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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by honeywhite, Sep 17, 2017.

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  1. honeywhite

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    No need for the sarcasm, I agree he was a wanker of the first order, and provably paranoid (literally looking over his shoulder and running quickly). Sociopathy and narcissism have certain definitions, but I won't argue---he was near-as-dammit both. Anyway, finding a bon mot or two applicable to my life at the present time or recent memory, whether truly originated by LRH or not, does nothing to vindicate his manifestly sick mind and evil personality. I was simply wondering if others might have picked kernels of reality from the heap of turds that Scientology is after leaving the cult, and whether their kernels overlapped with mine.

    I don't know why you think the answer to simple curiosity should be such knee-jerk hostility. If I left you with any impression that I venerated LRH, that ain't the case---it's more like swirling a strainer through a tank full of urine out of morbid fascination with kidney stones, and to find out if you'll find a struvite, urate, or calcite.

    EDIT: I have investigated --- more than you might think --- and I'd chalk Hubbard's psychophobia down to clinical paranoia more than resentment. I saw a few pages on it but this is the only one I could find again:
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  3. Gizmo

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    Oh, some people were just great at auditing - they were the stars who did the reviews, took off the red tags, etc. Their PCs always FLEW !

    That really good auditor is going to get results with people on most any kind of 'ology ! It ain't scn that is grand it IS the people that can help other people.

    So, sure, something a great 'auditor' uses & gets great results routinely ? When they use something else as a process, gee, that works, too !

    I believe that the person is so damn much more important than the 'process'. Which person ? Hell, BOTH !

    scn has some process that work - particularly an outdoor one like walking along & ( repetitively ) " Notice something just for fun ". So many others.

    But, my God, CCHs - depending on WHO is running them on WHOM can be life changing ! ( Most people didn't get told, or missed, those processes run both ways ! )

    I'm more into the INDIVIDUAL person and their own potentials rather than the LRH belief make 'em all round ball bearing on the assembly line with the one-size-fits-all mentality.

    Did I say a really good auditor can get results with ANY version of dianetics ? Yeah. ( Even if dianetics tends to run a person from a mostly victim identity ) That same really good auditor can get good results with damn near anything ( while the average auditor just bogs people with any process ).

    Lots of fine people got involved in scientology & could make it work. Many are names most of us know - some post here.
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    Dammit! I wish I could figger this stuff out.
    There was a time when at the bottom R of the message it said 'Reply', and you would go to the last 'quote' sign on the message you wanted to reply to, and type your message in and it was all good.
    Now I get sumpin like that post I am replying to. ( and it doesn't even show up here, even though I clicked on 'reply'.
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    What I do on this new fangled thing is : On the post that I want to reply to I click ( lower right of that post ) on 'reply' & wait patiently fro a few seconds for it pop up & let me type away.
    I don't know nuttin about no ' quote ' button :)

    In my other post, I forgot to mention - like on CCH's - that with one PC ya got " The room seems brighter " it was taken & a mad dash to the examiner hoping the FN might last that far. Yet, on another, ignore 'the room seems brighter' & let 'em get all they can out of it.

    Not all PC's were ever the same & nor were the auditors ! ( It was never the tek that got results, it was the people doing it ! )
  6. Ogsonofgroo

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    I do believe the 'quote' button is for adding multiple quotes from different posts, if you hit that a few times during a thread, then when you finally post 'reply', your quotes listed/marked should all appear, haven't tested it yet but that's how the old Xenforo forum formats worked (mostly).

  7. Enthetan

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    Yep, Scientology tech -- isn't tech. If it were a technology, then they would be able to get anybody who could understand the materials get results. Helping people is an art (in the sense of an activity where the ability to get a good result is very dependent upon the individual skill and "flair" of the person). Somebody who is very good at getting a person to open up and talk about things which are troubling him, is going to get the person feeling better, whether the practitioner is an auditor or a bartender.
  8. Gizmo

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    I remember an auditor who started a session with the PC standing in her chair to keep the snakes from getting her. Within a very few minutes that PC was sitting in her chair, calm as could be, running R3R ' down the track '.

    I saw a PC FLY, get handed off to another auditor & BOG on the same R3R. Hand the PC back to the original auditor & the PC up & FLYS again. Hand off the second auditor & PC crashes. Back the original auditor & FLY !

    We all know an endless amount of this story. Not all are created equal or can be made equal. Some can be the best baker, best candlestick maker or whatever BUT not everybody is going to Great at " this " or "that " yet be the best ever in "what-cha-ma-call-it".

    For me, random chains of numbers are easier to learn than French or Spanish. I had a room mate that spoke 11 languages - and taught himself Russian !

    In some skills - or arts - some people just have a 'touch' to do it so extremely well. To me, such is helping others.
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  10. Gizmo

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    While many of us may have left the cult thinking LRH was a great man & that it only "misapplication" of the "correct technology" that was wrong.

    When the onion started to peel layer by layer many of us have come to the conclusion that it was a psychopaths shit pile from the gitco..

    See my siggy.

    I'm decades past trying to act like the cult was worthwhile.

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