Journalism tudent seeking ex-members willing to participate in interviews

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  1. Justin B

    Justin B New Member


    I am a mature-aged Journalism student in Sydney. I am looking for some ex-members who might be interested in participating in a short interview for an investigative story I am writing for a University Assignment.

    I can come to whatever location at whatever time is convenient for you. I am more than happy, of course, to conduct these interviews under an alias, or it can be done completely anonymously if you prefer. I will not photograph or identify you in any way. Ideally the conversation would be recorded on a dictaphone to ensure I do not misquote anyone, but I am happy just to take notes if that is what you prefer.

    For what it's worth, I am entirely Atheist. I am not interested in attacking or questioning the motives of anyone who may have been involved in Scientology. I am merely seeking answers to basic questions such as how did you come to be involved in Scientology, how was the experience in general, how and when did you decide to leave, were there repercussions etc.

    I am in the process of contacting various members of Parliament regarding their voting history in favour of granting The Church of Scientology tax-free status, along with Chatswood Council regarding their decision to re-zone and approve the construction of the facility in Chatswood.

    if anyone is interested, or should know someone who might be, by all means drop me a message. I am happy to supply my personal phone number or email address to anyone interested in sitting for an interview.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. FoTi

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    Do you in favor of the construction of this facility in Chatswood or are you against it or do you not care one way or another?
  3. Justin B

    Justin B New Member

    I would say that in a very general sense I am against the presence of any Scientology buildings. I was only made aware of it's existence a week ago. Once I started to look into it I realised that it was covered in mainstream media when it opened. But I know some people who live in Chatswood and surrounding areas who had no idea it was even there.

    I think a lot of Australian's, at least the ones I have spoken to, consider Scientology to be an American thing - most are completely ignorant to the fact that Scientology has a footprint in Australia at all.