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    Yes, the Ketchum DNA is controversial but credible people such as Paulides say it's legit. Researchers in the paranormal are known to be jealous of each others' accomplishments, so there's a lot of controversy, claims and counterclaims, etc. I do know that whenever someone comes up with something astounding on their own without consulting those who feel they own the field, they are routinely pilloried and stoned. History is usually on the side of the lone voice, though.
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    If you are looking to duplicate source, why that is L Ron Hubbard, why you should get the Mathison emeter, that's the one Hubbard used to explore OT and MEST and Entities. Here, listen to the tape of the ole man:


    As found on Tony O blog:


    Now, if you believe this utter bullshit, you are in a state of allusion.

    It's actually no different than a Ouija Board, really, except for the science of a electronic device, emeter, which is the Ouiji Board, same shit,

    and no clears or OT's.
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    I'm curious as to why you stopped auditing and using your meters. In the video, it looks like you are starting to integrate your Scientology understanding of the world with ideas/data from reincarnation-type practitioners. Did you pursue that very far? Did you finally conclude that it was all nonsense, and abandon it completely? Or what? I'm curious about your current viewpoint.
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    I originally got auditing to "go up the Bridge". It was all free of charge in the Sea Org at AOSHUK and I wanted to get those cool OT abilities. I never wanted to spend any auditing time addressing day-to-day upsets, even when occasionally sick, as it seemed like a waste. There are enough lies in Scn theories to warrant assuming the totality of Scn theory is false -- that assumption isn't valid, but it makes a good starting point. For several years now I have liked Dr. Michael Newton's life-between-lives research, and Barbara Brennan's research into one's subtle-energy systems and extended anatomy. I don't really read other practitioners' work.

    My worldview includes the idea that we are all spiritual beings on individual journeys, with -- being very simplistic -- "theory" in structured life-between-lives classes, and the "practical" conducted in the intermittent physical lives on Earth. The journey is really the classical idea of l-o-n-g-term self-actualization, amusingly a sort of going up the heavenly bridge.

    I think spending much time while doing "the practical" trying to discover snippets of info -- with no real proof -- about "life up there" is kinda ass-backwards. That video'd session was just out of curiosity to see what would happen: I have had no interest in trying to investigate it further.

    I have written loads on ESMB about the dangers of using a meter, mainly the suggestibility aspects. The meter is supposedly useful for (1) discovering charged items to address; (2) getting an idea of how charged an item is; (3) seeing when a process is flat (no more tone arm action). All this can be done much better with my Rub & Yawn procedure, with zero suggestibility problems and very little training needed. See, for example, a Steemit post I wrote two days ago: https://steemit.com/counseling/@yawnguy/the-suds-and-sushi-scales.

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