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Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by muldrake, Nov 22, 2014.

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  1. muldrake

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    I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this guy, other than his brief entry in lists of Scientology-related deaths. He would have been connected to the NY org or mission around 1975, and is listed as having died of a brain tumor. I am particularly interested in any Guardian's Office connections, or connections to any form of Fair Game activities, though any recollections whatsoever might be helpful.

    This is all I have.

  2. Lulu Belle

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    Not to take this off topic...but I never knew Al Crivello shot himself.

    Is this common knowledge and I just missed it somehow?
  3. AnonyMary

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  4. AnonyMary

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    It seems like the comment is discussing 2 different people. Mike McGee of NY ( NY Org about 1975 brain tumor) and a GO Member around the same time working on his VW at the Hollywood Inn parking Lot, whose mother in Mexico threatened to sue because of a vision she had.

    So is it Mike McGee you want info on or the GO member who died around the same time elsewhere of injuries that may have not been accidental?

    Are you saying that McGee was in the GO because of this comment?
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  5. Mimsey Borogrove

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    All I know about Mike McGee - was that he was the E.O. at NYO day back in the 60's, that he passed away years ago, and that he dated Karen Black. He was tall, handsom and had dark hair, and his swagger stick was hand crafted by Sherman Dryer.

  6. Mimsey Borogrove

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    Is that the guy that was working on a car in the CC parking structure, it was up on milk crates - he had the wheels off, he was under it when they collapsed, killing him? I heard that story back the late 70's.

  7. AnonyMary

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    I have no idea. I was just going by Muldrake's post, which quotes the statement. It does state Hollywood Inn. Maybe it was the CC parking lot. The GO was stationed over there at the time, IIRC.
  8. WildKat

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    A great find! thank you for posting this.

    I, too, thought Al Crivello had died by gunshot, but probably confusing with another name, the guy that Marty was involved with.
  9. muldrake

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    No. I'm saying I don't know.
  10. muldrake

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    Mike McGee, who lived in NY and died of a brain tumor in 1975, was my uncle. I have some questions about his years in Scientology. Why are you interested in him?
  14. Smurf

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    Mike had a storied history in Scientology when he was alive & is of interest to people because of his alleged involvement with Paulette Cooper. From a July 2005 comment on ARS:

    "A long time ago I recall seeing Mike McGee, the Assistant Guardian for New York in the early '70s, at a wedding. He was confronted by relatives of the bride and groom who were leery about Scientology. I should mention that Mike was the minister performing the Scn wedding service. Anyway, his response to their comments was to say something to the effect, "Oh, yeah, it's a scam. Definitely a cult. People should be careful about Scientology."

    Mike was a great guy. He usually had good judgement. He got the crush regging eliminated from the New York Org somehow when he finally put his attention on it.
    However, I was told by a source very close to him that he actually SLEPT with Paulette Cooper and became very close to her!!! What a G.O. op! So foolish and dangerous.

    He was tall and very handsome in an electric, powerful way. Many women were in love with him. Most respected him. He was an unusual and brilliant man. He had terrible headaches. He started drinking to dull the pain. Turned out he had a brain tumor. Was in the hospital for quite a while but died at a relatively young age.

    He was a unique character. One of those rare people who are above the crowd. He was mourned and missed by many. He couldn't have been more than 35 when he died. I recall hearing him speak one time at the NY Org. He was very charismatic and inspiring. I was thinking about him and just thought I'd say a bit about him here."


    Ex-Scio Kate Bornstein posted on Tony O's blog:

    "I'm pretty sure "Jerry Levin" was a guy named Mike McGee, a GO staffer who was later posted as Ass't Guardian New York. When I was on mission from Flag to set up the Flag Operations Liaison Office (FOLO) East US, he got drunk and hinted that he was the guy who'd pretended to be PC's friend. I understand Mike died some years back. Scary people."

  15. AnonyMary

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    I'm sorry for your loss. I understand why you would ask why someone is asking about him. I hope to clarify this to add to some of the responses here.

    Mike McGee apparently worked in the church's spy and covert operations dept called the Guardian's Office' aka 'GO'. According to some, he was supposedly the person who posed as a man named "Jerry Levin" getting himself into author Paulette Cooper's life, moving in with her, all for the purpose of helping the church spy on her and getting her finger prints on a blank piece of paper that the church then use to type a bomb threat as if Paulette Cooper has written it when she hadn't. It's a big story, based upon the church's upset with Paulette for writing her best selling book about Scientology in the 1970's called The Scandal of Scientology. You can read more about it all here. This obtaining of her fingerprints was the beginning of what became Operation Freakout, which you can read about at these 2 links

    Operation Freakout

    Paulette Cooper, Scientology's Original and Worst Nightmare: A Thanksgiving Tribute by the Village Voice
    By Tony Ortega Thu., Nov. 24 2011 at 9:00 AM Village Voice
    Categories: Fair Game, Paulette Cooper, Scientology

    I know of no evidence that McGee was this Jerry Levin, only just saw what was posted here but I suspect the person who started this thread ( Muldrake )was looking for information on behalf of journalist Tony Ortega. Muldrake is an attorney ans critic of Scientology and also assists Tony at his blog. Tony has a new book coming out in May called The Unbreakable Miss Lovely, about Scientology's long time harassment of Paulette Cooper Here is some information about Tony's upcoming book:

    Tony Ortega Reveals the Title and Subject of His Forthcoming Scientology Expose

    It is believed by some that Mike McGee was this Jerry Levin guy. It may or may not be true but I suspect Tony was wanting to get information on Mike to sort out what was fact or fiction about the man on this issue.

    If you know otherwise, please fill us in.

    ~ Mary McConnell
  16. Luminous

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    Mike McGee was Assistant Guardian NY Org and also president of the C of S of NY. I was his subordinate. I am fairly certain he was involved in some ways with activities connected with the (cloak & dagger) PC Freakout Op as well as other B1 projects. He sometimes would seem to sneak into the NY Org [Martinque Hotel in 32nd St] around the years 74-75 so as to hopefully not be observed. I am speculating for sure. He was fascinated with his own research into Nikola Tesla as well as the Rockefeller family. Sometimes staff meetings would mostly be about his excitement of his discoveries in these areas. He kept a black composition book with his notes. He mysteriously &L suddenly disappeared in 1975 and I and others were told that he was suffering with a brain tumor and was at a hospital in or near New Orleans close to where some of family is said to be from. This is what I remember being told by his replacement Andy Savas I believe. From my recollection, he was at some hospital for about 6 weeks before he passed. I don't recall much sentiment or any methods to send condolences being shared after his supposed death. In looking back, that seems pretty odd. It was rumoured that he was very rebellious as a patient and said not to be cooperating with what was medically [surgery? ] recommended and pulling out 'tubes' and being combative etc. There was no way I am familiar with how to communicate with him nor to even send him get well wishes. I would have to say his exact whereabouts were likely on a need to know basis and I was not privy to a need to know. Weird and cold. Very strange. Could have been a staged death. Who can say? Did I ever see an obit? No. Mcgee was tall and intimidating in stature and often had dark circles under his eyes....indicative of ill health?? Don't know. He seemed to have a number of different 'personalities' or moods. When he would show up in jeans and farmer type suspenders we could count on having a fun or easy day. But if he showed up in 3 piece suit, it would be a serious day and note to be on our best 'compliance' behaviour. Became a bit of an inside joke as it were. After his death, I thought I had possession of that aforemented black composition book; but have long since given up on its whereabouts. I am amazed he knew so much about Tesla back in the early 70s. He was absolutely thrilled at his discoveries. If memory serves me, Bob Thomas was his superior in LA and then Henning Heldt as Deputy Guardian US. After MeGee was gone I was 'made' the corporate president of NY Church through late 1979. I left my staff position sometime around late 1979....seems like another lifetime. Officially left Scn in early 1985.
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