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    Mates story-response

    I think I know you. I did Solo NOTs from 1986-88, about 600 hours, completed in November, did set ups for 8 at Flag, which were extensive, and then went to do OT 8 in Dec. 1988. It's a personal integrity thing that I don't talk about advanced materials, but I got what you said about the level and your other views of it, and what may be occuring. I can really only say, that OT 2 ran beautifully for me, and I then understood why it was done the way we did it, when I did OT III. Someone posted that in OT 6, in the mid 80's, we were able to have access to ALL the confidential materials for OT 2, 3 and that included the Class VIII tapes, which I listened to several times. I also read the Clearing Course materials, R6 End Words, all the platens of OT 2, and everything available to review auditors concerning OT III. I wanted all the data, so I could understand exactly how the incident happened. Ot III had gone very well, and ran as expected, no trouble on 4, with Jill at AOLA( now deceased, what a tragedy). A quick Jill story- I was about 4 hours into OT 4, and running a cycle and the room began to get dark, still bright daylight outside, no cloud went over, just getting dark in the room. Lights fine, no power dimming, just darkening down, I realized it was mass. It got massier and kept getting darker. She kept it running, and I asked her if she could see it. It was a bit awkward, but it was appropriate for her to ack my comm, and she nodded and smiled, yes she could percieve it, and at the precise moment of blow, the room instantly brightened up back to normal. Wow, that was one of those points where your certainty of the tech working goes right through the roof. My OT 5 was done by Linda Sydejko after all three L rundowns after OT 4. I was in session with her 250 hours between the L's and OT 5. She is now a Solo NOTs C/S. I love that lady. They work her way too hard. I last saw her in June, 2005.
    The evolution to get everybody back onto SoloNOTs after OT 8 was first begun in about '93 or '94, as people I knew were going back and doing more OT 7. Something was wrong or missing, and they had not figured out what, and I made a point of staying away. Then Golden Age of Tech for SoloNOTs came out, and major pushes were made to get everyone through SoloNOTs Certainty part one and two, and back through OT 7 with more tools, better training, repair lists designed for the level, buttons designed for the level, etc. I heard about all this much later. Old Pack C is now quite differently run from what I understand. I spent about $100,000 trying to get onto certainty part 2, and never made it. Too much set ups, too many long trips to Flag, too many jobs lost due to being away too long. In 2003 I got married to Donna who was just starting OT 4, and she quickly did 4, 5 and got onto SoloNOTs. After she was on a couple of years, we decided to go into the Sea Org, which was a farce from Day One, and they had made her a SoloNOTs D of P, handling ITALY and she did not speak any Italian!!! Nor would they give her a computer login so she could access the Italian database to call people in. We left quickly, were secretly declared, still have not seen the issue, and my family (35 people) disconnected. This may not be the right place to place this story, but your story evokes so much that is real to me. Been there, done that I guess. You probably know my family, Diane Henderson is my mother, she knows thousands of Scientologists literally, my sister Chel is President at LA Org, my sister Melanie Lekas is PES at LA Fdn, my sister Missy Schlaich is at Delphi LA, my brother Matt Henderson was in CMO and Gold for 15 years, and my sister Marcy Sargeant was in FLB Programs, was a BC Sup at ASHO , was CO there for about 2 weeks once, was then sent to St. Louis, and finally Albuquerque, and was offloaded with medical problems and debts about 2 years ago. Marcy is known to thousands of Scientologists as well. Tall with long red hair is hard to forget! You can respond here or write me privately, I'd love to hear from you. MIke Henderson
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    Hi Mike. I do believe we have met as I have this vague recollection talking about your brother Matt. It was definitely after I was in EUS with Matt, so it could have been in AOLA where your Mom, Diane, and I worked together in the Universe Corps in 1988-1989 or it could have been when I was doing my SoloNOTs C/S training at Flag in 1988. I did meet Marci, she dropped in many times to see your Mom, and your other sisters too, but its very sad she was dumped because of a medical condition. However, she is definitely better out of it, although I take it she is still in good standing. It's a shame Matt is chasing the OT dream, maybe just maybe, he can be pushed into the FreeZone and discover the dream is really an illusion. I'm not saying that people don't have wins and don't become more able, but it is nothing like the dream. It is very sad about the family's treatment of your Dad. I never met him but I would have like to have met him, having met many of his family.

    Mike, I do have a suggestion which might help bring the family together. We, who have been there, know that scientology lacks compassion, yet a true society is based on the family unit and we can see what is happening to Western Society as it moves away from the family unit. The key to a family is the mother and the family is held together by the mother's love for her children and their children, and for her partner. Families are strong with the flow of love back to the mother. You have seen this with your Mom, Diane, I have seen your Mom's love and caring and compassion for her children. It is the love or compassion which is the essence of the family. My suggestion is for you and Donna to flow your love to her and you siblings. Send her cards saying "Mom, we love you, we miss you" use variations, but include nothing negative nor makeher wrong. Send them regularly weekly a couple times a weeks but no pattern. Use a variety of envelopes, official colorful and so on, and post from different areas for different post mark and address then with a printer with different fonts. Think about Mom daily and simply flow love to her, perhaps a large photograph of her inside the front door. Do not get into a "must have" on her responding, it may take weeks, it may take months. I'm sure you get the idea. This is a universe of flows.

    I only know Donna through her postings and I gather she is a vet specializing in cats, When we arrived in the upper Blue Mountains west of Sydney, we became involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of native birds except raptors and the raising of baby birds. The local vet who helped us, was like Donna, a specialist in cats, but through his helping us, he became a expert in native birds. Ah! This reminds me that there is an attitude among Australian sheep and cattle and farmers and horse breeders that if their doctor can't help them they check with their vet to find out how they would treat one of their animals with the same or similar condition and follow that! The reason they give is that if a vet can't cure an animal, the vet is out of a job, where as a physician simply addresses symptoms for the most part, as the saying goes.
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    Hi Mate, I share the same city as you and have enjoyed reading your light hearted account of your story.

    This is my first posting here and one day I will share my story but not for a while yet. I dont think I could possibly relay with the recall, depth and clarity that you have but I think it will be interesting never the less.

    Bruce and Ann Glushakow Class XIIs
    Alain and Corinne Kartuzinski Class XII
    Charlie Bills DofP Case Cracking Unit
    Margaret Gellatly (nee Rutherford) NOTs FESer

    I last saw Ann in the HGC corridors of Flag in early 2002. She briefly talked with me about my correction on CCRDs. She looked good as she always does.
    A lovely person with a tremendous knowing wiseness about her I have allways respected. Not sure now what the post was but probably deputy Snr C/S.

    Last saw Corinne in late 98. I was burried deep in IGN 30 programming while interning as a VI C/S. I was endlessly crammed on programming (case programming was the hot subject at that time). Corrine was for ever doing
    my cram interviews and digging me out. Wonderfull person as all tech people are. Went to Flag several times after that but dont recall seeing her again.

    Charlie was as Whatever mentioned the DoP for the general HGC. He was as tough as nails as you would have to be in that post but he had a big heart.
    I often saw him say things to an auditor in passing who wasnt for one reason or another doing well that would totally bring in their indicators. Under that tough all business exterior he had a real heart. A real being who cared. In late 98 he was also heavily caught up in the massive task of IG 30 and under immense pressure. I was an OOT so not sure really what happened but I understand he got RPFed over something to do with that programm. He just dissapeared along with some others. Never saw him again after 98.

    I saw Alain in 96 at the Hacienda on several occassions. I didnt know then but he was grounded at the Hacienda and off tech lines, no longer allowd on the base. He had been involved in the LM incident.

    Hope that helps
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    Hi Mate!

    I want to thank you for the generous acknowledgement and tribute you pay to women in your posts.

    Along with Terrill Park, Mick Wenlock, Mike (OTEEATE), Pierre, and Ken Urquhart, Mike, the E.D. of Freezone Org or whatever it is, I consider you to be very fair and accomodating in understanding to the roles women have had in the scheme of things, and very unselfish with platforms.

    Thank you all for all of the fair chances, and your generosity. Thank you most for being gentlemen.

    We took a beating with Hymn of Asia, and Science of Survival, in this drama.

    I saw women mistreated in subtle ways, some of them not so subtle anymore I guess.

    We helped though.

    The simple acknowledgements make it all worth while.

    The kindness entended to women is practically holy in this day and age.

    Thank you very much.

    And cheers to Mary Sue.


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    Hey, David. As regards LRH being in Melbourne, I thought he did at least one ACC there. This came up in a discussion with SO member in LA who told me about a conversation with LRH after an ACC. Mildred offered a fascinating comment on the discussion, which I have since used. She was at least 70 years old at the time and had joined the SO in post-retirement. Mildred and I worked together in the Sea Org around 1981-82. I mentioned to her one afternoon that I believed it was possible to view the future as it has been created from any given moment. Mildred responded that after an ACC, a group talking with Ron had asked him about the future. LRH said something like, "if you want to know the future, all you have to do is go there." I used that concept to win about $500 in a baseball pool once by going to future to see who won. Best regards, Krsanna
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    OateeATE wrote:

    ..."and my sister Marcy Sargeant was in FLB Programs, was a BC Sup at ASHO , was CO there for about 2 weeks once, was then sent to St. Louis, and finally Albuquerque, and was offloaded with medical problems and debts about 2 years ago. Marcy is known to thousands of Scientologists as well. Tall with long red hair is hard to forget! You can respond here or write me privately, I'd love to hear from you...."

    I know Marcy Sargent.

    And Craig, too.

    I knew both of them from ASHO and St. Louis.

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    "...it was either the following Sunday or the one after, that we, a group of UC members, attended a talk on UFO's by Milton Cooper at a public hall in Hollywood. We were all excited about it and discussed it with others. As a result, I was ordered off post by QEI and all the folders of PCs that I had C/sed and audited, had to be FESed, checked for errors in C/Sing, auditng and programming. It was a Wednesday that I was ordered off post. ...I decided that on Saturday, I go."

    Let me know if you would like more information on UFO's or Milton Cooper. He made his first public appearance on UFO's at a conference I sponsored with Bill Hamilton in 1989, entitled "The Pioneers of Ufology." Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in the 1990's provided undeniable evidence of the CIA's illegal efforts to discredit UFO witnesses and mold public opinion on UFO's. The official historian for the CIA did an interview discussing the CIA's involvement in the UFO cover-up for the History Channel in 2006. A DVD of the interview, the only one ever done on tape by the CIA's historian, is available from the History Channel. I was much luckier than you regarding experiences I have had with UFO's and the C/S and auditor at LA Org around 1980.

    The Mexican Air Force released images of UFO's taken by their pilots around 2001, and the most highly document wave of UFO activity in history has been ongoing since July 11, 1991.

    I am so accustomed to eye rolling and snicking regarding UFOs, even among ex-Scientologists, that I rarely bother to discuss the topic with them. With a number of excellent documentaries on UFOs in the last 5 years, the generral public is far more objective about UFOs. If you have any further interest, please let me know.

    Best regards,
    Krsanna Duran
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    Thank you Marty, for the information. Yes Ann was great, I somehow thought she would still be there when Pierre showed Bruce out and Ann in. Their boy would be in his late twenties now. It is strange about Alain, as Lisa's C/S was Peter Buttery and her auditor was David Gellie. Perhaps a recent ex-FSO might have the answer.

    Thank you theillusioness, but as you know, I am simply stating what is true. I might add that there is a book to be written about the key role women will play in the rescue of Western Civilization. This has nothing to do with women being presidents and prime ministers. It has more to do with families being recognized as the building blocks of society and that individuals are the building blocks of families. On the other hand, individuals are not the building blocks of societies, nor are pseudo-families such as groups, clubs, corporations, governments. Pseudo-families are inherently unstable because they are dependent upon the alignment of the goals of their individual members. I believe that change will come through as a Family Bill of Rights.

    The family is centered around the mother. Dad may be the head of the extended family but mom runs the family. When dad is absent, the family still runs. When mom is absent, the family falls to pieces. This is true in the majority of civilizations and in the animal kingdom. I do get carried away on the subject, but I'm not the one to write the book. If someone decides to do it, I would be willing to assist.

    Hi Krsanna. Thank you for the information about Hubbard being in Melbourne and I did appreciate your experience with Mildred. My wife is very interested in UFOs and she will PM you.

    Regards, David.
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    This below is one of my favorite quotes, from the 9th AAC Melbourne. One of our RO UK group members, Barry Pemberthy, also the maker of the ability meter, made the recordings of the lectures.


    The fate of any piece of knowledge man has ever been able to learn about himself, his society or this universe has [been to] sooner or later become subservient to some special interest with a curve on it to make more slaves. And this is one time when as long as I’ve got words in my mouth and breath in my thetan - this is one time that curve isn’t going to happen. And that’s all I want your help in. We want to make sure that what we know never comes to serve some special interest for the subjugation of man.

    All Dianetics and Scientology attempts to do is to undo the magic spell which has made people less than they want to be. And to do that it requires that some truth be known. And that the central and principal truths of man be know, merely as truths - not as pitches and curves to serve some different reason or purpose. And that information is its own best protector. If it is itself, if it is what is known, if it is what has been learned, then it undoes its own spells. And the only possible excuse we have for training anybody, for processing anybody is that Dianetics and Scientology will undo Dianetics and Scientology. And that’s the first time known in the history of man that a subject, if it ever curved down, could also go up - that a subject undid itself. And that would be true knowledge.

    We must never let what we know get into a state whereby it itself is a tremendous numbers of 'now-I’m-supposed-tos.'

    L.Ron Hubbard, c59118c, Final Lecture

    The Fileclerk


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    yes, check with others on Alain, could have my facts wrong.

    I noticed you placed an excerpt from Filbert's Excalibur Revisited. I did read that some years ago mainly for the then and now contrast. I found it a bit
    rambling and critical for my taste.

    In that excerpt he mentions 200 div's per hour. Is that real? It seems an extraordinary amount.

    I recall in one of LRHs lectures he got 170 on MS in the session. That was
    probably a two to two and a half hour session. I can think with that but
    not 200 in an hour.

    Have you or anybody for that matter seen that sort of production for real?
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    Hi Terril, that is an interesting, very interesting quote.

    Hi Marty, yes I do agree with you on Filbert, his style can be very irritating. I personally don't accept his 200 divs per hour or anything like it. I have heard that one can get good TA action on the L's but I don't remember any specific figures.

    Before I end Mate's Story, there was one final incident.

    When I arrived back in Sydney, I found myself a room in the historic Rocks area in Sydney, which is at the city end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was to be my home for two years. Shortly after I arrived and after failing to secure a teaching position, and realized that 55 year olds were not in demand, I picked up a telemarketing position with a museum, with the objective to get my own business going. I then contacted various members of my family, only to find Maria, my wife, had been writing to my Dad. They had been getting on well together, which pleased me but also surprised me.

    It surprised me because my Dad was a Belfast protestant and used to reminisce with my uncle about the fights they had had as kids against the local catholic boys. When I was about ten, I used to play football with a boy about five houses up our street, and one day Dad pulled me aside and said, "Don't get too close to Michael, he's a catholic." It was after that that I heard him and my uncle reminiscing, and began to understand. It pleased me because I now had a way of communicating with Maria.

    After 12 months, my annual leave came up and I was off to Clearwater to see Maria. I booked into a motel called the Palms on the Gulf to Bay Blvd and then called security at the Hacienda to leave a message for Maria to contact me at the motel. As would be expected, two MAAs arrived and tried to handle me, rather unsuccessfully. They then tried 'she didn't want to see me', which I pointed out wasn't true, in fact, she was expecting to see me. They then claimed that she was on ethics lines and couldn't see me. My response was that she was my wife and I had travelled half way around the globe to see her and as she was expecting me then I could only assume she was being held against her will, which is a felony, and that I had no intention of leaving until I saw her. They left agreeing that she would be "allowed" to come and see me the following night.

    Maria wanted to see me because she really wanted to enter a convent and become a nun and the particular Order in Puerto Rico she wanted to enter, did not recognize her scientology marriages and would arrange for our marriage to be annulled. After Maria left FSO, she did make a brief visit to Sydney with all the details and also to meet my Dad.

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    women in exec positions

    Possibly off thread, but in answer tyo The Illusioness, I think it would be very appropriate to replace DM with a female COB, one who is not a "screamed myself to the top" type. There are a few great ladies high enough to take over. My immediate thoughts are Angie Trent or Stephanie Horwich. Mike Henderson

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    women in exec positions

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    Noticeably Missing

    Hi Mate,

    Noticeably missing from your EUS reminisces are your missions to FCDC. Aside from the one with Mike Alla, were there others? Was their tech so good you didn't need to go?
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    women in exec positions


    Women are establishment type of creatures. Very good at establishment and keeping order, when they are permitted to be in valence.

    Scientology was carried on the backs of Mary Sue, Karen Barta, Yvonne Gilham, just to name a few.

    And yes, there were homosexuals too that carried many of the early of the early burdens, and were very much admired and respected.

    Everyone was looking at the big picture then. The future, the freedom, the possibilities. Before big scope was put on peoples personal habits and their underpants.

    I knew a few ladies in the Sea Org that were brilliant in management and very careful to make sure all the people under them were well cared for and winning. I was fortunate enough to have one of them as my C.O..

    There were women though, that put on uniforms and got stripes and they became more oppressive than the men. One of them recently had a psycotic break at Int and I heard she was on "baby watch" last time I checked.

    Otherwise there haven't been any women allowed at the top since DM bought the Church from Hubbard, except for his relatives. Typical business move actually.

    All of the Int Execs are men.

    All of the top execs are men since Bitty left.

    Bitty was somewhat frozen emotionally, or very neutral. But not mean in any way that I can remember. She was a doting mother and made sure her child was very well cared for.

    I don't know what woman would want to have to put up with those guys.

    I had to work up at the top for a bit and found them to be a bunch of jokers and degraders. In the truest sense of the phrase. I was repelled and disgusted. They really are a bunch of pirates.

    It's really not like that street level Orgs and missions, women are still on equal terms if not the glue that holds it all together at street level. Where you have public, women are pushed forward to greet them.

    But it's "command headquarters" climate at the top, the "pentagon" of of the Church.

    And between you and I, saw blantant homosexuals in the Sea Org married to woman. So, that seems to be overlooked actually when you really get down to it. Until they pick up a male hooker somewhere.

    As we see the 2d smashed, first no family, then no kids,..soon there will be no women allowed.

    And I don't think women should be there.

    Like you, I bought my own uniforms, my own food, and didn't even live at the berthing space.

    But I know when I was in women were not given enough money for tampax or make up or underwear, not to mention going to get their teeth cleaned.

    I hope the group swings in that direction that they stop recruiting females.
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    Hi, I just saw your note about Marcy, can you please tell her to get in contact with me (see e-mail address)!!! I know here well and woould love to get in contact with her. Thank you! Petra

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    Well, well, well ...

    Hi David,

    I've been posting to this message board for weeks and even dropped a message asking for contact with anyone ex-Lee St. but only just discovered tonight who "mate" was from a comment in another message thread.

    I recall going to AOSH ANZO in the early 80's and finding everyone I knew gone, having been on the lines of the tiny ACT org and thus not knowing about the changes wrought by Int. management. It wasn't until many years later that the details of those times started to filter into the public domain. Among other names, I specifically asked where you had gotten to, and was told - by whom I don't recall - that you had gone "over the rainbow".

    Now I didn't know whether they meant you had gone uplines, were dead, or had become gay but as two out of three of those options didn't look good I dropped that line of discussion. So it is with great pleasure that I find you've continued with what was always a charmed life, and after reading all of your story tonight must say that it was entertaining.

    I started in 1975 but since I'm much younger you may have trouble recalling me. Male, longish auburn hair, wore a dark green leather coat almost everywhere, studying electronics at the tech over the road. I was on course from Aug 75 during Fdn hours and joined staff for a while, although that didn't work out well for me. I neither suffered extreme hardships at the hands of the evil Scientologists :melodramatic: nor held any vital posts, and of the few interesting people I knew you have rounded up most of them in your messages.

    Since my story isn't all that interesting, it probably won't be told. Tales of failed cases and the struggles of half a lifetime spent trying to achieve the results promised are a dime a dozen. I did, however, finally make it to OT III privately last year, for which I am and will be eternally grateful.

    I was surprised in your recall of the basement section of Castlereagh St org your omission of Steve Stevens' Black 911 Turbo Porsche with the SEA.ORG number plates, but otherwise your reminiscences of both orgs matched well with mine.

    I've been in contact with some of the other guys who dropped out of sight, and actively looking for others. Heard from Peggy Daroesman by email a few years ago, she was one of the unfortunates who had to run around a tree for months and was not happy even years later. I believe she's working in Melbourne these days but haven't had further contact.

    Mike and Cherie Eves were still in the SO when I last saw Mike, who was in Melbourne to set up some A/V event about 10 years ago. Little Rosie VDW was CO Syd Day last time I was up there, and Joy runs a mission in Cairns. Ian Tampion is no longer with us, but the legacy of his dedicated work remains. It also saddened me to hear about Peter Sparshott, whom I last saw at Flag in '95.

    I was curious at your "moving on, no longer doing Scientology" message, and even more curious in what you could possibly have moved onto from there. But I firmly believe that the work is just beginning and that there is plenty of room for research, especially in the attainment and propagation of stable OT abilities. Hopefully your training isn't being wasted, anyhow.

    All the best, mate.

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    Hi Haiqu,
    In case you don't know, if you click on Mates name at the top of any of his posts you have access to e-mail him or PM him. He dosn't post much and thus may not read here much.

    I believe you're both in the same town.