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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Coyote13, Feb 9, 2018.

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  1. Coyote13

    Coyote13 Patron with Honors

    Does anyone know anything about this company? I'm pretty sure they're a WISE company.

    Is it a business where an honest person would thrive or is it a business that profits off of deception and lies? thanks in advance, peace.
  2. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    If they're a WISE company, their approach will be to convince the client to put all employees through training based on the works of LRH.
  3. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    I don't think this is a Scientology outfit...unless you know otherwise that it is a WISE member.

    There's no L. Ron lingo or mention of L. Ron that I can see. No reference to their service or knowledge or classes as "technology". That's a dead give away...the word "technology" or "tech".

    However, ask them if their material is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard or if it is the "tech" of admin.

    They won't hide that directly.
  4. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    Marilee Mayberry Simkins post there:
  5. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Whoops! Looks like there's enough negative L. Ron PR that they are hiding. Good find, programmer_guy.
  6. Coyote13

    Coyote13 Patron with Honors

    Thanks for the responses!

    I know Management Success! is run by scientologists. I also have read the reviews and a random check of names( well maybe 5 or so ) that gave positive reviews had their names on, one name wasn't, but not all completions are listed in scientology magazines, just most). A check on anyone who works there and their names comes up as well on, too( I have not checked all the names and can't find a complete list).

    I know people that work there. What I would like is to hear from anyone who might be able to give some experience/insight as to how a person could work for this company and not be basically scamming others. I pretty much already know it's another scam and that more and more scientologists lie about scientology and being scientologists, but I'm open to being wrong. I would like to believe positive things about individuals,but most importantly, whatever I believe, I'd like to be based on reality/fact. The names and locations and owners may change, but the scam's still the same.
  7. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    My experience with WISE, is that it is run for the purpose of raising stats for Scientology. That means that if the company isn't doing SOMETHING which causes increased revenue for Scientology, then they can expect some WISE missionaires to show up and change that.
  8. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Back in the 1980's, I was considering starting up a WISE consulting company. My potential partner and I then took a look at the WISE contract. It had clauses where WISE could send a mission into our company, charging us big $$$, to oversee the "standardness" of what we were doing. And we would have to pay. The contract, in my recollection, was very one-sided.

    I looked at the contract from the viewpoint of "If they ever decided they wanted to screw us, could they destroy us? And would we have any recourse?" The answers were "Yes, they could" and "No, we would be defenseless". My partner and I looked at that contract and decided "Nope. Uh-uh. Not going to sign that." It would have been a case of "Heads they win, tails we lose". If we were unsuccessful, we lost money. If we were successful and made money, they could take our profits.
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  9. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    There's two main types of WISE companies: (1) Companies delivering Scientology management consulting, and (2) companies doing regular activities, like chiropractors or software development.

    Why would a regular company want to be a WISE member? Because if you hire Scientologists as employees, you better be a WISE member. And WISE will keep pressure on you to flow money to Scientology, if you want to stay in good standing with WISE.

    Here's one example: Rex Fowler, owned a software company. He was found guilty of murder of his non-Scientologist Chief Financial Officer, who had threatened legal action over corporate financial irregularities, involving Fowler's payments to Scientology from corporate funds.

    Marty gives a good summary of the case.

    Here's one of the ESMB threads here on the case
  10. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Scientology operates with unconscionable contracts and voidable contracts. It does this knowingly because the attorneys who write these contracts know and understand contract law and how these are applied.

    By and large they're unenforcable but the court costs eat one alive.

    Scientology also operates by exploiting loopholes in law where the letter of the law is not violated while the purpose and intent of the law is.

    That's what criminals do. This all stems from L. Ron Hubbard who ALWAYS cheated with every "terminal", "dynamic", action, endeavor, business, marriage, etc.

    What a guy.
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  11. WhatWall

    WhatWall Silver Meritorious Patron

    Yep, predation disguised as religion. To a sociopath, everyone is prey. I have to give Hubbard his due though -- He was very clever in constructing his somewhat intricate and layered approach. He didn't want the quick thrill of killing his prey. He wanted to enslave them, take their money and rule them while basking in their admiration.
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  12. screamer2

    screamer2 Occam's Ball Crusher

    Little by little, business people in the real world are coming to realize that if anything offered has even just a wiff of $cientology it's best to just run the fuck away.
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  13. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    "All men shall be my slaves. All women shall submit to my charms. All mankind shall grovel at my feet." -- L. Ron Hubbard "Affirmations"