Marty Rathbun raises his head, and starts squawking PART 2

Discussion in 'MartyWorld' started by Boson Wog Stark, Jun 28, 2017.

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  1. Out Ethics

    Out Ethics Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    Stats are up!

    It appears that Marty is in Scientological "Power".

    I just hope he can find people to sign his petition to re join his group he was pretending to be a part of.

    Probably has some unobtainable goal before he cashes in on the big hush money.

    Marty obviously needs a group...any group - does not care if it is evil.
  2. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    CLAPPING Churchill - CLAPPING. :hi5: :thumbsup:
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  3. Jenyfurrr

    Jenyfurrr Patron

    What’s interesting to me in the few I watched is how he’s going on and on about things Mike Rinder wrote at his blog when they were close friends and involved in the Indy movement. The mental disconnect it takes to do that about Mike yet not recognize the same could be done to him (when he was pro-Scientology, then compared to when he was not, then back again) is mind-boggling.

    I did see the post about people leaving fake reviews about Monique’s cake business and there were screenshots of people openly talking about that on Facebook. That IMHO is really not ok and very ineffective. Though he’s trying to blame Mike R, Leah, Tony O & Karen D for it, which is ridiculous. They’ve never promoted tactics like that! But it was truly disappointing to see that multiple people would attack her business in that manner - very childish & vindictive-seeming (& similar to what he’s doing to others in his videos).
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  4. Jenyfurrr

    Jenyfurrr Patron

    They did do an episode with Bruce Hines (hope I got his name right) & Leah’s Mom where they discussed the entire bridge & did go into beliefs & how Leah’s Mom felt after completing OT8 and what some key OT levels are about. If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth watching!
  5. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

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  6. TexasLurker

    TexasLurker Patron

    Not that I blame Jeffrey, but if he doesn’t pursue it, it’s another case of Sci winning through bullying tactics.
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  7. George Layton

    George Layton Silver Meritorious Patron

    If the tax exemption in the USA could get taken away from scientology it would make a world a difference in their litigation ability.
  8. RandomCat

    RandomCat Patron with Honors

    I actually thought it was a great interview. Leah and Chris were great at portraying the insanity an average sea org member went through, when stationed for years on the Freewinds. Leah did observe that OT parents seemed more likely to treat their children harshly.
    I can answer one of you questions, with a high level of confidence: Nobody showed the qualities and abilities of being Clear and/or OT.
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  9. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    . . .
    My takeaway from Ray Jeffrey's comment is that the COS would rather not pay off an attorney
    -- perhaps a million or two to make him go quietly -- but instead would prefer to get into a win-at-
    all-costs battle, hiring a team of the best lawyers with an unlimited budget and fight for however
    long it takes. Perhaps, at a cost of $10-20 million, if need be.

    This is the "not one thin dime for Wollersheim" philosophy from the 80's still in play.

    "Hey, it's not our money. It's parishioner money! Always much more where that came from."

    I've always been OK with Jeffery getting some money for his troubles, since Debbie and Marty
    walked away with millions. But I guess it's not to be.


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