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  1. Alan

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    The "who" was us.

    The "what" was the Scio system.

    Scio was rotten (as in treason to each other and the public) through and through at the core.

    There were years of betrayal of each other, turning a blind eye, flinching from what was in front of us, worse as each year progressed the abuses and betrayals became more widespread.

    Stats became more important than the people.

    Political behaviour became rampant.

    More and more domination was taking place.

    More and more lying was going on.

    Those that could confront present time could observe the decline.

    The Mission Holders that began to move out of the game in late 1975-76 were Ellen and Mark Jones, Jerry Hedin, Louis Jordan, Peter and Doran Greene, Howey Rorer, Bruce and Joan Bishop.....they did it quietly often putting a manager in place. There were others not so well known but their names escape me at this time.

    A lot of the top auditors were also leaving.

    It was fast becoming a no-win game.

    After the FBI raids the exodus became greater.

    Most Scio's were in denial about its inner-core criminality.

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  2. Zinjifar

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    I do think a 'Scientology' that recognized that might possibly have a way to 'survive'.

    But, such a system would *not* give a rat's ass about its 'name', and, it would not be enough to merely recognize 'past mistakes' without recognizing the slipperly slope that led from the 'core' concept of 'sole solution' to the pit.

    I don't doubt that I would find *elements* of Scientology Tech acceptable if it were divorced from the 'movement' aspects and the *political* connotations.

    I probably wouldn't buy them :)

    But, they would be potentially valuable to someone looking for that kind of special-purpose-tool.

    I remember a couple of years back how you described the hijacking of people's individual 'goals' to the 'movement'.

    That seems like a valuable 'cog'.


    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron

    This thread seems to be bearing fruit. I like it. Thank you all for your contributions. Here is my fill out to some of the responses so far. Martin Samuels was a big thinker. The release event for Delphi Oregon was one of the most electrifying, exciting events I ever attended. It was in Sacramento, I think at his mission, which later transmogrified into the org, if I'm not mistaken. The Sea Ranch guy spoke about all the ecological programs they would do, and then Pat Price took the stage , and blew everybody away with his out of body experiments stories. Pat comes up and opens with " I like to go in at about 200,000 feet and kinda get the lay of the land..." People were falling out of their chairs! Most of the Truckee guys got in through Davis or Sierra College, and included the OTs you mentioned Rohn and Vicky Walker, Steve Besio, top FSM in CW, Greg and Cathy Moore, now at Orange county, (Snr. C/S) Diane, Allan, Mike, Chel ,Mel , Missy , Matt,. Marcy Henderson , Craig and Keith Miller, Steve and Karyn Brackett(Beatty) ED NY Day, and a bunch more. Martin got tens of thousands of people into Scientology.
    I played Basketball with Wendell Reynolds on the Apollo. He taught me "LRH tech on shooting baskets". High arch, aim at an imaginary "X" at the top of the arch. It works, actually. His Int Finance Dictator phase was much later.
    Ray Kemp. My Dad built the original, famous koi pond at Orange County, for Ray. Ray was driving a beautiful XJ6 Jaguar, and it looked bad to the locals, who knew the staff were poor. I think he liked his mission just fine, and wanted the Sea Org to keep their mitts off of it. One of the sups was Wally Hanks, later infamous for getting too friendly with the kids at the ranch he supervised. Wally had some serious vietnam door gunner scars on his torso. I liked Wally. My Dad also rebuilt the mission after someone firebombed it. I helped. We also built the Pac Sauna in the basement of LA Day, which was two big saunas, which could easily hold 25 people each. Some of you may have been purified there.
    When John Woodruff took over Orange County, he developed a working arrangement with Sterling, Hollander, etc. to send their lower level, new professional PCs there. My wife was one of them. She flew from Ft. Meyers Florida, 150 miles from Flag, to Orange County, for services. When she found out about Flag, that was the end of that crap. Orange County went "Saint Hill Size" by taking in the prospects of all the major travelling reg tours of the biggest WISE consultant companiies. After that stopped, it slumped way back down. Dave Pettit, who was the Tech Sec there, went on to join the SO and become CO CC Int. Dave used to rehab my overrun PCs when I was on my Academy levels. John was later "promoted" to ED LA Day where he crashed and burned. He and Claire are Flag public now. Bob Bushling was ED Buffalo for awhile, no longer.
    The missions were fun to be on course at. I remember doing a course in Sac with Jeff Coda as my sup. I was re-doing the comm course, as I was broke and just wanted to have somewhere to go at night. It was social fulfillment, being part of a group that believed in personal improvement, and knew it was possible. The pushes now to open missions just don't fly as easily. The flows seem to be all wrong. I think most if not all of the successful missions in the 60s-70's were opened by Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Grads who trained under LRH. Many were Class VIIIs. One more story. Jerry Hedin at Sacramento Arden Way was a character. He used to keep loaded bbguns inside the front door in an umbrella holder, to repel boarders if the Sea Org showed up! Mike Henderson
  4. popsweetland

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    Dear "Whatever" -

    The "Dianetics & Scientology Center" was started in Davis, California located at 1046 Olive Drive in October of 1969. The cast of characters is in my prior post in this thread. It became "COSMOD" sometime in 1972 (??) when the push was on for the "religous" trappings. We opened the "Mission" in Sacramento right behind the Sacramento Bee (newspaper) offices around 26th and "R" Streets (??). This was in the fallof 1972. I remember that well because my wife Susan and I were married in June 1972. We opened the Sacramento mission just before sending Martin Samuels off to "the ship" (location confidential).

    One small anecdote from Martin's trip to the "ship". I asked Martin if he met Hubbard. He did not, but he was granted the rare privildge of being brought into his "presence". Hubbard was into his "music" thing and apparently he was all decked out in a cape and hat of some sort. I asked Martin what he did and he said he just looked over at him for a few seconds and checked him out and that was that. I remeber thinking "That was wierd!!

    We opened the "Delphian Foundation" and the Portland Mission in late summer/fall of 1974. There is an infamous "incident" within COSMOD called the "September game". (It was Setember 1974.) The game was to blow the doors off of all stats. Auditors were all shooting for 100 hour weeks. Yes, 100 hours in the chair. COSMOD auditors routinely did 50 hours in the chair (mostly paid public on Life Repair. Dennis was cramming officer in Sacramento for awhile before going to Flag.) The September game was insane, but we made alot of money. We chartered a 737 and flew al the staff to Delphi for the week-end in October. It was fun but we were exhausted. We were a proud and dedicated bunch. Two chartered bus loads full of us "long hair hippy types" pulled up to the front of Delphi around ten at night and the whoe delphi staff was out there. A few Delphi staff members were firing off rifles and shotguns and everyone was hootin' and hollerin' when we arrived. The whole town of Sheridan and the surrounding valley must have wondered what in the hell was going on!!

    More later --

    Best ---

  5. Bea Kiddo

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    Thanks guys. These stories of the early days are just amazing for me. I could spend hours reading up on it. I have read parts of a couple of books online, but not any entire book.

    It's amazing because the more I have been out, the more I have seen things in there that are in fact illegal. I had no idea at the time. Assault is normal there. I have received it, and been guilty of it too. Had no idea.... There are many examples of it.
  6. tarbaby

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    Actually I was Qual Sec.
  7. Alan

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    One of Martin's trips to Flag was a PR disaster for him.

    As an upstat, he was awarded free, Method 1 processing.

    He took over 780 hours. LRH was furious, as were most of the Snr Execs and Tech staff who felt that Martin had "ripped LRH and the SO off." (Method 1 usually took 25-50 hours.)

    I warned Martin about the upset, suggested he paid for the extra processing, which in those days was about $200 an hour......about
    $150,000, Martin did not want to know.

    It was a bad PR blunder not only for Martin but the whole Mission Network.

    Even in those early years Scio was on the edge of bankrupcy.

    Flag had a very limited income source, only a very few public people were allowed Flag services.


    From that time on COSMOD and Martin were bad news on the ship.
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  8. popsweetland

    popsweetland Patron

    Sorry, Dennis. You were Qual Sec, Bob Laufer Tech Sec. My "faux pas" (of referring to Dennis as "cramming officer" and then I almost did it again when I almost refered to Bob Laufer as C/S rather than Tech Sec) actually provides a little more insight to the difference between the "missions" and the "orgs" and certainly the "Sea Org" which is the ultimate "structured group". For my first few years on staff I don't think I even knew or cared what an "org board" was. We just disseminated, regged, lectured, regged,audited, regged, supervised, regged, did correction as necessary (i. "cramming"), regged..... etc. As we grew the necessity of having a more formal "organizational structure" was necessary and, of course, we used the concept of the "org board" but it was secondary to just getting the job done.

    Dennis was part of a group of "big cheeses" (Dennis being the biggest) that arrived from LA to join staff, for at least awhile. Russ Meadows was part of that group too, along with Dennis's wife, Judy (later Judy Irons; re-married to Lynn Irons). They were among the few who were "imported". Most of the rest of the staff in the 1970s came from within.

    Interesting to recall some of this stuff.

    - Pops
  9. popsweetland

    popsweetland Patron

    WOW!! I had no idea... 780 hours is almost 100 days at 8 hours per day!!!! Is that possible??? I remember that he was gone for much longer than planned..... I knew there was a "love/hate" with "COSMOD/SeaOrg" or for that matter there was also the "dysfunctionality" of not even having a realtionship with you, Allen, at Arden Way. COSMOD was actually a cult within the cult. At any rate, I know that after Martin came back from "the ship" (in those days it was all so "secret" - I don't recall thinking of it as "Flag" - that did not come about until later) we tried to be "more connected".

    Diana & Quentin Hubbard came to Sacramento some time after Martin's trip to Flag. Quentin gave a long speach where he talked on and on about some new book (not by Hubbard) but he then current "visitors from outerspace." I remember Quentin curling my toes a bit because it was almost like he was deliberately avoiding talking about his father, but talking up the other guys book. Quentin was a bit "out there".

    Diana was a stunning beauty and a stunning "presence". Very impressed by her though we spoke only briefly.

    -- Dave

    OHTEEATE Silver Meritorious Patron


    I, too was totally impressed with Diana when I first saw her on the Apollo. She had an almost royal presence. I think Quentin just wanted to fly planes, which I can definately understand, being a pilot. The area I grew up in was pretty well known for UFO sightings. It was not unusual at all in the late 60's to see one around Truckee, and my sister saw them 3 times, and I did twice. This was a few years before Scientology.
    I wasn't aware that Martin and Alan didn't have a relationship. I know there was some individuation, and the Kapulers at Tahoe had some choice biting comments about other missionholders from time to time. It always sounded like sour grapes to me as they were really struggling to pay the bills, and the guys in Sac and Davis were doing really well, and had big booming missions. Maybe it had to do with population and outflow? I think they were hiding to some degree.
  11. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    Well you know Martin he was intense! :)

    As for a relationship with me.....I did not take it personal, Martin had few close relationships with anyone.

    If anything Martin was an "approval addict," desperate to be recognized.

    I flew from Madiera with Diana for that trip, I was her protector! :eyeroll: Of course she really needed protection from me.:duh:

    That was an embarrassing event in many ways.....such fighting for position, fawning and ass-kissing....:melodramatic:

    Diana was very aware of what was in store for her and what was going on.

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  12. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Not trying to bring judgement here. But this seems to some degree a group engram process.

    These two posts below seem to have a contradiction. Can this be resolved?

    Martin and Diane Samuels spent countless hours with me in 1968-69 getting themselves positioned and trained to succeed. At that time I had 10 successful Missions.

    Martin was a great planner and leader. He chose his target public and location well.

    He had the public credentials as well as the Scio credentials.

    He and his team spent years building his Missions.

    They built by delivering a great product and results. They cared for and looked after each other.

    One of the incredible things was that his Mission of Davis or my Mission of Sacramento which were less than 30 miles from each other would vie for 1st or 2nd place world-wide.

    It was not the location, it was the professionalism.

    We were fierce competitors.

    Another factor was in all the years we were close to each other, we never had a major upset. A few conflicts that were quickly and easily resolved.

    Originally Posted by popsweetland View Post

    WOW!! I had no idea... 780 hours is almost 100 days at 8 hours per day!!!! Is that possible??? I remember that he was gone for much longer than planned..... I knew there was a "love/hate" with "COSMOD/SeaOrg" or for that matter there was also the "dysfunctionality" of not even having a realtionship with you, Allen, at Arden Way. COSMOD was actually a cult within the cult. At any rate, I know that after Martin came back from "the ship" (in those days it was all so "secret" - I don't recall thinking of it as "Flag" - that did not come about until later) we tried to be "more connected".
  13. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Maybe different Alans?
  14. popsweetland

    popsweetland Patron

    I can't resist. The first and only time I saw David Miscavige was in Portland in 1979 during the Julie Christopherson original trial, not the appeal. Michael Parodi (a Sea Org member who was formerly COSMOD staff) and I were looking out the window on S/W Salmon Street. Karen Hollander was walking with this young "punk". I said to Michael " Who is the PUNK with Karen." Michaels eyes widened and said, "You better NOT be calling HIM a punk. That's David Miscavige. He's in the CMO and works directly for Ron!!!" I remember not being too impressed while watching this "PUNK" swagger up the street. That was very much part of it. He had this swagger and attitude about him that just reeked from 50 yards! I looked back out the window and thought, " 'still looks like a PUNK to me."

    How old was the "PUNK" -the TTK (temper tantrum kid) in 1978?? He looked 14ish.


    I second your speculation about the power vacuum. My wife, Susan, and I used to speculate as to whether or not Hubbard was dead! This was late 1970s. Earlier he still very much had a presence. New bulletins and policies would come out failry regulalrly. In May 1970 there was a big event in Long Beach where a "secret guest speaker" was promoted. I was new so bought into the idea that it just might be Ron himself. He did prepare a special lecture on tape for those of us in attendance. My point was that in the early 70s "the Old Man" as he was respectfully but casually referred to could "show up" even though he never did. Gradually he faded from view and this vacuum was created which the TTK filled.

    -- Popsweetland
  15. Alan

    Alan Gold Meritorious Patron

    Not really.

    COSMOD was an incredible undertaking and success.

    But there are games within games.

    As a Mission Holder I had other viewpoints, but at that time I was also still an SO Officer.

    Also good execs do not let personal bias interfere with interfacing.

    Organizationally both COSMOD and Arden Way staff's acted with great integrity towards each other.

    We honored each others publics.

    That was what I was writing about.

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  16. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Wow, Pop! They made you sign in blood? Amazing.

    It's very interesting how CofS tries to hide this history. This is why they hate the internet.

    Great thread!
  17. popsweetland

    popsweetland Patron

    Nobody ever "made me" do nothin'!!!

    (I don't seem to make the "smilies" work otherwise I would put in some form of a cluster of a bunch of them trying to express the combination of attempted levity and rage. -- not AT you Fluffy - just at.....lakdsjhgadkhgalkjSAHLKSDJHhlaksjhr#!@$@!#!#@$%!~

    That would be like saying "somebody made me" down those five shots and chase 'em with a beer. No... I was caught up in the moment and decided to get out in front and start leading the parade. Keep in mind there were only nine people prior to me who had done this. I though the pin prick was too whimpy so decided to "DO IT RIGHT". IF I'M GOING TO SIGN IN BLOOD I'M GOING TO DO IT WITH A DAMN DAGER!! No one "made me" do it.

    There are a very few people who would remember or know anything about the blood signing ceremony. It sure was not part of COS policy. We were a bunch of twenty something year olds in the late 60s!!! Being rebels .... being caught up in the times and trying to make a difference in the WORLD. We were not a bunch of "victims" ....... and at the same time .......we were ... but of who or what .... (list on that till you get your item!!!) .... how about "victims of the human condition" and trying to find or create a paradigm that would make life and existence meaningful and worthwhile. We latched on to Hubbard as our "leader".

    Even now as much rage as I have for Hubbard I do not see him as a figure sitting back and disapassionately counting his cash. He bought into his own bullshit ... his own pathology .... and it cost him his sanity..... The poor son-of-a-bitch died without a friend or lover.... screaming at his demons .... loaded on psychiatric drugs..... his only "trusted colleagues" were prepubescent girls and one noted little boy!!! How pathetic!!! He was a genius and a pathological liar and charismatic character with a huge megalomaniacal drive.

    Please don't interpet this rant as defending the COS. The duplicity like back dating documents after the Comm Course student murdered his wife so the records would show he had already been "expelled" when he committed the murder. Or Julie Christopherson's PC folders being pourd over by and for the attorneys and also so that "BULLBAITING" (hazing) buttoms could be culled to harass her on her way to andf from court.

    Even though the term of art "FAIR GAME" was formally and officially cancelled. L.Ron Hubbard still clearly states in the AIMS of Scientolgoy that
    "We will never betray you faith in us; so long as you are one of us."

    Loaded stuff.

    enough for the moment ....

  18. lionheart

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    Earlier in this thread the idea was put that Miscavige grabbed the CofS from under Ron's nose or some such idea. There may be an element of truth in that, but those of us who were around in the 60's and 70's should put the record straight for posterity and for those who came along into Scn later.

    I agree with Alan, Scn was rotton at the core in those pre-Miscavige days!

    I was mainly involved in the Misssion network in the UK and while they were nothing like the huge US missions talked about here, there were certain common elements.

    You went to the Orgs to do your auditor training, but compared to the Misssions, the orgs were generally down-stat places with collapsed tech divisions, due to the insane pressure coming from LRH. Often the Org's tech divisions were beefed up with temporary SO missions, because all the tech staff had blown or ended-contract. Sometimes orgs were even beefed up with temporary Misssion tech staff (I even did that myself, when the org had no, zero, zilch tech personnel!).

    From a Mission point of view, the orgs were tolerated as a necessity because Missions couldn't deliver auditor training above HQS. But you spent as little time there as possible and got back to the relative sanity of your Mission as soon as you could.

    Although it was rationalised away, it was obvious to anyone with any critical awareness that the closer to LRH you got the madder the environment became. Missions were generally friendly, upstat and pleasant places to be, in contrast, Class IV orgs were collapsed, grubby with low-morale staff or missing staff and periodically crawling with intense SO Missionaires.

    Saint Hill was better staffed with many old-time, worked-with-Ron staff, but it was an unhappy environment with tired, worn-out staff and mostly SO staff who chased each other for stats and compliances but nevertheless managed to heroically produce SHSBC grads and AO completions. It was a lovely physical environment, but not a place you wanted to stay at for too long, with a huge and long-standing ARCXen field. Crawling through SH would be Flag Missions enforcing LRH compliance with threats, low condition orders and later the RPF.

    The GO? Well they were well-staffed, appeared upstat, but we all knew of the dirty tricks Ron got MSH and Jane Kember to do. If you didn't have a prediliction for spy novels, you didn't get involved with those guys!

    I never went outside the UK to Flag (ship), so have no personal experience of it, but people returning from the early FEBC or from Flag Services would be mainly silent about it, but anyone with any intuition (or indeed any auditor-tech knowledge) could see an unexpressed trauma, especially from the FEBC grads. They were simply not as happy and keyed-out as org staff, who in turn were more miserable than Mission staff.

    Simple observation told you that the closer you got to Ron the more unpleasant it became.

    Flag Missions would arrive and extoll stories of Ron's "standards" that would make you cringe. And leave you trying to figure out how the man who was the source of all this wonderful tech could be so nuts in his own behaviour.

    The local orgs, generally, were not welcome to send representatives to the Missions and they were usually so caved-in and busy handling themselves that they rarely had the spare attention to direct it at the Missions. Missions would send their public to the Orgs when they were good and ready to and would often by-pass them and send direct to St Hill instead.

    Saint Hill missions would either get approval first from the Mission's ED before they arrived or would be vetted upon arrival as to what their intentions were and restricted on who they were given permission to talk to. I remember several times when we didn't let them interview our public at all, but would just let them talk to/reg us instead, both they and us knowing we weren't going to sign up for anything!

    Mission holders were rather protective of their public as they intuitively knew that the SO would screw them up if given too much licence!

    Missions in the UK tended to be successful, until eventually the leading lights of them were whittled away to join the Orgs, SO or St Hill and then the Missions would usually collapse due to the loss of the brightest sparks. This trend always existed in Scn. At the time, I knew of then-defunct groups and Missions from before my time that had been successful until their best tech staff were co-erced due to loyalty to Ron to become more "on-source" and join St Hill and/or the SO.

    You can see how this happened as early as 1953 in Helen O'Brien's book. The reason the Philadelphia Doctorate took place in that city was due to her and Noyga's successful Dianetic Group operating in Philadelphia independently of LRH. Once they were recruted by LRH to run the Association of Scientologists, their group closed down and they were out of Scn within a year of working for him!

    So from what I observed, Scn was always more nutty the closer you got to LRH. Miscavige was simply a product of this nuttiness, in my opinion. The foundation for the coup, if coup it was, was laid down by LRH. Because I saw similar behaviour/attitudes earlier by LRH acolytes (eg Alex Sibersky, Capt Bill, etc) I am reasonably certain that DM believed he was carrying out LRH intention when he busted the Missions in '82. And I have every reason to suppose that he was actually carrying out his orders. LRH and/or RTC wanted the Missions' money and public - simple as that!

    The resentment of the Missions' and Field Auditor's success had existed right back to 1950.

    In my time, we were viewed as slightly maverick, and "off-purpose" by the Orgs, AO and SO. We were tolerated because we produced public and staff for them. Although I also know that Missions enjoyed coming to visit us - it must have seemed like a holiday for them to get away from Ron's command intention for a few days!

    So a while back on this thread, when I read about possible conspiracy theories about the CofS being taken over by insidious, external agencies, I consulted my memory of Scn life up to '82 and thought I should record my memories of the rotton core that always seems to have existed in Scn.

    I think the major difference post-82 is that the outer, softer, more theta layer got peeled away. Like Alan says, it started before '82, but the rotton core has become more exposed by the LRH/RTC suicide act of collapsing the Missions.

    As one of those of who remembers evidence of LRH's "toughness", "standards", "command intention", etc. I can easily see an echo or dramatisation of it in the current leader of the group.

    Outside infiltration? Not in my opinion, just the rotton, maggot-infested core now visible on the surface.
  19. Div6

    Div6 Crusader

    East Coast Missions

    Keep in mind that MSH/LRH were running covert ops on government agencies in the 70's. The FBI raids took place on July 9th, 1977, as a response to the bugging of IRS offices and conversion of IRS documents. What eventually came out from the siezed documents was the evidence that Paulette Cooper was indeed targeted for elimination and framed, GAbe Cazares was set up in a Hit and Run, and other blatently criminal activities. So when DM and his henchman hit the scene, they literally thought they were saving the Scn network.
    There were many legal cases, Christofferson, Wollersheim 1, 2 and 3, and the scene was pretty bleak.

    I joined staff in 1981...Tina Dillards Mission in Arlington. She folded before the San Fran meeting, sent her "assets" to the Org, and moved to Florida.
  20. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Cool. I mean, I'm glad they didn't make you do it...boy, that sure was a melodramatic thing to have people do.

    I do think Hubbard believed in Scn itself. I think he cared about it AND the money. And I do think he bought into it just as you've said, Pops, and it wasn't always good for him.

    I have an expression- well, I'm sure I didn't coin it- it's probably in Hubbardite stuff somewhere- but anyway, a person can get "interiorized into the game". I think Hubbard did so. I think there're degrees of that and if a person does it to a very strong degree, they go nuts. It does appear that he became quite irrational.

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