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  1. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Katrina Reyes entered the Sea org at 11 years old, having the do the brutal boot namp called Estates "Project Force" for 1 year. and another ! year, 365 days on the Purification Rundown, a drugless child forced to sweat out her drugs !
    But that is only the beginning of her story... She has lost her MOM to the Sea Org who has disconnected from her and shuns her never having seen her grandchild. Worth a view

  2. JackStraw

    JackStraw Silver Meritorious Patron

    And their stated goal is "a world without insanity..."


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  3. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    An extrememly poignant mother and daughter final good byes with Katrina who was forced into the Sea Org at 11 years old, shares part 3 of her story.
    It is has many twists and turns, but this is the hearbreaK ONE.
    Kicked out of the Sea Org, completely penniless, while holding her mother for slave labor and emotional blackmail.

    This video fully explains why they are called a CULT.
    FAMILY means NOTHING in Scientology.

    The ONLY importance is the cult, the group, the Mother Church and anything else has zero validity and importance.
    The actual point of declaring Katrina a Suppressive Person was because she LIKED and commented on a picture of Tom deVocht with his dog. Facebook police called her up and ORDERED her against such activity. Katrina told them more than once she was NOT a Scientologist and not under their jurisdiction of what she did her like.

    ~~Katrina Reyes.the story here ~~

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  4. apple

    apple Patron Meritorious

    I listened to all three interviews with Katrina Reyes. They are heartbreaking, I am humbled by her hardship. I dont' think that her experience in Scientology is alone. In hindsight she may have been better off to stay in Moscow working for Starbucks and to forget about Scientology, her conditions and the freeloaders debt. This may not have been possible because in her mind she was still imprisoned in the cult.
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  5. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    #scientology #Scientologyaftermath #Cult #Religion #Scientologytheaftermath
    To Celebrate the latest Fair Game attacks on me, I rejoice in tweeting their most Sekrit SEKRIT~~Scientology basic beliefs and origin myths.
    The Power Point presentation by Hubbard on Xenu.
    It all started with being called in for Income Tax by the ancient Incarnation of the IRS 75 million years ago.

    And Tommy Davis denied all of the Xenu story...
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  6. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Before I watch those I am going to the pharmacy or health food store to get some anti-Pneumonia items and a lie(s)-detector and then have on hand a book on gratitude to help me indulge in the joy of being out of the scientology scam.
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  7. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    And if we had an e-meter, say, 3000 years ago in Greece we would not be talking about SciFi (like Xenu).
    We would have been talking about the Greek gods and conflicts amongst the "gods" on Mount Olympus (not Xenu nor intergalactic space travel).
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  8. cakemaker

    cakemaker Patron Meritorious

    Don't they ever learn?
    No case gain?
  9. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Leah interviewed with Jeffrey Augustine yesterday.
    Tony Ortega reported how they are currently stalking her in an effort to intimidate with Private Investigators....do they really think they get Season 3 aborted ? LOL
    Here it is ~~
    Leah Remini discusses her A&E show Scientology and the Aftermath, Scientology's Fair Game, the Aftermath Foundation, and other topics.
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  10. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Leah Remini interview by Chris Shelton removed from this thread because of request.
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  11. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Mike talks about Scientology and the Aftermath‘s upcoming third season, which appears to be the reason for a new wave of Fair Game harassment from Scientology’s hired goons. Leah has observed Private investigators stalking her and following her. — At the same time that the church is trying to project a very different image with its new television network. Mike describes how David Miscavige orders his Office of Special Affairs minions to do something about Leah’s show, and how this results in actions that are irrational and actually harm Scientology by exposing its sleazy Fair Game tactics, Rinder also recounts the series of events that led him to escape from the Church of Scientology in 2007. “This leads to Mike describing the internal justice system of Scientology and why the church covers up sexual molestation and the other crimes and misdeeds committed by Scientologists, Mike also discusses the new Aftermath Foundation and how it exists to help Scientologists get started again in life after fleeing Scientology with literally nothing, just as he did a decade ago.

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  12. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    Karen - please ask Jeffery this: In his discussion with Mike they discuss how the IRS can't legally question the fact that the ideal orgs are just for show, as it would violate the separation of church and state laws. However, why would they qualify, since the majority of the ideal orgs were not purchased by Scientology, nor were the renovations paid by the church either? They were gifted to the church by those who paid the purchase price. They are not an asset the church invested it's own money to acquire.

    If the church needs to show purchases of real estate to counter the violation of the laws limiting the accumulation of wealth, how do these gifted properties achieve that end?

  13. tesseract

    tesseract Patron with Horrors

    I can't answer your question directly, since this kind of theological ;) discussion about interpretations of the US constitution has started to bore me quite a while ago, and I'm certainly no help with financial or legal matters as well. But here's an interesting thought, something I've read a while ago on one of these blogs, and this kind of argumentation certainly would play a role if the matter ever were discussed in court:
    Scientology Ideal Orgs happen to stand empty for most of the time - but then, that is the case for Christian churches too...! (Or mosques, or whatever kind of temple...!)
    If you think of it...
    Ergo any Scientology lawer might bring up this very comparison all too soon, followed by: "So what...?"
  14. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Mimsey ~~ I will have Jeffrey read your communication so that he can respond. Thanks !
  15. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    One of the worst cover-ups in the Scientology cult was an attempted homicide. Happened circa 1988 in Los Angeles.
    The "Commanding Officer" of INCOMM, the computer division of the Cult snapped and tried to strangle his wife Noomie.
    Because of the very high security of INCOMM, easy access through the doors is not easy.
    Chuck used the strength of a madman and was suffocating the life out of Noomie when she was rescued. It takes minutes to strangle someone to death, not instantaneous.
    it was so serious, that even the RPF gulag was not considered.
    Chuck was promptly kicked out of the Sea Org and the cult found him a job in a computer company. He got away with no justice, no report to LAPD.

    But he then threatened the cult.
    And would you believe what the cult did ?
    They forced Noomie, to go live with him, and share the marital bed til he calmed down and was no longer a threat. And she did.
    All hushed hushed and buried by Office of Special Affiars.
    They got a nearly strangled woman to have sex with her would be killer.
    This was in the cult's eyes "self preservation"
    In this video I explain how far the cult will go in cover up to hide crimes.

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  16. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    They've clearly demonstrated over the decades that there's nothing they wouldn't do to hide their own crimes, or to manufacture crimes for their perceived enemies. Yet they claim to be the most ethical group on the planet. :ohmy:
  17. chuckbeatty

    chuckbeatty Patron with Honors

    I remember hearing of this, and it sadly would be true that it was never reported to LAPD.

    Chuck got his PhD from Harvard, and taught for a short time there as well.

    He and Noomi were truly brainy computer experts, Chuck in particular, Chuck was about the most trained computer person in INCOMM history.

    I recall when I was on the decks in 1989 at INCOMM, Chuck's old Harvard chair, was in the INCOMM staff storage room still, even though Chuck'd been gone for years by 1989.

    It was uncalled for, and Noomi likely was pressured never to go to police on Chuck's behavior, his violence against her and when he lost it.

    People do NOT deserve to spend a day in Scientology who need outside mental health and outside help, and I do not know what happened to Chuck.

    The atmosphere in the Scientology movement is such ingrained ignorance and Hubbard's rules and Hubbard's prejudices and today's Hubbard's policies are keeping the Scientologists ignorant of their basic citizen safety and health rights.

    Hubbard is ultimately to blame for having left this cult intact and ongoing at the time of his death, even though Hubbard did have sporadic doubts at the end of his life, per "Going Clear..." book by Lawrence Wright (I hope we can someday get future Sea Org and staff in Ideal Orgs to go to hospital and police, next time(s) they commit/receive their staff to staff violence).

    I think we need, still, some credible academic to do the thorough job of laying out Hubbard's damnable policies that get used to condone and which self induce the staff to staff violence, plus lay out the long history, including Hubbard's long history of violence which today still is perpetuated.

    A staff pamphlet needs be given to Sea Org members and Ideal Org staff, letting them know how to go about reporting their injuries to hospital and to police, so that this ceases.
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  18. Karen#1

    Karen#1 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Just goes to show a "PH D from Harvard" does not mean he has trustworthy character.
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  19. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    which is why Hubbard came up with Doctor of Scientology, along with each grade of the step on the Bridge to Total Freedom, Hubbard tried to add ethos to his culture, or should I say cult.

    Even you had high ethos in the scientology cult or culture, and people would listen to you when you were a C/S or auditor, why you had ethos or credibility. Because you were highly trained in scientology, you had ethos, why of course I would listen to you, when I was a scientologist. The C/S says, so I do. But ultimately, it is what Ron said. LOL Ronbots

    Now that you are out, being an ex scientologists as well as you, why I listen to you as well.

    Funny how that is.
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  20. Dave B.

    Dave B. Maximus Ultimus Mostimus

    Wow. News to me.

    I had an instinctive dislike for Chuck and I know it was mutual. His KR for my CommEv. made me realize what a small-minded douchebag he was. (When I was there he was not CO) Noomie on the other hand was a genuinely nice person and one of the few people in INCOMM at the time '83, '84 who it was possible to have a normal non-$cn. cult conversation with.
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