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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by JustMe, Aug 30, 2012.

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    http://justiceforkylebrennan.blogspot.com/ (5th paragraph)

    "Kyle had been shot in the head with his father’s, and his father’s .357 Magnum was lying near his body. There is no evidence that Kyle committed suicide since there was no suicide note and Kyle’s fingerprints were found nowhere including the revolver and ammunition found at the scene.

    The investigating detective failed to perform a Gun Shot Residue test, and so there is no evidence that Kyle pulled the trigger on his father’s weapon."

    How did the authorities come up with the conclusion that it was a suicide?
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    Very, Very fishy.

    Today is Sept 14th----May we ALL have good wishes,
    prayers ...HOPE that true Justice comes about today,
    for Kyle. I don't have high hopes----but I'm going to have
    my attention on it all day.

    For Kyle, and his Mom:: :heartflower::flowers2::flowers::love2:


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    If there was no evidence of suicide, shouldn't there have been a murder investigation?
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    Here is a link to a thread on WWP that tells about and discusses much of what happened in the hearing last Friday.

    There is some good information there:


    We are about to enter a phase where we can help give Victoria's words wings by helping her to speak out. Even more important than this case is the truth and getting it out.

    Some suggestions for anyone who would like to help see this happen are in the OP.
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    Some comments from the above link Thankyou Anons!!:

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    Scientology: coercing judges for nearly half a century.
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    Yes and I would like to repeat something here about this that I posted on WWP last night:

    While this is disappointing for many, IMO the truth was never going to come out in this case and justice was never going to happen because of this case.

    Even if Kyle's estate were to prevail in a civil case, organized scientology will ensure as much truth as possible is hidden and can just offer a big money settlement and force the courts to accept it.

    And that is the last thing that Kyle's mother Victoria wants.

    Yes it is a drag that the appeal was denied but there is so very much more we can do that does not depend on any legal case.

    For example, check out again the posting I did "Kyle Brennan - Anybody's Child":


    The legal case was only one thing mentioned in a list of a number of simple things we can do to help.

    IMO the most important thing is to get out the truth and to this end we will be hearing from Victoria before long. We are going to ensure many thousands, and I hope millions, hear about this before we are done.

    What I think we should go for is trying to find all the truth of what happened to Kyle but also do everything we can to get out the truth we do know so that more and more people know and there is less and less a chance of them or their loved one becoming victims like Kyle, like Lisa, like Alexander and like many others who have been victims of an uncaring organized scientology.

    I never believed that one can make a big difference on the long term by trying to beat organized scientology legally. But we can make a huge difference by getting out the truth. I once posted about this explaining exactly why I feel that way and giving examples to support my feelings:


    Do not lose heart here. Let us help Victoria speak out to the world.

    I already know that her story has made a real difference to some but I cannot yet go into details.

    I had a long chat with her tonight and told her that so many of us support her and hold her and Kyle deeply in our hearts. I told her that we would not let this matter die. And, that I believe many of us will be there to support her as per the first above mentioned thread.

    Do not despair.

    This is not hardly over.

    It has just begun.

    Stay tuned and do help if you can.

    - Denise Brennan
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    Thankyou for that Denise.
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    It begins:

    From WWP about a radio show to air today, September 21, and Sunday:


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    On March 19. 2013 David Love wrote an excellent article about what happened to Kyle Brennan and about his mother Victoria Britton seeking justice.


    I highly recommend reading the article. And for anyone who would like to spend a very small amount of time to help in Victoria’s search for justice, just read the original posting in this thread for some very simple ideas.

    If you do not wish to hit the above link, here is the text of the article:

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    Victoria may have lost the appeal but Justice for Kyle Brennan is still the goal. Visit and bookmark Victoria Britton's blog, called The Truth for Kyle Brennan

    Here is a moving most recent video where you get to meet Kyle's mom and come to know more about Kyle the person, at their home in VA

    Scientology Documentary Tour Interviews Victoria Britton
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    :touched: :bigcry: :touched:
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