Marty's f*ckheaded sycophants promise to deliver Purif EP in *1 week*

Discussion in 'MartyWorld' started by OTBT, May 28, 2011.

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  1. OTBT

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    DM, meet Marty's dipshits.

    Marty's dipshit friends, meet DM's high priced lawyers.

    Let the end games of total scorched earth annihilation begin. (I love popcorn)

    (Emma, don't have a heart attack, these are not copyrighted images or docs)




    1 week to both study Elron's paranoid incompetent crap, *and* do the entire sauna / purif in 1 week.

    Mayhaps the new OT indies from scilonville Clearwater suspect quickie grades?

    Indie purif checksheet freely available here:


    Indie Scientology Training Checksheets released online, for free
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  2. OTBT

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    < no anonymous posting option on this forum. Oh well... >
  3. freethinker

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    I'm not defending Marty here but it doesn't say to complete the purif, just a course on how to do the purif.

    Look it over again. The purif doesn't have a finite time to get through it.
  4. Ladybird

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    Righty-0...OD on niacin and stain your towels a pretty ugly stinky colour ...sheesh. Where do we sign up?

    People go to college and get more knowledge

    Scientologists go to Jupiter and get more stupider.
  5. It's hard to believe there are still people out there who buy into Hubbard's Retard Tech Con Game. Sending a thousand dollars to a Random Nigerian Millionaire you received an anonymous email from makes more sense to me than waisting your time and money on something that has been proven to be a complete fraud at least the Nigerian Con Man won't try to tear your family apart and enslave you to a batshit crazy cult.
  6. namaste

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    Who 'ya gonna call? [​IMG] Squirrelbusters!
  7. HelluvaHoax!

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    Scientology is advanced science!


    Scientology C/S scientifically analyzing purification
    results to ensure that all toxins have been removed. ​
  8. Re: Scientology is advanced science!

    This is what the person looking into the microscope sees as he zooms in on the toxins

  9. Dulloldfart

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    As a highly experienced course sup, and having examined the whole checksheet and not just the excerpt posted here, my verdict is:

    The one week refers to the length of time to study the theory, and does not include any sauna time.​

    However, the wording/format of the checksheet is bad, as the one week checksheet length is stated to include the practical, where that obviously is not the intention.

    Flunk on the checksheet writer. Go to cramming and get reamed out by Jim Logan. :biggrin:

  10. Emma

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    I can't even bring myself to read this crap anymore.

    But I'm glad others are. :coolwink:
  11. Veda

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    The first half of 1977 was rich with Tech developments from the Commodore. In February 1977 came the HCOB 'Jokers and Degraders', followed by the March 1977 HCOB, 'The Gambler'. Here's a rare photo of LRH doing research into gambling, followed in May by 'LSD, Years after they have "come of off" LSD', which introduced the "Sweat program."

    The formal "Sweat program" was further described in the HCOB 'LSD and the Sweat program' of February 1978.

    From 'LSD, Years after they have "come off of" LSD':

    "Apparently they have become some sort of vegetable or zombie to a greater or lesser degree."

    To place this in historical context, it had only been one year earlier, from his temporary residence in Washington DC, in April 1976, that Hubbard personally oversaw part 2 of the (1972) 'Operation Dynamite' - then renamed 'Operation Freak Out' - covert operation to "terminately handle" author Paulette Cooper, by having her set up/framed and, "sent to prison or a mental institution." It didn't matter that Cooper's book was, by then, out of print, 'Operation Dynamite' had come so close to "working," that Hubbard couldn't resist a second try.

    That's what Hubbard was thinking about at the time (along with the other covert Ops he was supervising), that, and LSD having made people - often the most productive and creative people in Scientology - into "vegetables or zombies to a greater or lesser degree."

    Eventually, the "Sweat Program" became the more marketable "Purification Rundown," with the "Purif" meant for everyone.

    Remember the hype for the Purif? "Only Scientologists who've done the Purif will survive World War III."

    It was promoted along with the book, 'All About Radiation', which was "written by a nuclear physicist and a medical doctor," with Hubbard being the nuclear physicist.

    The following chapter from Miller's 'Barefaced Messiah' covers 1977, early 1977, before the July FBI raids, and into early 1978, when "Ron, the movie director" phase began.

    See 45:20 forward of this 'Secret Lives' video for interviews about the period when the Purification RD came about:
  12. Sindy

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    Keeping Sycophantology Working
  13. HelluvaHoax!

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    Business as Usual...

    Like virtually everything else in Scientology, the core issue is lost in an ocean of misdirectors.

    Time of checksheet, cost, wins, et al obfuscate the essential question:


    Remember back a few decades ago when the private study was undertaken to medically authenticate the science of this revolutionary new "tech"? I believe it was being conducted on Agent Orange victims.

    Like other Scientology "proof" it suddenly disappeared from the radar screen. The only possible reason for that is that it proved up the charlatanism of those claims.

    Much like the decades-long LRH biography that never appears because the facts are exponentially more damning than supportive.

    Scientologists (and public) are just supposed to axiomatically accept the Purif as a "self-evident truth" because it has been pronounced with much fanfare as a medical marvel.

    I am sorely reminded of the countless other R & D "breakthroughs" that Hubbard unleashed on the world without a scintilla of evidence. Walk thru the vitamin aisle of your local health food store and recall the bravado claims Hubbard made about Vitamin B1, CALMAG, MEGA-NIACIN FLUSH THERAPY and the "OIL REPLACMENT" theory used in the Purif.

    Talk about medical quackery!

    And high-school dropouts who are barely literate sit in reg offices with their marks, telling them tall tales of the wondrous physiological and psychological and spiritual enhancements one will gain by following Hubbard's Rx.


    (PS: If the purif worked, the participants would be screened with relevant lab diagnostic tests BEFORE and AFTER. Instead of reality, "PC"S are giving their "FEELINGS" to an ivory tower C/S. Then they somehow decide that the toxins are gone. The PC attests. What has actually happened? Nothing. It's role-playing, done against a quasi metaphysical ritual in order to "purify" the body and soul. How stupid does this have to get before the FDA shuts it down?)
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  14. Operating DB

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    Re: Scientology is advanced science!

    That pic is too funny! LRH as parasitic bacteria.

    Just glancing at that Purif check sheet was enough to make me sick to my stomach but also to count my blessings that I am long gone from that mind bending cult.

    Remember ya'll! COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!
  15. paradox

    paradox ab intra silentio vera

    I remember that Purif WWIII comment. Late '79 or early '80, I think, orders were issued that all S.O. members were to complete the Minister's Course in order to avoid the likelihood of being called up to serve in the armed forces in a new draft law that would inevitably result from the heightened cold war tensions. There was a TM (Time Machine [order]) attached to the order, two weeks to complete the course or some such. The idea being to avoid the draft by being ordained $cn ministers. I did complete the course, even though I'd already fulfilled my active duty obligation during the last remaining years of the Vietnam "Conflict" two years before ever learning of $cn's existence.
  16. TheSneakster

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    (1) This purported checksheet has no authorship information whatsoever.

    (2) I reckon Paul has the right of it. The stated Product of the course is someone trained to complete the Purif., not someone who has completed the Purif. Easy enough to accomplish the former within the one (1) week checksheet time.

    (3) In the absence of (1) above, it is not possible to check the posting history of Marty's blog to determine whether the author(s) is/are indeed "psychophants" of Marty Rathbun or anyone else.

    Michael A. Hobson
  17. Veda

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  18. OTBT

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    Understood, thank you for the technical confirmation. No irony is intended.

    My life on this mortal coil is limited, and I intend no misdirection
  19. TG1

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    OTBT, I will miss you (assuming I read correctly on another thread you will be leaving us to pursue other interests).


  20. Pooks


    I will miss you also. Good wishes to you.