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    Judge Tosses Convicted Sergeant’s Lawsuit Blaming Former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca for Her Legal Woes
    June 1, 2018 by Celeste Fremon

    On Tuesday July 1, 2014, former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s sergeant Maricela Long, and five other members of the nation’s largest sheriff’s department, were convicted of obstruction of justice, and conspiracy to obstruct justice for their involvement in a series of actions that took place during August and September of 2011, when the six and others hid federal informant Anthony Brown from his FBI handlers, threatened a federal agent, tampered with witnesses, and in other ways worked to disrupt a federal investigation into brutality and corruption in the LA County jails system.
    The series of obstructive acts came, unofficially, to be be called “Operation Pandora’s Box.”

    In February of this year, Long filed a civil lawsuit against former LA County sheriff Lee Baca and Los Angeles County, arguing in essence that Baca made her engage in the illegal acts that ended her career, and sent her to prison.
    “Ms. Long, a deputy newly assigned to the investigations unit Baca ordered to investigate the FBI,” her lawyers wrote in her complaint, “carried out actions she was directed to perform within a rigid chain-of-command environment under which she was expected to follow the orders given to her by her superiors.”

    Former Sheriff Lee Baca, as most will remember, was also convicted for obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice, and was sentenced by Judge Percy Anderson on May 12, 2017, to three years in federal prison.
    As of this writing, Mr. Baca is out on bail pending an appeal to the 9th circuit.
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    So is the $cn. Sheriff in the slammer yet? C'mon Leroy man up, do the time, work on your golf swing.
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