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  1. Smurf

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    I thought she looked familiar.


    Strange thing, though, her attorney is still active in the cult, and being sued by Peter Gillham.

    Entity Number: C1771586
    Date Filed: 10/16/1995
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 1803 HILLCREST AVE
    Entity City, State, Zip: GLENDALE CA 91202
    Agent for Service of Process: ROSSER COLE
    Agent Address: 200 N MARYLAND AVE #302
    Agent City, State, Zip: GLENDALE CA 91206
  2. Not with any certainty. Other than he was not right in the head. Ever
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    Yep, she used the name "Mary Jo Levitt" when she did her indie announcement and I remember some indie wedding and another indie "graduation" at her home - which was quite nice - with Marty attending.
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    I picked up some details on that a few years back. From what I understand he was recruited into the SO as a stat push by a recruiter - not long after his brother Sasha was too. He was assigned to a division and within weeks that division had multiple route out requests - they called it "the serge factor." Apparently Serge could really introvert and freak out people. (it was also noted his IQ test was off the charts, he literarily had a genius IQ but very little social skill and quite pos mental health issues.) The serge factor caused enough trouble that that it was looked into and it was discovered the recruiter fudged his "Quals" to get him in for the stat - so recruiter got KRed for that. Recruiter also had to boot Serge out of the SO. (There's also some back story about this recruiter catching Sasha going out 2D with a CMO girl and some drama there.)

    Serge was very upset about being kicked out. There's a big blank period here but it's been reported he ended up in SanFran for awhile and got involved with a cult there - I've never been able to pin down which "cult" or WTF really went on but rumor is this cult had some very extreme views and taught about explosives and sniper training, etc.. Wacko Militant type stuff for the "impending revolution." So it's believed Serge may have picked up stuff about explosives while in SanFran.

    Later he turns back up at the CC hanging around and then the explosion happened sometime later - maiming and injuring him. His brother Sasha (who was still in the SO) told the aforementioned recruiter (who is out now)"he dodged a bullet"and told him that Serge intended the package for him - blaming him for being kicked out of the SO. Now whether that is true intention, well that's what Sasha told someone but he's no longer living so never be able to confirm that statement. But for the accounts of several different people there is a consensus that his target was the cult - or more precisely HGB or specific people in HGB.
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    Thanks, Bunnyskull. I've never heard the story before - it was ultra hush-hush.

    I know that Ivan, to his credit, spent many hours keeping Serge with him while on post at AOLA, at lunches & dinners, trying to give him one-on-one time. This went on for months. That is, before this explosion - then I didn't see Serge again and heard nothing at all. Ivan talked to Serge calmly and nicely and listened well. Serge adored him. Nancy, on the other hand, quickly labeled Serge an SP and had nothing to do with him for quite a while earlier. Nancy was instrumental in Serge being booted out, but in the end, Ivan didn't stop it, either - he was more concerned about his post and current wife at the time - Debbie.

    Serge lost one hand and one eye in the explosion. The only thing I recall directly relayed by Ivan was that Serge was, "trying to get rid of the evil."
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    Is this Ivan's son?


    LuLu Belle posted.. "I was told (seems like it was in the early 90s) that he wanted to join one of those radical right wing organizations; I think it was in Utah. He actually traveled there and tried to join. (From what I recall, he got on a bus from LA and went to Utah.) Somehow he wound up coming back; I don't think they let him in. "

  7. Jesus.... He didn't look like that when I knew him. He was tall and skinny. Wow
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    That would line up with the stuff I heard only they seemed to recall he traveled and joined some militant type of group or cult. I will say the place wasnt definite - the person told me it was somewhere out there like San Fransisco or some place. It could have easily been Utah, this person was in the SO bubble and not familiar with much outside of LA at the time. However, they said Serge had joined up with the group and was kicked out of it for being "too extreme" even for this militant group. It was also mentioned he might have committed crimes for the group. this information, I was told, came up in a sec check after his return when he was hanging about and considered a public. It was remembered because after this info came up security was told to keep an eye on him and he became a worry.
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    This was part of a photo journalism feature in Life Mag, I believe.

    Sarge Obolensky 1998.


    This was emailed to me, asking if I could post it. If the whole photo and article are not showing because of the size, here is a link to the photo:

    My heart goes out to this guy. No matter what's happening in his life now or in the past, it didn't have to be this way if the Church of Scientology and his parents had taken care of their moral and legal responsibilities.
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    Serge is now homeless, last seen in Hollywood. He was arrested last year in Glendale on a trespass charge. He's been abandoned by his douchebag parents & brother, Yurii, who lives in Clearwater.

    The prosthetics you see in the photo were stolen from him years ago. Those who have seen him on the street say he has no arms - just stubs.
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    That's just terrible. :angry:
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    A truly fine example of the type of quality family care one can expect in a world ruled by Scientology. Could anyone even imagine how fucked you'd be if you couldn't keep bringing in the bucks and conning folks?

    Oh wait....
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    THANK YOU for posting this!! Ever since I read the post where the artist mentions this photograph appearing in Life I've searched for to no avail. I'm glad it has finally been posted. This needs to be seen, his story spread far and wide.

  14. AnonyMary

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    I need to make a CORRECTION. This accident apparently happened when Serge was a bit older, somewhere near 18 or 19. His mother kicked him out afterwards, per this comment here http://ocmb.xenu.net/ocmb/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17633&sid=6b9096aec34d9ab5daa97dd90e72bb3f

    Serge was one of many children left to the oversight of the Sea Org while their parents worked but many times they were left unsupervised. You can also read more about him from an interview by Tracey Keilly :: Saatchi Online that was once up on the net but is reposted on WWP here https://whyweprotest.net/community/threads/sergio-obolonsky-a-sad-tale.51411/
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    this is why :guyfawkes:
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    Could we compile a gallery of ex-Scientology children from material published on ESMB and elsewhere? This is far beyond my technical skills but I can at least contribute the idea.

    Serge Obolensky, son of a Russian father, himself of a long lineage, cast out to live on the streets. Serge was admittedly a difficult case, but whose fault was that?

    I have tried and once again failed to follow Paul's instructions on moving images around. This is very frustrating. But I still feel a gallery of Second Generation Victims is needed. Some positive help for them might follow.

    Starting right here we have Serge, and not so long ago we had Jonathan, and before him there were many others. Hubbard's children and grandchildren among them.

    It would not be right to stir up grief but there is a lot of information already public that could be put together.
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    Serge is not the only victim of the cult & his deadbeat dad. Ivan's son, Sasha, died at the age of 24 of leukopenia (a blood disease). Ivan & his wife were too busy KSW to help Sasha or make sure he got to the hospital for white blood cell treatments. He was left to suffer his tragic illness on his own, and he died as result of it.

    Tribute page: http://www.myspace.com/obolinsky

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    It's OK. I had to hunt up the location of the photo in the HTML code for the page, not simple at all.


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    I am part of a team trying to help Serge get off the streets of Hollywood. I really want to connect with any member of his family. Any ideas?