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  1. MacKenzie

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    Mr. Thetan,

    I think you are spot on. Here is an Interview with a biochemist and his take on this.

    He also tells the story of how he cured his prostate cancer.

    Biochemist Dennis Hill interview with Natalie Mazurek part1

    Biochemist Dennis Hill interview with Natalie Mazurek part2

  2. MacKenzie

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    Hi Michel,

    Thank you again for your wisdom and courage.

    Anyone can communicate with the one god.

    You don't need a go between or someone to represent you.

  3. DagwoodGum

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    "We should all write that Knowledge Report so as many people in and out know the truth.
    Isn't that what we are trying to accomplish."

    The ESMB is one big Knowledge Report.
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  4. Enthetan

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    Write a KR, addressed to who?

    If they write it to org HCO (or even to Miscavige), and it's seen to be blaming tech terminals for cancer, the KR writer is just going to be assigned to a hundred hours of sec checking.

    The only effective places to put that KR, would be either here (or other ex-Scn sites), or with the reporters at the Tampa Bay Tribune who have been doing the Truth Rundown series
  5. ThetanExterior

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  6. MacKenzie

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    Send them to the appropriate state and government agencies, the local county sheriff, the BBB, Consumer Reports, the various non-denominational religious groups the cult has used, the appropriate UN agencies, the media, buy some billboards . . . Just don't be shy.

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  7. AnonyMary

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    So they can be 'handled as you once treated these people when you were an Ethics Officer?

    Its real easy to start barking 'what to do's' once one takes the step to start speaking up... but if you were smart, you would focus on recovery and redemption from the past by reading all you can that has been written by exes on the internet. We were part of a madman's game, the hard part is realizing that we made the choices we made and every choice has a natural consequence. Michel's thread was important not only for us but for him. Leaving Scientology is a process, an evolution out not unlike peeling layers off an onion. Better to peel away than bark know-best advice, just saying.
  8. MacKenzie

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    Please see my PM.

    I can neither verify or refute the accusation at the above link. I am sure I am guilty of much worse after a 20 plus year career in Scientology, much of it on staff.

    If by my past actions, in or out of the cult, I have harmed anyone here please let me know. I give permission to post anything you want about me publicly if based on your personal interaction with me.

    If hearsay, it is bad manners and nothing more than a not so veiled personal attack.

    Bruce MacKenzie