Jamie DeWolf on Irish radio station Newstalk.

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by xenusdad, May 24, 2014.

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  1. xenusdad

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    Jamie on Irish radio on the morning of his epic Flagdown slot where he revealed some of the contents in his late grandfather's book. This is the book that Scientology does not want published. They paid a million dollars to buy the rights. It seems that some will pay big bucks to prevent the truth from getting out there.


    He can be seen at Flagdown here.

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  2. AnonyMary

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    Re: Jamie de Wolf on Irish radio station Newstalk.

    I don't have time tonight to listen, will in morning but do you mean that the church already bought the rights and owns them?

  3. Veda

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    Re: Jamie de Wolf on Irish radio station Newstalk.

    Just listened to the radio interview. Thanks for posting it.

    Jamie made an excellent presentation on the program. Although, depicting Ron Jr. as the designer of Fair Game is unrealistic. The earliest expression of the Fair Game philosophy dates back to 1951 - earlier really - and Ron Jr. was 18 years old in 1951. Ron Jr. adored his father, and believed every word his father told him, and emulated him, and spent the rest of his life recovering from that.

    Attributing Fair Game to Ron Jr., besides being misleading, gives ammunition to Scn Inc.

    Otherwise, as usual, great stuff.

    P.S. Xenusdad,

    I seriously doubt that Ron Jr. was paid millions for the mysterious book. The only manuscript that Scn Inc. would have bought would have been One tenth of One percent in 1972 or 1973. I read that book - or manuscript - many yeas ago, and, frankly, only small parts of it were memorable. I've become curious about it recently, and should examine it again, but, IIRC, most of it wasn't earth shaking, or Scientology shaking. From my understanding, the settlement Scn Inc. made with Ron Jr. in the early 1970s was not a huge amount of money. Money yes, but not "millions."

    This has all been addressed before in other posts/threads on ESMB. So far, the only significant content, that I've seen/heard recently, is from the short piece/or excerpt titled 'Philadelphia' - five or six pages - and the parts of that, that are relevant to Scientology, have been published and available for almost thirty years.

    Jamie makes a good point that "Scientology has no more secrets to sell." That's a crisis. Scientology needs that next mysterious level or dangling carrot. It's puzzling that Miscavige hasn't come up with something to dangle in front of the starry eyed membership. A more imaginative person would. Let's all hope that a more imaginative person never takes the helm of Scn Inc. :)
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  4. oneonewasaracecar

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    Re: Jamie de Wolf on Irish radio station Newstalk.

    I agree. Ron did everything up until the early to mid 80s.
    Exactly, but it is a great sales pitch, isn't it.

    Methinks Jamie has a little bit of the old Ron in him.
    I'm curious, if the book wasn't earth shattering, why pay for it? I've not read it, so I have no idea.
    This bit made me laugh. Miscavige really is no replacement for Ron. Ron could spin a good yarn underwater and make it funny. Miscavige is a chef's hand following an old recipe given to him by his sugardaddy. He has no imagination.
  5. Type4_PTS

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    Re: Jamie de Wolf on Irish radio station Newstalk.

    Miscavige may have one more ace in his hand to play. He can inform the membership that a message has been received from Target Two.
    Ron is getting ready to return here to complete some unfinished business.

    I guess you could call it "the Second Coming of Ron". :biggrin:

    If Miscavige and the Co$ somehow manage to survive the legal challenges (which I doubt they will), I predict that he will play this card. And of course the membership will be waiting decades for "the second coming" which never comes.

    Presently the largest outdoor stadium in the world is Rungnado 1st of May Stadium in North Korea which holds 150,000 people. Perhaps the CoS can rent the stadium for the arrival event and sell advance tickets at a special discount. You can get a ticket NOW for FREE if you advance your IAS membership to the next highest status. Call right NOW as these tickets will be sold out fast, operators are standing by!

    Or, you can forward the money to my PayPal account and I will personally ensure you will not only get your tickets but will get the best seats. :wink2:
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  6. Osiris

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    Thanks to Jamie DeWolf for his Great work Speaking out

    Jamie DeWolf you are a legend ...... :yes:
  7. xenusdad

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    Nobody said 'millions' were paid to buy the rights to the book, a million was the figure I mentioned. This is the story told in the family. Is it true? I have no idea. Do I care? Not really.
  8. Veda

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    Re: Jamie de Wolf on Irish radio station Newstalk.

    What was mainly paid for was Ron Jr.'s 1972 or 1973 retraction, in writing and recorded on videotape. It would have been S.O.P. for Scn Inc. to also obtain anything written by Nibs. In 1986, Nibs settled a second time.

    This has been pretty well covered for those who are interested.

    Jamie is doing a good job of representing his grand dad, and an effective job exposing his great grand dad.

    Nibs would be pleased.
  9. Wants2Talk

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    Re: Jamie de Wolf on Irish radio station Newstalk.

  10. triumph

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    Jamie DeWolf - Scientology Announcement - Tourettes Without Regrets 6/7/2018

    Jamie and a room full of SP's
  11. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    " Miscavige is a chef's hand following an old recipe given to him by his sugardaddy. He has no imagination."

    Ohhh? I thought he imagines himself as ON TOP OF THE WORLD....errh...like as the ONLY ONE who can save and have the world under his thumb....because other sociopaths are just not as big a BEAN as he is. Dammit, now I am yelling too, but I don't slap and punch 'cause I am so afraid of DM the little psychopath.