Marty: More Squirrel Busting (With Video!)

Discussion in 'MartyWorld' started by Zhongjianren, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. Zhongjianren

    Zhongjianren Patron with Honors

    Miscavige’s Jonestown Cult Escalates

  2. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    What is it with these people? first they appear in a paddleboat, then they arrive in a golf cart. What's next - a shopping trolley?


    They have absolutely know idea how weird and ridiculous they look.

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  3. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Sounds like the makings of a good Benny Hill vid with Marty running around with a big mallet trying to whack Squirrel Busters® and as soon as he gets to one he disappears and another pops up somewhere else.

    I'd really really really love to see what kind of demented state DM must be in right now to be ordering all this stuff and to actually think this in any way would help scn. Hopefully we get some fresh defectors to fill us all in.
  4. Infinite

    Infinite Crusader

    Heh! Wandering over to a group of Scilons, handing out pamphlets . . . looks like Marty is becoming more like Anonymous.
  5. LongTimeGone

    LongTimeGone Silver Meritorious Patron

    How productive of these people.

    How does one get a job just sitting around in the sun achieving absolutely nothing?

    Message to every Scientologist:

    How we use your donations.​

  6. freethinker

    freethinker Crusader

    Where's the third video that explains why I watched the first two?

    BTW, does Marty follow the Creed?
  7. Gadfly

    Gadfly Crusader

    :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:
  8. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    Favorite 2 moments so far.

    At 1:20

    [video=youtube;9dPm5l5FmAU] [/video]​

    1. When John Allendar and his hoary co-zombie act out a bizarre "INTERVIEW" where he plays conscientious and earnestly interested journalist asking profound questions about human rights. "So, how are you securing (the future of chilldren)...?" She has a prepared (and drilled) little speech about how her being a squirrelbuster "secures the future". I guess they didn't want to use the word eternity. It is Scientology's version of Anon yelling XENU-BT information. It (supposedly) renders the footage unuseable by the party being protested (Marty in this case) because he will never (theoretically) put it up on YouTube if the "enemy message" is embedded in the soundtrack. Scientology thinks that Rathbun will be cleverly foiled by staging this fake interview between two squirrelbusters. It makes no sense at any level of absurdity for co-busters to be interviewing each other!! (But then it doesn't have to make sense, it's Scientology)

    2. This one is just as good! Mosey and Marty try to hand the busters a flier. They steadfastly "keep their Zero in" and pretend that nothing is happening. They try sooooooooooo hard to not "be the effect" and the only way they can think of to do that is to ignore people calling their name putting a piece of paper directly in front of their face. I like when the old lady acts as if nothing is happening but moves her head slightly to "keep her zero" in on Allendar. Ooops flunk! You flinched. But what's the alternative? To keep talking to Allendar with a piece of paper directly covering your eyes? Goddddd!! How freaking stupid are these people??
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  9. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    I'm just having a lot of trouble dealing with what has become of the once-beautiful Joanne. :omg:
  10. Outethicsofficer

    Outethicsofficer Silver Meritorious Patron

    Playing in the sand pit all the while their little religion is being dismantled and they don't even see it.

    Keep em busy Marty while they are taking shots at you they are not recruiting more dupes into their world of fantasy.
  11. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    This isn't Fair Game, it's Keystone cops.

    Scientologists "A" show up in their little cart and Marty (Scientologist "B") goes out with a copy of the fake PR "Creed" - which he damn well knows is not "what Scientology is about" and was never "what Scientology is about"- and tries to play head games with the them, while they try to play head games with him.

    Funny stuff.
  12. Thrak

    Thrak Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes mankind's only hope sure do make an impressive performance don't they? I guess the question is: only hope for what?
  13. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Watching an Operating Thetan like Joanne "operate" is kinda like being a kid and accidentally walking in and seeing your grandparents having sex.

    You lose something...

  14. Random guy

    Random guy Patron with Honors

    Actually, a sped up version of the good squad in the golf cart and the paddling boat, set to the Benn Hill tune could work.
  15. Freeminds

    Freeminds Bitter defrocked apostate

    It seems that the two sides in this ludicrous little spat are labouring under the misapprehension that somebody can "come out ahead" when the fight is over. Even if there is some kind of end goal for this childishness, can it be reached? That is by no means certain, and the alternative is ongoing embarrassment: Scientology's Vietnam.

    It doesn't matter whether you favour Rathbun and his rose-tinted retrospective Cheapzone friends, or Allender, Miscavige and all the other mental midgets in the Old Cult, the simple fact is that they're doing nothing but throwing fuel on the fire... and the fire in question is a pyre that will mark the end of Hubbardism.

    I, for one, am bringing marshmallows.
  16. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    Something I would do if I were marty and wanted to keep things accurate: invest in a Sony wireless microphone and have a dedicated audio channel for it on his camera.
  17. Captain Koolaid

    Captain Koolaid Patron Meritorious

    What a sad spectacle,and those childish nutjobs want to rescue this planet? And that delusional Rathbun just keeps building Miscavige into some supervillain just to avoid confronting the ugly truth about Hubbard.

    Paulette Cooper would have enjoyed to be stalked by a bunch of adult children playing investigatve reporter. Under the "Old Man" enemies were properly destroyed.
  18. I just don't get it, after all of this, how can Marty not see what long term use of Scientology does to your brain?

    Sanity is no where to be found in that crowd of pathetic geriatric losers, they have no clue how impotent their 'Tech' is on people who are not stupid enough to play Hubbard's silly ass game.
  19. scooter

    scooter Gold Meritorious Patron

    The really scary part of all this for me?

    These clowns will be "operating off a program" and "sending daily (or hourly) compliance reports" of how their "cave Rathbun in campaign" is going.

    And the head of a multi-billion $, multi-national corporation/cult/scam will be spending most of His waking hours going over it and telling His Minions what they've done wrong with His program.

    That level of insanity is scary. Seriously - Jonestown scary.

    Cult is getting more and more looney by the hour.

    It's all highly entertaining - but scary at the same time.

    Who knows what these f..kwits will do next to "Save the Planet" because Slappy McSavage tells them to?
  20. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    You have put the key into a most provocative door called INDIE MYTHOLOGY.

    And there are 2 other mythologies that preceded it.

    SCIENTOLOGY MYTHOLOGY I: Hubbard's military industrial complex Scientology. .


    There IS a difference, you know, in each of those, although to the customer it really doesn't matter.

    To answer your question, Rathbun believes in SCN MYTHOLOGY GENERATION III. It's the one that says all the problems you are having, dear Scientologist, can be traced solely to SCN GENERATION II.

    For Scn III, Scn II is the new engram.

    Scn III has effectively re-booted all the way back to the stone age of the early 1950's with no "orgs" and people all giddy and excited to try out Mr. Hubbard's new tech!

    Since most of Marty's paying public are Clears and OT's, he can hardly offer them Book I engram running. So, he had to come up with the "new engram" which is Miscavology. It's actually pretty clever marketing!

    The ludicrous part, as you have surmised, is that the "tech" is virtually IDENTICAL from GEN I to GEN II to GEN III. And any differences since Ron went off the lines in the 1980s are so negligible and sub-nano-sized in importance, it is (for all intents and purposes) EXACTLY THE SAME.

    What is really any different about doing Ron's bridge in 1982 to doing Dave's Bridge in 2009 or doing Marty's bridge in 2011? NOTHING!

    It's all mythology from day one, so this is really just business as usual. Saying whatever people want to hear.