Is Scientology a closed system?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Mimsey Borogrove, Dec 24, 2016.

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    That's it! I'm writing all of you up for alter-is.
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    Yes it is
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    There is a LOT of neuro-quackery out there. Some of it is commercial (there are a lot of quacks selling "brain balancing" methods, for instance) and some of it is ideological. You have a right to your own beliefs, but I recommend you perform due diligence before endorsing any neuroscience, because the bulk of what is pushed out there (even supposedly "scientific" studies, which do not follow basic principles of sample sizes, using accurate measurements, etc) is pure nonsense. The following may be instructive on the subject of brain hemisphere quackery:
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    I've been told I have half a brain.

    I like compliments like that.

    Now, I wonder which half somebody once thought I had in my possession as I seem to have completely lost my mind and become unable to find it.

    Is that a bad thing ?

    If anybody finds it, please consider returning it as it has been regarded by some as rather toxic.

    Is it me ?
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    <Insult removed>M3375
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    According to LRH, a clam has a divided brain -- often one half want to close a claw, but the other half wants open it, which leads to a kind of stupor. LRH expressed his views on the calms in his phantasmagoric book, A History of Man. Clearly, Scientology is a closed system because no other doctrine offers a similar description of the clam predicament.
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    Ran into this just now . . . had to answer it, of course:cool:

    And hence, I invite all other good souls to participate . . . and further, I might suggest that, as you do, to post a note here on this thread so as many as possible see the opportunity and help spread the infamy of the cult.


    my screen capture:

    Do Scientologists think there are more active critics of Scientology than active Scientologists or less?

    Roger Boswarva
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    Answered 14m ago

    They definitely know that there are more critical ex-Scientologits than there are active Scientilogists and they also know there are, additionally, more folks who are knowledgeably critical of the Scientology enterprise than there are active Scientologists . . . though it is equally true that in-good-standing Scientologists are threatened with huge penalties for paying attention to criticisms of the cult and worse if they voice such issues by way of questioning if the valid critical facts about the cult's bad behavior are true. Hence active Scientologists are not well informed as to the facts of the cult's violations of members, failed promised results, and crimes against the rest of society.

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