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  1. Yep, they also broke the Rush Limbaugh Drug Ring investigation, the day after the story broke he checked into rehab to avoid jail time.
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    Yes, both the N.E. and TMZ have proven to be very accurate with celebrity news.
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    You know the more I think about it, this isn't just a harmless thing to joke around about and have a bit of a laugh. I have to think how violated I would feel if somebody treated me like that. A pattern like that shows not just a sense of entitlement, but a sense that you are above the law, that everyday people's feelings don't matter, and that others are little more than commodities that can be bought and paid for.

    Before my attitude was I kind of felt sorry for him being trapped in the closet and from that point of view could be understanding, but just looking at this pattern in black and white is quite shocking. It is traumatic if someone touches you without permission - a knowing violation of your right to choose and your right to your own self. It is degrading and upsetting to that person. I am frankly starting to hope that he gets his comeuppance - finally crosses the wrong person who values themselves and can't be bought. Better still I hope he takes stock of his life and what he is doing and just stops harassing other people.
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    I think when you spend your life hiding and denying who you are, one's seamier side comes out, lurks in the shadows, and becomes a compulsion, uncontrollable. One acts out - thus all the sex scandals amongst the so-called 'righteous' and holier than thou's.

    There really is something to that - Be true unto one's self. :yes: If ya don't, ya turn into an asshole, living out the back-end, so to speak. :giggle:
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    That is certainly very true. Some of the most messed up individuals are those who seem the most religious or respectable. But I have to wonder if Travolta hasn't become more of a case of "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law".
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    1. John Travolta is a predator. Too much smoke for no fire.

    2. National Enquirer is a Weekly World News like Catholics are Mormons.

    WWN is your kid's comics, NE is People on badass steroids.

    Other media outlets watch what they do, and follow their lead. I know, because I is one. Edwards, OJ, Rush... They get the big (possible lawsuit) stories RIGHT. They get the Carol Burnett or Elizabeth Smart story wrong because they don't give a shit - the risk factor is low.

    Ever since OJ we all paid attention, Edwards solidified it.
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    Oh look, 2 members and 12 guests on this post right now. Hi John! Hi Dave!
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    Men Who Stare at Goatse. There, I said it.
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    Kelly Preston collapses and sobbed: "He'll ruin me!" Here friends fear relapse due to the stress. See t his weeks NE.
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    And we know that professional actors can be counted on to display their true feelings and concerns when not on the set.
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    I think the N.E. writes their stories in such a way that they can legally defend them, i.e. "sources" say---and they're not legally required to reveal their sources, are they?

    Anyway, the only revolting thing about the whole J.T. gay thing is the manner in which he behaves. He's very aggressive in all the stories that surface & that's disgusting. Find yourself a willing partner & let it rest. If he's gay, bisexual, whatever, that's HIS personal business. And if his wife knows about it & they're still married, that's HER business. Honestly, this story needs to just go away. And the divorce story surfaces every once in a while too. Enough.
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    Part of John's kink seems to be hitting/seducing straight guys and random encounters, the element of danger is part of the turn on. I think that's part of why there are so many stories about him surfacing.

    I can't remember where, but maybe it was his old BF who gave an interview to the enquirer, that said John thought he wouldn't get AIDS if he only slept with straight guys. (Crazy I know, but for some reason I tend to believe it. John wouldn't be the only gay guy who believed this and given his lack of medical knowledge or trust in it (thanks Scientology) he probably is apt to believe all kinds of bullshit like that.) Jenn Elfman thought AIDS was just a state of mind afterall.
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    Bill Clinton figured out you could get sex from aids.

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    I'm guessing that if JT only hit on gay guys then he runs the risk of having a lot of gossip spread around in a short time through gay communities. Not only could he easily be outed through media leaks etc, but it could even happen in a very embarrassing way if he runs into any of his partners or friends of partners at a public function etc. Hitting on guys who look like they might be separate from gay communities (straight guys or married bi-guys etc) might at least appear to lessen the danger he puts himself in whenever he needs a little massage.
    So it might be an attempt at trying to minimise the risks of public exposure by going for guys who would not want anyone knowing they had a homosexual encounter.
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    Enquirer seen in grocery store line tonight, May 16 2015.