John Travolta Introduced Himself To This Guy, Alone, At the Gym, At 3 AM

Discussion in 'John Travolta/Kelly Preston' started by Anonycat, Jan 16, 2015.

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    I saw this story too, and with the lawsuits people have filed against him, it makes you wonder for sure. Who knows, maybe he is super friendly or maybe he was looking for something more. I do think he & his wife seem very devoted to each other and their children, but if he wants to step out on his marriage, I have a hard time thinking she'd be ok with that. AND if he feels he has to hide his sexuality, how very sad for him. Anyway, for a man who has had several lawsuits filed against him by males saying he was abusive/aggressive or whatever, this was PROBABLY not the best idea! His publicist must be having a stroke!

    p.s. I wonder what the heck he was doing at a gym at 3 in the morning...? Wouldn't his own home have a gym? Or the hotel if he's out of town? :confused2:
  3. Anonycat

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    Yes. Everyone has a personal trainer, and some kind of gym or workout room.

    One guy, alone in a public workout room, and John walks up and says "Hi, I'm John." And them asks him if he's married, etc. If that happened to me, my face would uncontrollable go to: Sorry bro, I'm not into that mode. I'm sure his publicist is freaking out. Even for being so dumb in his manhunt to get a selfie without his hairpiece on. So much for his public image. Gone in one selfie. Of course Justin is going to make it his Facebook cover photo. The man is thinking with his dick, sadly. Just my opinion, but I think he's into men. And, Hollywood marriages are sometimes not what they seem. People can have a "beard" marriage, a partnership, and open relationship, or partnership without a real relationship. At least Tom was smart enough to have a scout find guys for him, closely following his personal tastes. John is a bit messier. I can't help but think what a boon to his career it'd be if he'd just come out.
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    If I was Travolta I would go no place alone.... would have at least two folks hanging out with me even in the potty. Travolta may be many things but stupid is not one of them. I don't think he would be so foolish as to play grab ass with any man or woman that just walked in a room to deliver a service or not. What flavor he is or likes does not matter - not to me at least.

    Billy Graham was NEVER in a room alone with any woman except his wife, daughters & mother. When he met with men he always had someone else in visual range. No hint of scandal in all his years.

    Travolta has always been described as very friendly... a fun loving guy, generous & devoted to his wife and kids. What the hell he is doing with the sciobots is beyond my imagination. I would think he would have out grown them long ago.

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    I used to work for a celebrity, and I'd always go with him, everywhere. I'd only excuse myself if it was obvious they (he and a new random girl) were about to go to a hotel room. One day he took off by himself, and didn't let me know. I was wondering where he was, we always met in the morning for breakfast. Next thing you know, he and a certain female are in a car, surrounded by Paperazzi. His wife was not amused. Celebrities sometimes do wish they were just everyday folks. It's not a bad thing, but forgetting for even a day, has its repercussions.
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    ROFLMAO. I'm heeding the maybe very optimistic thought that he might be, say, sabotaging what the cult and his current agents expect of him, maybe he seeks to deliberately change the picture people have of him, gradually (e.g., reinforce certain old rumors)... I like him all the more now, for just being human...
    I mean, damaging his carreer by what amounts to a gay coming-out and by behaving sorta stupid but essentially, human, seriously? At this point in his "straight up and vertical" carreer? I don't think so. :coolwink:
    All this gives me an impression of quite deliberate "stupidity" and rebellion... We can't know to which degree this is consciously acted out, but I suppose in a way all this is a subliminal message to Scientology - that they can't tell him what to do, that he will do what he wants. In any case, for the (hetero) Scilon he "should" be (at last when "wog world" or fellow scilons are watching), he's been quite a naughty boy. :happydance:
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    He does seem to be rattling the cage, doesn't he? I hope he breaks out, and is himself again. It's been too long.
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    Did he go into the bathroom stall and make <ahem> hand signals under the partition to a guy in the next stall?

    You know, "family values" Republican Senator style? :whistling:

    "I am not gay....I have never been gay."

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    They're called homosexual attachments and they are perfectly understandable in totally and utterly heterosexual religious people.
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    I did not know JT wore a wig! Why? He looks ok without it.
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    He doesn't wear a wig. It's spray-on hair. :biggrin:

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    I met John a few times in CW and LA. We always talked about airplanes. I never got any weird flow from him. Just a guy who loves aviation. I wish him well.
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    Hi filkdmwt. Welcome to ESMB.
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    To explain my laugh Stratty....I read that as:

    Fuck'n Dim Wit.....

    I didn't realize it was a new poster...


    Even if I read it wrong....Stratty, are you having some angst over Americans butchering the King's It must be horrible for a Brit to listen to average Americans speak....

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    Really? He never even so much as took a quick glance at your package?
  19. DagwoodGum

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    Revolta gives new meaning to a package deal.:eyeroll:
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    So, tell us. Is he a Big Being, or not so much?