Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

Discussion in 'Human Potential, Self Discovery' started by Dulloldfart, May 7, 2009.

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  1. Dulloldfart

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    Ooh look, this thread has reached 1000 posts. The majority of them (i.e. over 50%) are on-topic too.

  2. guanoloco

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    Re: Doris the medium

    I didn't get that one re-lived lives with Newton, rather a person had different lives while learning lessons.
  3. Mark A. Baker

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    Re: Doris the medium

    Wish someone would restore the Ides_of_ March_44_bce.bak file.

    Mark A. Baker :bigcry:
  4. Tiger Lily

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    Thanks Paul for the recommendation. I just finished the second book, and was completely blown away by this guy's ideas. I've also been reading Dolores Cannon (another hypnotherapist), and her findings about the between lives area are very similar.

    I will probably never again jump on a bandwagon and decide something is the "truth", but this has me very intrigued. I find it a little disconcerting to think that the afterlife might be so structured, but it sure does explain a lot.
  5. WildKat

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    I haven't accepted or rejected it yet. Just toying with the ideas, try it on, see if it fits, that sort of thing.

    I guess the thing that I am drawn to is the idea of how Karma is played out, if Karma really exists at all.

    Is Karma really "the law"?

    Can being aware of your transgressions in a previous life "save" you from the comeuppance you are sure to receive later?

    In Scn technology, just looking at an incident and being fully aware of it is supposed to save you from craving the motivator now. But does it really?

    I have no certainty about any of it.
  6. WildKat

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    I would like this topic to not die, I think it's pretty important and is probably one of the reasons a lot of us gravitated to Scientology when we did. We want to find out the answers to life's mysteries.

    I know I should go back and read all the contributions, but 1000 posts is a lot to wade through. I like to "cut to the chase". LOL! That's always been my viewpoint in life, "cut to the chase" or "get to the point"!

    Here's an example using a real life situation. Let's say you think you've met your "soulmate" - a person you were drawn to because there were lots of "signs" pointing to "this is the one". And this is one of your soul group spirits who is here to help you "learn a lesson". What if the lesson is that you have to play out a pre-decided ritual because of your interaction in a previous life?

    Is there any "re-writing the program"? Can you transcend "having to see what it's like"? (Let's say the lesson is not a nice one.)

    Is this whole theory just more manipulation?
  7. Dulloldfart

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    Per Newton's research, karma isn't something done to you by some cosmic Judge Dredd in retribution for past sins. It is self-determinedly deciding that you need to spend a life or part of a life in _____ circumstances, in order to fully appreciate the consequences of your past actions in the expectation that you will not then repeat them. There seems to be some help in setting up these future circumstances, but it is still done with your full permission.

  8. Mark A. Baker

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    In traditional eastern philosophy it is law as in the physical Laws of Motion, not law as in the Constitution or the Patriot Act. It's not something done to you, it is the natural result of your own actions, whether in one lifetime or through what might be considered a larger 'expanse' of time.

    The root meaning of the word karma is action, thus it's focus on action and the results of action.

    In philosophies such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, etc, actions are viewed as being the result of one's thoughts. Actions are seen as like waves on a pond; moving out from their point of origin in an expanding fashion they reflect, refract, and gradually diminish, but never completely dying out. They become part of the historical noise of prior motion embodied in the background motion of the water. In this view the elimination of karma occurs only when its origin is fully comprehended.

    Mark A. Baker
  9. Hatshepsut

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    I was pondering this while taking the dog out on the lake last night. There was another occurrence of betrayal by someone whom I'd been extremely helpful to. These kinds of occurrences were beginning to become pandemic. I figure vulnerability breeds aggression. People tend to feel free to dramatize their crap when there are NO consequences. So I started my usual set of mental chicaneries to discharge the upset. Nope :nervous: Not this time...

    For the first time since entering the subject of Scientology at age 17, came to the understanding that energy flows are REAL and sometimes they actually NEED balancing in the real ACTION. This comes as a shock to discover that the need to RE_BALANCE could take an actual doingness or a return of the flow... something I've usually felt too lofty to stoop to. :unsure: Never did I think anything could come to a head where the ONLY way to restore self to center was to get up and physically knock the block off of someone instead of the usual mental masturbation. :duh:

    YUP. :angry:

    Equilibrium can't always be restored by shifting considerations. No matter how many times you change your attitudes about someone stealing your milk money, sometimes you just gotta up and ACT to put those karmic waves at rest..

    Possible to 'skip' the next lifetime lessons.?

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  10. Smilla

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    We have a word in Hebrew -תיקוןTikkun, which means amongst other things repair or rectification. Karma is for repair or resolution - total rectification. Karma corrects us. So there's no 'good or 'bad' karma - there is only karma.

    So bring it on.

  11. WildKat

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    This is a sort of "blanket" reply to several posts, not one in particular - Pardon the rough language, I'm trying to summarize succinctly.

    According to Newton's theory, if everything is "lessons" then there should not need to be any reaction to shit that is done, whether you do it to them, or they do it to you.

    Example, if some bad shit is done to you by another, maybe you "needed" it because of what you did to them in another life. In order to "learn". So you should not retaliate or seek justice.

    Or if you do some bad shit to someone else, maybe they "needed" it and maybe they actually agreed to it in their between-lives conference, so they should not retaliate or seek justice. And you shouldn't really feel bad about doing it. They actually asked for it.

    It's all just lessons. Shit happens, it all makes sense on a cosmic level. We shouldn't get too upset about anything.

    Maybe I missed something. It doesn't feel right to me.
  12. guanoloco

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    What you're describing is a classic form or idea of enlightenment...turn the other cheek...forgive others and you forgive thy enemies...etc.

    Very counter-intuitive but if you look at the physical sciences the "real" fundamental truths are counter-intuitive as well.
  13. Hatshepsut

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    Lecture relaying the beliefs of Rudolf Steiner on the journey of the soul. Part 10 of 14 I believe.

  14. Dave B.

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    I've found many times just the willingness is enough. It's sort of a Zen thing. For an example, I've had this happen before: The other guy senses I am willing to get hit. That I am willing to fight. And usually I don't have to fight. It's the same in other less dramatic situations too. Usually just the willingness is enough. Not always.
  15. Dulloldfart

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    Re: Life Between Lives — Dr. Michael Newton

    "Journey of Souls" as an audiobook:

    If you want to download it, it's about 254 MB and 140 minutes long. I listened to half a minute of it. The voice is clear enough. Whether or not you can put up with it is a matter of opinion. Still, it's free. :)

    You'll need to rip an mp3 out of the video, of course, but there's lots of free software that will do that. I tend to use the ever-useful VLC media player.

  16. Helena Handbasket

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    "Newtonia" is that place that hypnotherapist and author Dr. Michael Newton says we go to between lives (between the end of one lifetime and the beginning of the next). He himself has no name for it, so I have decided to call it Newtonia.

    In my opinion, Newtonia is not the only place we can go to after we die, nor is it the place where we come from originally. What we can learn there does not help us. On the contrary, it is a dangerous place, as we are pushed down into less powerful and autonymous states; eventually to be extinguished as a free being.

    In Newtonia we are coerced into a scripted next lifetime so we can learn "life lessons". Typically these are lifetimes where we "learn" what hurts so we can avoid it (for ourselves or for doing it to others). As far as I'm concerned, if you want to teach me a lesson, write it down in 100 words or less and let me read it. That would be much better than a lifetime of suffering.

    I am in much agreement with Dr. Newton's observations; they concur with my own conclusions. It his interpretation of those observations that I differ with. Specifically:

    Newtonia is not the only place we can go to when we die.

    Newtonia is not our spiritual "home".

    The "life lessons" we are assigned to are not our free choices; they are imposed upon us.

    "Life lessons" do not require a lifetime of suffering to be learned. Just tell me what works and what doesn't!

    Older spiritual beings -- the blue and purple colored ones -- are not "more advanced". They are degraded and eventually become cogs in a great machine rather than the free and independent beings they once were.

    I'm sure I've been to Newtonia many times, but it is not a good place. It is to be avoided by whatever means necessary.

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  17. hbeer

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    Re: Newtonia

    Helena, you named it! What you are suggesting is a process of ACTIVE LEARNING. The process that we are setting up in "Newtonia" (it is NOT imposed on us, we always can opt out) is a process of PASSIVE LEARNING: the life we put into our future's screenplay is teaching us the lesson we want to learn - in 3D full color cinemascope, so to speak - a live clay demo!

    I don't think it must necessarily be bad. It depends on the script you have written. It could as well be a script about how to develop a "free energy" system (think Tesla), or how to discover the telomere repair system which got the medicine nobel prize in 2009. Or how to become a virtuoso (think Paganini). Or how to provide superior training to Scientologists (think Clearbird).

    Like in processing, where you have negative gain (get rid of charge) in contrast to positive gain (develop your abilities), you can design positive screenplays (major accomplishments, often for the greatest good of many people), or negative screenplays (how to navigate personal challenges, often of intense pain, but sometimes also of low energy - the opposite of intensity).

    It is entirely possible to skip the life planning in the afterlife. I did so after my last death. I was free to do so - no enforcement of anything (even though everybody there was shaking their head and indicated that I was foolish). The result was that for the first 58 years of this life, there was no person of my liking who was not already in a relationship or other fully casted "movie". There was no space for me, I had not casted anyone for my scripts nor had they casted me - I was the one actor without a contract!

    When I found out that the life planning happens OUTSIDE THE TIMESTREAM, and they had not told me that (I skipped it mainly because I was in a hurry to re-incarnate to connect with a person I had left behind) - I was totally furious. How could they not have told me something so important?

    Then I kept thinking. If it happens outside the timestream, it is actually happening NOW. And then it must be possible to make a life plan at any given moment, and project it back into the area which is outside the timestream, from where it could even act into the past. So, I started to do that and it WORKED - the past chapters of my "movie" actually appeared, appeared in the past exactly as I had designed them, and are now leading to present time developments!

    So, here I had learned - first with passive learning (no place for me) and then active learning (study the materials available and finally write Life Lesson Processing) - my very own specific personal life lesson: the function of life lessons as such and their various angles. (Often when I asked my spirit guides about the reason for a certain hardship, the answer was: "it is done as a part of your training"...)

    Life Lesson Processing is NOT "Newtonian". It is just using these concepts and building on them the idea of being an active actor in your life's movies rather than a passive one. To be an active actor, you need to practice recognizing key people, cues and coincidences that are somehow wearing your "label". "I am here for Helena". "This is happening for Helena". "Helena, here is your cue, now respond to it in the best way you possibly can."

    There is always a choice, nothing is ever pre-destined, not even by your own scripting. Even if the situation is most painful, you still have choices: to take it with suffering, to take it with dignity, to take it with humor or even self-irony - see the comedy in things. And reactions are: to overcome, to succumb, to become obnoxious as a revenge, to learn from it, to first transcend yourself and by doing so, to set an example for others - etc. etc.

    One word about key people: beside wearing your name as if it were tattoed to their forehead, they also fall into categories. There are allies, opponents, teachers and pupils, for instance. And then there are your personal helpers, who are with you always to help you navigate and learn even better navigation. Some are in a body, others are not. They are not a part of your screenplay, they act like assistants and coaches behind the stage. So, even though they don't play with you on stage, they are most important to pay attention to and keep a lively dialogue with. In the body, and outside the body!

    Food for thought :coolwink:
  18. toms time

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    Re: Newtonia

    Hi, I am not a scientologists but have read a lot of LBL books. I was curious about your post regarding how you got into your time line and started rewriting your play after skipping that part. Also if you could give me any advice on doing so for myself, as I feel I am in same situation as you were. Basically anything you think is relevant I would love to hear about. Well that is if you get a minute, that would be awesome..

    On a separate note, to anyone else in this forum if you have any experience with DMT, I would love to hear from you.
  19. hbeer

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    Re: Newtonia

    I cannot really describe "how" I did it, I only know "that" I did it.

    If you want to compare it with acting: you have plays that follow a script, and others that are improvised on stage. But this is only a rough analogy, because in life scripting, if you can connect with the part of yourself that is non-physical, you are to that extent outside of time, which is why the past can react to things that you experience now...


    What I think is most relevant is the act of connecting with your own non-physical part. Or rather, becoming aware of it. It is a little like a mountain whose upper part is surrounded with clouds. The upper part is there, but not visible. Then when the clouds dissolve, it becomes visible in all its brightness.

    This is the part that can act outside of time, and connect with helpers who also act outside of time and independent from space. They can make your "key people" appear for you at the exact right time and place. Why they are key people and what to learn from the "movie" you play with them, is then up to you to find out.
  20. toms time

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    Re: Newtonia

    I like that analogy. I have also heard existence (or our soul),explained using water. When in it's frozen stated it's equal to Earth now, when it turns to liquid would be the astral all around us or the 5th dimension, and when it evaporates (being at its quickest frequency) then we are back in the light realms.

    Thanks for responding.