Leah Remini will be appearing on an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s show Red Table Talk

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    From deep within the Underground Bunker:

    More proof that the Smiths are out — Leah!

    Here’s a little something we’ve been keeping under our hat we can tell you about now. Leah Remini will be appearing on an episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Live show Red Table Talk this season.

    Producers reached out to us several weeks ago for permission to use some photos in the show, and that’s how we knew it was coming. We’re looking forward to these former Scientologists chat about their time as celebrities in the church.

    We’ve been telling people that Will and Jada have been out since 2015, and that Will was only a dabbler to begin with, but Jada was pretty hardcore, we were told. We’ll be interested to see how she describes it in the show.

    If anyone comes across the date of this particular show please post it into this thread.
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    I'm REALLY looking forward to this show. I've watched parts of a couple previous episodes of Red Table Talk, and found it to be quite unique, as the participants go very deep into very personal issues that most people would be uncomfortable discussing on a show that is being broadcast to the world.

    One of the shows I watched included Willow (Jada and Will Smith's teenage daughter) as well as Jada's mother. It was very obvious that Willow felt very safe to discuss absolutely anything about her life, and she did bring up some serious issues she's dealt with which were then discussed on the show.
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    Lol! That was really nice ... I didn't think I'd be able to watch it because I expected a lot of sugary blubbing and hugging and there was a bit of that but they were laughing about it themselves especially at the very end with Will.

    They are both warriors (as Jada mentioned) and they have each realised that they can stop fighting and sometimes allow themselves to find a gentler side (not exact words) and achieve a similar result.

    It was good, I'm glad I watched and it's another huge kick in the teeth to the cofs which is always appreciated.

    PS I can blub with the best of them (I even cry at some TV ads!) but I prefer to do it on my own, in dark corners ... without an audience (and I dislike seeing other people having a meltdown to be honest).