Is there a "safety net" or "group" which helps ex scientologist victims out?

Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by Xenutakesitupzass, Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. I was just wondering if there was a dedicated group, volunteers which help ex scientologists victims after they left? It has been told that they usually have nothing when they come out. People who may open their doors and help them get on their feet? It seems to me that these victims need ALL the support they can ex. open their home to them, help educate them on the current world, financial support, moral support? I live near Tampa and would like to find out how to get involved.

    Thank you
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    You have a good point. I was thinking about this issue too. I live in Plant City and I would like to get involved too. I was bit inactive for a while - I was used to be staff course supervisor in Clearwater, 12 years SO veteran. When I blew I had a green card but no credit card etc and nowhere to go. I wound up sleeping on the bench until I found temp agency I got my first outside job and I started from below the zero. Now I am department head for a chemical plant and I have everything I need and I have a family. I want to help out for those who get out too - these people have nowhere to turn. Believe me it is hard to start outside and I literally was in tears for the first two years many times... I have an extra room now - anyone escapes I could pick hm/her up and help out a bit...
  3. I am so sorry to hear that you were also a victim of this CANCER which is attempting to spread its misery to our world. Thank goodness you got out and in the end began a normal life. I wish a dedicated group- could be formed(ofcourse on the down low) that could be ready at a moments notice to help. it is great to hear that you would open your home to them as well. i would love to get something started, so to strike while the iron is hot. I am hoping that more and more people will leave NOW, and we should all be ready to help. Again, congrats my friend on your leaving and that you did not let them win...You lived and that's comendable.
  4. I shall attempt to start a group myself....There has to be SOME help out there for these individuals. They are not throw away citizens!! They must be protected, even if it's temporary. If the police/gov't aren't able to, then it should be our responsibility as normal civilians, who care. It is the right thing to do!!!! Not sure how or where to start but I will find out. It is almost surreal that in this day and age there are cults in the US.
    The more people who join together, to help out, the better. It would be ideal to have these groups throughout the different locations this cult has buildings/presence.

    "Stand up for something or fall for anything"

    Unfortunately, I believe that the Cult and its members are counting on people being intimidated into not doing a thing.......WELL, this America and we don't put up with this bull@#@!!!
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    You're looking at it!
  6. [​IMG]

    I was hoping this was the place. Thank you. I shall go to clearwater this weekend to do some checking up....get something going. I will update later
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    What a kind, sweet thought! :bighug:

    Yes, ESMB has long acted to hook up exes with each other, but when I read your post I was thinking, wouldn't it be wonderful to have some sort of private scholarship fund available for ex-scns so they could more easily become re-educated and learn real skills to get into a good profession in the real world? It's so hard to catch up for someone who has been out a while, and so hard to lose so much socially and otherwise and then start all over from scratch in your 30s, 40s or later.

    Would you or anyone else here be interested in working toward something like that?
  8. I'm on it.

    I will see what different avenues there are. There are several choices....lets see, maybe...go fund me or create a private foundation, also private corporations. we'll have to see how to keep the names of recipients a secret. Also, we would need to get the word out to EVERYONE we can. The way to(sorry i mean it as ex scientologist members) start it, may be to set up rallies, donation centers...fortunately the internet will help us alot to get the word out. If we had a national platform to just mention it, we would be gold. I know that people ALL over the world would love to join. And this time a donation will truly go towards bettering individuals who DESERVE a second chance and a happy life.

    We should start with the name of the cause/organization or foundation. Core beliefs(i think very important) and above all transparency. and lastly i think we would need to pick the people who would be honest, hard working and trust to oversee it(group better than individual, for obvious reasons).

    sorry just thinking out loud...

    I will get back to all of you.

    By the way I am Frank
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    :thumbsup: Super cool, Frank!

    I think a private trust would ensure names are confidential. There would be a Director, Secretary and Treasurer, minimum. Of course there can be more. Then there would be standard criteria, which can be published on the net so it is known. I like GoFundMe because it shows the exact amount of donations received. Part of the Articles of Incorporation would include transparency of funds received and paid, though the names would be confidential.

    I'm willing to help and we have many trustworthy people here and in our network. Also, since we're talking about cult recoverees getting on their feet, it is an "everyone knows everyone" sort of thing, so part of the criteria would be having others who knew the person while in scn vouch for him/her.

    If you're really serious about this, we can get it going. I'm sure at some point we can get it some national attention at the end of some media program. I can already think of several people who could really benefit from it, too. :)
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    Welcome Xenu - long time no see. :biggrin::wink2::coolwink:
    You are a good soul!

    I believe we will get more organized as we strip Scientology from their tax exempt status and religious cloak.
  11. Very cool. I will put some options together. Thank you....

    "Where there is a will, there is a way"
  12. I agree, knows. once he are brought to his knees, and stripped of power....

    meanwhile, we will be taking care of the survivors. By the home is always open if needed(mi casa, su casa) for exmembers who may need temp housing until they get on their feet. i

    Lastly, you will all need to know who i am, but not sure how to?????
    any suggestions
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    Don't worry. If you can survive this cult, you can survive anything.
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    Don't worry about that just yet. We have PMing available and should brainstorm this.

    It occurred to me that the fund itself might serve a legal purpose with somewhere for judges to send broader penalties beyond recovery to the court victims of scn in court cases. :coolwink: We can set up something similar for the elderly ex-cultees' care.
  15. Sounds good. I will take that into account too....

    Have Good evening everyone and thank you very much for the info./feedback.
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    Hi Xenutakesitupzass,

    Not every cult recoveree is the same. As you mentioned above, helping out with a bed and teaching people how the world operates requires no professional skills. You might need a plan re what to do if people are having a difficult time psychologically. Read up on cult recovery eg Steve Hassan books. Get some professional contacts.

    Carol is in Florida, but might have some good input for your project :)

    Other resources and contacts:
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    A local message board to me auctionsstuff to raise money for relief
    For people and families in need.
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    As far as I know, there are no such groups. Some people feel much better after telling their stories here or at similar websites. Everything depends on severity of condition of a person who left CoS. Many need professional help that could be provided only by licensed psychologists who specialize in cults. For some even this kind of help may not be enough because they suffer from hallucinations caused by OT trips. My advice to these individuals is to check themselves into mental clinics with experience of treating people who suffer from frequent and persistent hallucinations such as "telepathic communications" with the spirits, extraterrestrial aliens. etc.
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    Although not Scientology specific, the Recovering from Religion Foundation does amazing work. Their hotline project is anonymous, non-judgmental and effective. It may well be an avenue of use, and perhaps they will adapt their programs to be Scientology specific. No sense in reinventing the wheel.
  20. Thank you all for the feedback...very cool

    ....then lets slowly start putting all these services together under one banner or organization. It's all out there, we just need to bring them all together.....
    This i believe is the time to get organized. put everyone's hard work together. Because together we can do it, but separate...well, will be harder.
    A person needs to first feel safe and comforatble in their surrounding to even begin healing. After that then the healing can very slowly begin.

    BUT we have to start somewhere. We need unity and resolve.... They put fear into peoples hearts to keep them from joining together....lets break the cycle.....

    I am sorry, I know its easy for me to say...I know i have not gone thru what you all have....but lets try and do it.

    Thank you everyone...