KID CORPS: When a disease outbreak brought Scientology unwanted attention

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    KID CORPS: When a disease outbreak brought Scientology unwanted attention

    Like anything else in Scientology, how children are treated is governed by a huge number of policies and reports, and in this series we’re looking at documents that show how children were treated under the ideas of L. Ron Hubbard. We’re fortunate that one man has done so much to collect huge numbers [...]


    Like anything else in[.......]

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  2. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    I can vouch for the article about the kids being able to roam about.......I was just 9 or 10 when sent to PAC all alone.........and I would endlessly roam Hollywood blvd and the areas where the punks were in the 80's lots of people with pink/purple and blue mohawks and safety pins on their outfits and skin..and hookers and pimps ..truly its a miracle I am in one peice today.
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  3. Miss Ellie

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    I remember a hepatitis issue with the kids when I lived in Clearwater... 1981ish to 1983. I belonged to a food co-op with a store front. You had to work a certain number of hours to be a member. I always worked inventory one night a month. A lot of the other members were local folks that worked for the city and county as social workers, firemen, etc. The sciobots were often a topic of discussion. I was not active but knew what was going on of course but never let on I knew anything about sciobots.

    There were discussions of at least two children deaths at Flag as well as the hepatitis outbreak. They wondered what would ever be done about it. The fire department knew they were out code but would be blocked from doing inspections or knew kids were being taken out the back door as they were coming in the front. The fire department guys (2 that I remember) were very concerned if there was a fire how many lives would be lost.

    One social worker did a welfare check on a child for a non-custodial father and got into the child care facility pretty much unannounced. The conditions were "very bad" & "the smells were awful" but the child in question looked well fed, etc. She did a right up but no other action was taken that she knew of.

    Some folks wondered if payoffs were happening... my vote was for blackmail of officials. Which ever it was a bad situation and I felt so sorry for the kids.

    I am sure LA was just as bad or even worse... I hope the children of that time can forgive not only their parents but those of us that kept silent out of fear. For that I am truly sorry.
  4. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    TO Mrs Ellie, My explanation on how they got away with it is because the children were taught to lie( I did several times) and were taught no matter the pain or severe neglect to have a glazed over happiness vibe or get in trouble. And also...the kids, like myself...born into it...and used to abuse from the start... were naive and had no clue how abusive, damaging and wrong the situation was, its all we knew since birth
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