Investigaton of the Russian Scientology

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    “Moron, but knows that there is no extremism”: the lawyers got the case marked FSB
    Nash Konston | June 21, 2018

    Investigators of the Russian FSB, the leading case of Scientology parishioners of St. Petersburg, told the lawyer of one of defendants materials for review. However, apparently, forgot to remove the comments made on the sidelines of the documents, and attached the stickers.
    According to “Madison,” lawyer Alexander Meleshko noticed that the volume of the case with the interrogation of the witness the inscription “Witnesses (bad)”, and pages laid pink stickers marked “Knows a lot, but silent — paradopres with electrospending” (the last word is written clearly in a hurry and fuzzy, it could also be read, such as “electromecanical or electropotential” — or, say, “extrasomatic”), “Moron, but knows exactly there is no extremism and paid services”.