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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Teanntás, Apr 1, 2018.

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  1. Teanntás

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    One photo shows 'the Executive Directors of Orgs throughout the US, Canada and Latin America convened for a two day strategy summit to prepare for the launch of the Scientology Network' . What would strike you right away is the preponderance of women. In the first 2 rows there are 19 women (relatively young) and 5 elderly men. The same is true for the other rows - at a glance the same proportion. There must be some reason for this imbalance.
  2. Enthetan

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    If an ED is expected to devote full-time attention to the org, and having an outside job is deemed unacceptable, then the only way to survive is to either have retirement income, or to be married to somebody with a job which actually produces income.
  3. Hatshepsut

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    Well, that's a switch. I remember a few Flag promo photos composed of 98% women between 45 and 65. Donating divorce money? These younger women must be a lubricant. The schmoozers. :p

    Also, the entire business is younger now as old dogs die out. Networks need individuals who have a finger on the pulse of today's younger minds. Unfortunately, this demographic they're playing to doesn't have assets, but they aren't as tied down either. Economic disintegration in the near future, if it ends up breaking apart families, could lead to new recruits. A new crop of young rulers, egos intact, scrambling for positions. There is a resurgence and a new wave, after every crumbling society.

    Hippies, after the dismal war, evolved into the new yuppies when they saw profits to be made. I suspect the socialist youth could easily transition to being uber capitalists in the scramble, eagerly snatching power they've felt deprived of. The pendulum swings.

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  4. HelluvaHoax!

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    Yeah, all part of the grand cycle of self-destruction & deception, wherein cult members voluntarily screw up their own lives beyond repair. . .

    Imagine if the recruitment disclosures included notice that:

    Hey if you join staff---
    • You won't make enough money to rent even the smallest, crappiest apartment in the crappiest areas of the city that you are making "Ideal".
    • You won't ever be able to afford a car. You will be a "bus" person, staring out the window at other adults who are driving & singing to music.
    • You won't have vacations and if you do get a few days off, you won't have any money to go anywhere or do anything except borrow Ron's PDC tapes and stay home listening to how OTs are out there conquering the universe with the very same supernatural powers you got from your Bridge.
    • You won't have any money for a medical or other emergency. The greatest good is always the greatest good of upstat, healthy, productive people--not DBs like you who pulled in motivators.
    • You won't have any way to support yourself after you are too old to work and/or (the most likely scenario) that you are kicked off staff because you didn't make it go right to boom the production/money stats of your failing Idea Org.
    • The food quality you eat will be shit because you cannot afford decent food. This will not seem like a problem until your body succumbs, at which time you can easily handle your meat-body flap it with a "Go Fund Me" donation page.
    • If you are married, your spouse and you will not have a home, you will probably be sharing a place with other impoverished staff members who are part of your total cause team that is helping all the beings in your city to flourish and prosper.
    • You will eventually "cognite" that "THE PUBLIC KNOWS US BY OUR MEST" does not apply to your personal MEST. The word "our" is a clever rhetorical conceit that your guru often uses when he is deceiving you into thinking that you are part of some elite team with him and Scientology leaders.
    • You will look like a dorky schlub in an "Ideal" uniform that looks like you should be a car-parking valet at a fund-raising event for deluded Scientology whales who think they are going to a "Very Special VIP Briefing"---as they hand you the keys to their Bentley, patting you on the back and saying: "Hey, keep up the great work, eventually you'll move up the Bridge and I hope to see you down the line with other big beings, flowing mega power to planetary clearing, instead of planetary parking."
    • ................ (uh-oh!)

    (Shit! I just realized that I could keep typing on this list for about another 40-50 bullet points. Seriously, LOL. Does this mean I have by-passed-charge? LOL)

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  5. FoTi

    FoTi Crusader

    What photo are you talking about?
  6. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    If you have the magazine (International Scientology News , Issue 72) it is on pages 118-119).