Maiden Voyage Shrinkage

Discussion in 'Mike Rinders Blog' started by RSS Feed, Jun 17, 2019.

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    Maiden Voyage Shrinkage

    There is a lot of shrinkage in scientology these days, and now Maiden Voyage is added to the list. (Yes I know the graph is meaningless, it’s how scientology always presents their “expansion” so it seemed appropriate…) For decades there have been 5 main events and a Seminar for every Maiden Voyage: “Opening Night” […]

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  2. Karakorum

    Karakorum supressively reasonable

    Not to mention the typo in the graphics:


    2th July “builing an OT civilization”?

    Maybe it was supposed to be “boiling an OT civilization”? Or "Bullying an OT civilization"? :bleh:

    That's how quality control works in scn? I see as usual we have "cause over language" in the land of the white glove...:screwy:
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  3. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    well ya know "in the presence of suppression people make mistakes" And It doesn't get more suppressive than being at Gold or SUMP or whatever Seal Org base that was conjured by.
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  4. Dotey OT

    Dotey OT Patron with Honors

    Gawd, I used to hate these events. Four or five weeks in a row, another event after event after event. Orders from on high said get hundreds to these events. I didn't even think they were that good, and that was back when I was swallowing kool-aid.
  5. Karakorum

    Karakorum supressively reasonable

    Any such events were just boring and a waste of time from our (WUS SO) perspectives. I probably had trillions of deadpan conversations like:

    Me: Here we are. Another "clap your hands" event. I missed those.
    My co-director: Yes, we obviously have too much time at the org, thus we can come and attend.
    Me: Oh yes, I totally do not have 84+ cases that need to be taken care of this very minute.
    My co-director: You better clap your hands in an expert mannerto make up for it.
    Me: I'll try to make our sacrifice count.

    That's really how everyone's altitude was at the time. "Waste of time, which is one thing we are horribly short on".
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