were kids locked in chain lockers? What was overboarding like?)

    Here is the first of her three episodes:
  2. J. Swift

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    Thank you for your kind remarks Edwardo. I do my podcasts in part to help contribute to the oral history of the Church from the people who were there. I am following in the tradition of others who began this effort long ago.

    The Janny interviews had sound problems due to Skype, internet connections, etc. For this I apologize. I have done some troubleshooting to prevent this issue in the future.

    Scientology Media Productions obviously won't let me use their studio because it's not meant to be used or to produce anything. Apparently the facility is actually a mausoleum where Scientology parishioner dollars are interred and can rest in peace free from any disturbances such as TV or film production.
  3. Edwardo

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    I've been a fan of your posts for many years.

    I agree that the interviews are valuable. There is a significant difference between hearing a real person talk about things they saw, and reading words on a webpage by someone I don't know.

    You obviously prepare for the interviews really well, and often your questions are about things that I have long wondered about.

    I hope that lots of other notable former Scientogists will give you an interview for posterity.
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