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Discussion in 'Human Potential, Self Discovery' started by Dulloldfart, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Dulloldfart

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    Challenge posted about this guy's books a few days back in another thread and since then I've been doing a lot of reading. Wowzer. Far-reaching stuff. Over 7,000 clients. His sessions last about three hours and after an hour get into deep hypnotic trance states. He specializes in the between-lives area rather than the past lives area, although there is obvious overlap. He says normal hypnotic trance states, as in past life regression, don't go deep enough to get the details he gets in his between-lives sessions. He grills people rather intensively about what happens there, as shown in the detailed case histories in his books. He noted a great deal of similarity about what people said regarding this area. He started off very sceptical, but the similarities from client to client, with different backgrounds and beliefs, changed his beliefs.

    I've watched the linked videos, which provide a good basic summary and introduction to his work. I've read his first book, Journey of Souls, and have just started on his second, Destiny of Souls. These are having quite a profound effect on my worldview. Not a complete change, but reinforcing some things, nullifying others, and providing much new material to think about. I find his work very credible, by its very nature much more so than some guy auditing himself and reporting what he saw in session as if it related to everyone else too.

    I'll post more, but for now here are five videos:

    Oh yes, no implant stations. :)

  2. Mark A. Baker

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    Certainly none that were RECOGNIZED as such. :coolwink:

    Mark A. Baker
    p.s. Just kidding, Paul.
  3. Leon

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    All very interesting. Ties in very well with what I encountered in auditing - both in myself and in those I have audited.

    But I disagree with Paul - I see the evidence of implanters all over the place. Earth is presented as a big RPF where we need to "learn lessons" so that we can "rejoin the source from which we came". Ooooh! It all makes my flesh crawl.

    What I have found over the years is that implanters are VERY nice people. They treat you like an absolute gentleman - so much so that one feels quite privileged and honoured to be treated so well. Notice that with all the "reviewing" of what one has learned and how one lived one's life to date, the future presented is ALWAYS one of returning to earth and either learning more or passing our wisdom and guidance on to others. No other options are available. The fact that the dope always accepts what is suggested by the "elder spirit guide" just shows how sucked into it all he is.

    It is all a cult, just like any other, and we know all about them from our own past experience. Only the stage is bigger now. And all of the "self determined freedom" one wants is allowed fully - as long as one wants one of the offered prison planets. Have any flavour you like - as long as it's on the menu.


    But he seems to have tapped into some good recalls from people, so it is a job well done. I particularly liked the bit about how sequential time is an illusion that is neither an absolute nor a constant.
  4. RogerB

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    Nice Post, Leon . . .


    Very insightful post!

    You are quite correct. Those that would deceive you, like all con men, have to appear to be friendly and to be acting in your best interests; otherwise they would be rejected out of hand.

  5. RogerB

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    Nice Job. Thanks.

    Nice job, Paul,

    Thanks. This guy is quite illuminating . . . I love the honesty of his research!:yes:

  6. Tiger Lily

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    Thanks Paul,

    I'm really enjoying this -- fascinating info.

    I have to say that I've got beepers going off inside my head. . . is this just something I want to believe? I've been there before.

    BUT, I'm definitely listening to him.

  7. degraded being

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    do implanters have to be "between lives" or "after death".

    I have seen Roman Catholic implanters in action. They know that if they get kids young enough the implants will stick quite well. Heaven implant, God implant, Soul implant, Hell implant, Guilt implant, Be good implant, etc.

    All for a good cause though. The Greatest good for the Greatest Dynamic.
    God. And His Divine representative on Earth. His Holiness the Pope.
    The one who actively sets out to ensure that millions will die in the holy pursuit of chasity, celibacy and monogamy. For Him I would willingly apply Ron's Tech. R2-45.
  8. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    No implant station except his own implant station.
  9. Telepathetic

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    Fascinating stuff Paul,

    I plan to get his books.

  10. Telepathetic

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    You make a good point. I though, am not convinced one way or the other yet.

    I've always wondered,how those that allegedly implant others would benefit from such an activity? I can understand, somewhat, when done here, on this physical plane, but otherwise it is a mystery to me.

    Are there beings out there that want to feed off of us? What non-physical commodity would they want to possess?
    Robert Monroe has an interesting view on this, based on his OBEs.

  11. Leon

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    TP The game up there is pretty much the same as games down here - empires, recryuits, colonization, getting people to follow your religion, buy your products, etc. The scale of the game is bigger though.

    What's in it for them - firstly, social order. Just as we send people off to prison so do they. Secondly, the more people you have in your game under you the more important you are. Same stupid computation as here on earth. Thirdly, pecking orders must be maintained. Once in the RPF you get continually reminded that you are in the RPF and you're going to fucking stay in the RPF untill I say you can come out. And that's going to be never.

    Same stupid games we have here.

    Freedom does not mean being promoted to a bigger role in the game; it means freedom contribute as you see fit, freedom to leave if you so desire, freedom to join another game or to create your own game as you wish. Freedom is freedom.
  12. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thanks for sharing your views with me on this subject, Leon.

    How can you be so certain that what you've stated is the way things really are "out there?" Aside from Scientology, have you ever been involved in any other practices?

  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Leon's ideas don't match Newton's research at all. I can't prove Newton is right, of course, but I can quote him a bit.

    From Journey of Souls Introduction: ...In the early days of my practice, I resisted past life requests from people because of my orientation toward traditional therapy... I felt any attempt to reach a former life was unorthodox and non-clinical.

    ...I decided to do the research myself and with practice I acquired greater skill in entering the spirit world through my subjects. I also learned that finding their place in the spirit world was far more meaningful to people than recounting their former lives on Earth...

    ...How valid is the use of hypnosis for uncovering truth? People in hypnosis are neither dreaming nor hallucinating. We don't dream in chronological sequences nor hallucinate in a directed trance state. When subjects are placed in trance, their brain waves slow from the Beta wake state and continue to change vibration down past the meditative Alpha stage into various levels within the Theta range. Theta is hypnosis—not sleep. When we sleep we go to the final Delta state where messages from the brain are dropped into the subconscious and vented through our dreams. In Theta, however, the conscious mind is not unconscious, so we are able to receive as well as send messages with all memory channels open.

    Once in hypnosis, people report the pictures they see and dialogue they hear in their unconscious minds as literal observations. In response to questions, subjects cannot lie, but they may misinterpret something seen in their unconscious mind, just as we do in the conscious state. In hypnosis, people have trouble relating to anything they don't believe is the truth. Some critics of hypnosis believe a subject in trance will fabricate memories and bias their responses in order to adopt any theoretical framework suggested by the hypnotist. I find this generalization to be a false premise. In my work, I treat each case as if I were hearing the information for the first time. If a subject were somehow able to overcome hypnosis procedure and construct a deliberate fantasy about the spirit world, or free-associate from pre-set ideas about their afterlife, these responses would soon become inconsistent with my other case reports. I learned the value of careful cross-examination early in my work and I found no evidence of anyone faking their spiritual experiences to please me. In fact, subjects in hypnosis are not hesitant in correcting my misinterpretations of their statements.

    ...The clients in my cases represent some men and women who were very religious, while others had no particular spiritual beliefs at all. Most fall somewhere in between, with a mixed bag of personal philosophies about life. The astounding thing I found as I progressed with my research was that once subjects were regressed back into their soul state they all displayed a remarkable consistency in responding to questions about the spirit world.


  14. mountainpeak

    mountainpeak Patron

    Great thread, Paul. I read both of Michael Newton's books about 8 years ago and found them fascinating, and truthful in many respects. Definitely aligned with some of my own experiences.
  15. Leon

    Leon Gold Meritorious Patron

    I have no problem with what Newton reports - I've no doubt about his being a true reporter at all. It is just the assumption that when a spirit being says "I am your guide and work for your better development" and so on, he he trusts them and I don't. To me it sounds to me too much like a prison guard telling me to be happy in my cell. It 's not the hypnotised subject's report that I distrust - it's is his gullibility.

    TP - no guarrantees that my view of it is correct either. They are just what I have found and how I see things. You decide for yourelf.
  16. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good enough, thanks.

  17. Moonchild

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    All I've read of Michael Newton is 'Journey of Souls' a couple of years ago, hence my understanding of the man's work is limited to that.

    I found his work appealing and attractive; a caveat that instantly occured to me was this: were I to seek out a practitioner of Dr. Newton's school and undergo regression, what are the chances that anything I came up with in said regression would be un-influenced by what I had read?

    Something I believe in is the near-infinite capacity of the human mind for self-deception: as with Hubbard, so with Newton or any in whom one might choose to invest one's's hope.

    If I could perform the impossibilty of turning the clock back to childhood or even early adolescence, to a time when whatever impressions I had as regards past lives etc. were un-influenced by received data from the world-at-large that might be a different for myself, so for many, would be my estimation.

    I don't mean to deny the integrity or potential usefulness of Dr. Newton's work, I'm simply pointing out that virtually any serious attempt at investigation into this area has value only if undertaken under strict rules of observation. I would suggest that many of Dr.Newton's clients' "agreed-upon phenomena" as regards the in-between lives area cannot be taken as proof-positive or even credible evidence really, without investigation into whatever exposure they may have previously had to suggestions in this regard.

    Maybe they read T. Lobsang Rampa back in the 60s? Or Paul Brunton for example...'Wisdom of the Overself' etc... or even...LRH??? :omg: whatever.

    My guess is that the majority of people who seek regression therapy have already had some exposure to the ideas of whatever gurus that may have previously taken their fancy (that is to say, I doubt whether their initiative is especially aboriginal) and accordingly will find themselves (subconsciously but yet ineluctably) influenced by the suggestions thereof.

    Whatever....just my 2 cents/pence. :eyeroll:
  18. mate

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    Leon makes some interesting observations although I don't subscribe to his conclusions. The omitted datum is that when a person crosses to the other side, he (or she) still has his ego. This ego contains a number of behaviour patterns, which reflected society's needs of him, when he was a child and as he grew up.

    So it is not surprising that these excarnated beings continue to support a social structure, not unlike that they had recently experienced and from which they had decarnated. Nor does it surprise me that while greed, itself, is not a factor, control (= power) apparently is.

    There is a very real trap here. When one gets a taste of this control/power, he will start to crave this and eventually not return. Yet it is only by having a body, that one can achieve self realisation/awareness.

    There is, yet, another factor worth noting. All the instruction these excarnated beings are receiving, is being addressed to their egos. But at the start of their next lifetimes, these egos are discarded, and new ones created.

    Michael Newton has done an excellent job on an extremely important subject, and thank you Paul for drawing our attention to his research.

    Regards, David
  19. Telepathetic

    Telepathetic Gold Meritorious Patron

    You bring up a good point.

    I always doubted those past life incidents which I ran in session while in Scientology. I could never be totally certain that those were actual and not imaginary.

    And as you mentioned; how do we really know that those memories have not be influenced by others, especially the "guru types?" This though does not stop me from trying anything I find interesting or think might be useful, even a regression session with Newton or one of his practitioners.

    I think the great lesson that I learned though, from having been in the cult for all those years, has been to stay open minded. To realize that..well, I basically know little to nothing regarding spirituality or the mind. Oh god, even now I think to myself...PST TYPE H!?:coolwink: :D

  20. Tiger Lily

    Tiger Lily Gold Meritorious Patron

    :yes: :yes: That's the great lesson I learned too.