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Discussion in 'John Travolta/Kelly Preston' started by renegade, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. renegade

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  2. oneonewasaracecar

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    Have a look at the author. He only writes about Travolta.

    The author looks very gay to me. This looks like an activist with a bee in his bonnet about Travolta.
  3. Leland

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    Yes, he has been pursuing the Travolta + Gay Massage stories...

    Yea....there are some Court Cases also.

    Apparently Randolph...had some run ins with the Gay Massage Club scene in Los Angeles....
  4. renegade

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    Did you get to read some of the chapters? There's a lot of info on scientology's back channel influence over her.
  5. oneonewasaracecar

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    Not yet but I will.

    Don't get me wrong, I am still interested in the book, I was just explaining why the mainstream media wasn't picking up on this. He has an ax to grind and he's nobody in Hollywood.

    He also might be a really good guy to keep an eye on, because if anyone ever gets video evidence of Travolta's nastiness, this guy might well find himself in the spotlight.
  6. whoisxenu

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    Once was in a restaurant some 25 years ago when they came in and EVERYONE's head turned as they walked by - seriously - heads really turned. But that cover pic of her - jez, how the mighty have fallen.:ohmy:
  7. Gib

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    The author has not been sued by JT or the COS.

    I guess they want to keep it hidden. Somebody ought to mention this book to Tony O. I don't post over there.
  8. oneonewasaracecar

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    That is an interesting point.

    Now I am very interested.
  9. renegade

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    This book seems to be flying under the radar with all the Leah news.

    I wonder if this exposure paves the way for Kelley and John to leave the cult. Once it's out there, dm will lose his power to threaten them with the revelations in this book.
  10. Jump

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    I don't know if Tony would give it full credence. He has pretty high standards of truth and corroboration and a polygraph might just not cut it.
  11. TrevAnon

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    "Despite his super-secret security protections, you can still reach him pretty easily by sending him a message at tonyo94 AT "
  12. secretiveoldfag

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    From what is available to read on Amazon, the author also alleges an affair between Kirstie Allie and KP.

    And promises another book on Jett and how he died.

    He's gay; so what? It adds to his qualifications to write about the Travolta.
  13. WildKat

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  14. Dulloldfart

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  15. lotus

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    I read those 'look inside'' pages to know more about the author and content.

    The author mentionned he had passed, with no fail a lie detector with a specialist.
    He then publishes the conclusion while only quoting the result.

    The name of the lie detector operator and credentials ???? ( zoup...none...)
    A copy of the lie detector conclusion report - signed ???? (zoup....none...)

    Also the photograph of Kelly Preston he used, to make her appear as a looser...
    I don't like. (look cheap like the CO$ does...)

    I pass my trurn not interested for lack of credibitily :confused2:

    Anyhow, thanks for letting know about it!
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  16. Ogsonofgroo

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    Likely the 'fifteen minute' one, why stupid stories like this get so much traction is beyond me, most of this shit is just embarassingly derpy, and sounds like a bunch of pissy-azzed peoples, maybe they are going after hush-money? Again?

  17. Lone Star

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    Although I am sure there are some errors in this book, my gut tells me it is a lot more accurate than inaccurate.

    My gut also tells me that if it were about Tom Cruise or Kirstie Alley most of you would be gushing over it and praising the author for writing it. For some reason there seems to be a Travolta/Preston sympathy factor here. I noticed it back when Jett died and received some grief for calling them out for essentially killing him by denying him the treatment he needed.

    So this author has an "axe to grind"? Is that a disqualification? What is Leah Remini's motive for writing her book?

    Both Travolta and Preston are nasty people and deserve to be outed as much as any other nasty Scilon celeb. They have harmed far more than they have helped people over the past 25 some odd years.

    Kudos to this writer, no matter how imperfect he may be.

    EDIT: I say they are "nasty people", but it would be more accurate to say that they've done a lot of nasty things. Most likely neither of them are inherently nasty. But they've both contributed mightily to the wealth and success of the cult, and are "fair game" for exposure.
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  18. PirateAndBum

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    Kind of shocking to read that Kelly tried to commit suicide.

    Another shining example of what being involved with the co$ has to offer.
  19. Northern Shewolf

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    As memory serves K.P. has pretty dramatic antecedents, her relationship with Hollywood's bad boy Charlie Sheen ended with a real bullet; thereafter she sought and found refuge in a $ciloonery marriage with J.T. and $ciloonery's Silly Centre ministrations to whales.....
    Very flaky, poorly educated if at all, and insecure little creature....would do anything, pay any amount for reassurance that she matters, this in many applications daily.
    Sad really, especially in light of what was done, or not done, for her son....probably too hard to face:nervous:.
  20. oneonewasaracecar

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    My point on his sexuality is that any gay activist would see him as a great target.

    Travolta is likely in the closet and certainly supports an organization that pushed prop 8.

    If any of what is said about Travolta is true, many in the queer community in the USA probably hate him.

    I am not homophobic. Perhaps you missed my posts on Tommy Davis.