Joy Villa’s ex talks about her domestic violence arrest and the child she put up for adoption

Discussion in 'Tony Ortega' started by RSS Feed, Jan 8, 2018.

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    Joy Villa’s ex talks about her domestic violence arrest and the child she put up for adoption

    Cory Duncan first contacted us several months ago when he saw our articles about his ex-girlfriend Joy Villa, and how the Scientology “celebrity” was skyrocketing to fame because she’d worn a “Trump” dress at the Grammy Awards last February.

    He had some pretty interesting things to say about his relationship with Villa, which [...]



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  2. HelluvaHoax!

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    It's a race agains time.

    The Church of Scientology vs Joy Villa.

    A contest to see who is best at the game of using others for their own purposes.

    They both think they will win.

    They both delude themselves into thinking they want the best for the other.

    But in the end, one will turn on the other. Then, mutual backstabbing & fair-gaming will ensue.

    Both will keep their huge grinning and winning throughout the meltdown.

    A Joy hate-website will appear on the internet!

    Joy will appear on tv and radio shows attacking Scientology.

    Scientology will create a litany of lies about her, claiming she was never really a Scientologist.

    Joy will make up some story that fits with the flavor of the day ("Scientology sexually abused me!" ) or whatever is the "hot button" that woke people are promoting.

    Joy will get a divorce and hook up with another wealthy guy, hopefully a celebrity that can also help her career too.

    Oh, wait! Am I being cruel-heartedly pessimistic and cynical?

    ANSWER: No, I'm just making a safe prediction based on the 68 year history of the cult.

    One more thing. Scandals. Joy will be in the middle of one or two of those as well.

    Bookmark this post if you think i am completely insane, LOL, then we'll talk about it again when it happens.

    Having worked in and around entertainment I know a little bit about personalities like Joy Villa. They thrive on chaos and there are scandals and outrageous numbers of "crises" and "meltdowns" that swirl around such people.

    Hopefully, she'll turn it all around and blow Scientology and do something of value other than trying to shock people into helping her achieve fame.
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  3. The_Fixer

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    Seems to be a lot of people in the everyday world like this nowadays. I think the social media addictions are a lot to blame for this trivialising everything.

    Then they wonder why their lives are so dysfunctional....