Is Scientology TV worth watching?

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  1. Teanntás

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  2. Type4_PTS

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    I listened to a bit of this show. The part where Scientology TV is discussed begins about three quarters into it.

    I imagine that CoS has several purposes for creating this TV Network. Part of it would be to show the Scientologists, including the whales, that CoS is serious about doing massive dissemination. Also, Miscavige wants to present Scientology as a religion, and show that it provides benefits to society via the front groups.

    As Tony Ortega pointed out, the programming isn't much different then what's already on their YouTube channel. It will be interesting (or not ;) to see if they're going to create any original programming utilizing Scientology celebrities. My guess is they're not going to do that. It's just too risky for them as most of them will in all likelihood eventually jump ship at some point in time. Plus most of the celebs probably want no part of it anyhow as it will just draw too much attention to the fact that they're Scientologists which many don't wish to do.
  3. Clay Pigeon

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    CoS can produce two marketable products

    Auditing and Auditor Training

    But I don't see them prospering w/o significant reform
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    I was on a business trip and my hotel had the channel. I watched about 5 minutes. It was talking about ARC and communication. It was a "slick" presentation but sounded so infomercial. Did not sound inviting to me. But then I know the truth. They would be better off selling something that slices and dices things and not people.