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    You're right. They don't bankrupt people, because their IQs are several hundred points above the "geniuses" of Scientology who DEMAND ALL YOUR MONEY RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND!

    And, the Scientology "Ministers"have already been on the phone with your credit card and mortgage companies to increase your credit spending limit. They also DEMAND YOU BORROW EVER SINGLE PENNY YOU CAN RIGHT NOW THIS VERY SECOND!

    LDS is in for the long game, tithing and letting you grow your income, expand your business and make money investing--because they get their tithing cut of everything anyways. Scientology ministers, upon learning that you have investments or savings, grow hysterical & fanatical, furiously citing scriptural passages from Dr. Hubbard's about ethics, greatest good, high crimes and suppressive acts (overts of omission--such as not donating).
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    ...however I dated a girl who was LDS and she was a strange and wondrous contradiction. Wild and funny and everything you can think of that any church would hate.

    She grew up LDS but was having some little creeping doubts. I took her shopping for tell-all books by LDS apostates that were virtually identical to the Scn collection.

    I printed out for her a vast number of INTERNET articles and links that you could fairly well substitute the word Scientology (for Mormon) and nobody would have noticed.

    I gave her research on her church's founder and his humiliating and criminal scams BEFORE and DURING his reign as planetary savior.

    We had a lot of fascinating discussions. She was beginning to discard the entire mind-control slavery of LDS and was loading an entirely new "operating system" in her mind. It was incredible to watch the process of her becoming freed daily by all manner of suffocating "scripture".

    This went on for a couple months or more...until she reported to me that the LDS was beginning to send small teams of recovery missionaires to her home, as well as inviting her to all kinds of social gatherings at the church. Including "singles-meeting" type events, which I didn't care about, LOL.

    She soon began to feel the crush of suffocating and debilitating mind-control. They are every bit as good at it as rabid Scientologists--in fact they've been around for 200 years, honing their tech! In many ways they are significantly better at overwhelming disaffected parishioners than their fair-gaming counterparts.

    In any case, we didn't continue dating---but I have talked to her (email) on occasion in the years afterward and I think she was pulled fully back into the vortex of holy underwear and other thought-equivalents that I was routinely trying to strip her of, lol.
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    This is accurate.
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    Joseph Smith was a con man before he was a false prophet. He was a 'treasure hunter' who used a magic seeing stone that he put in his hat that supposedly gave him special vision to see buried treasure. He would get people to pay him for the service, and string them on for more money, saying a spirit was guarding the treasure and needed to be handled, or some such crap.

    The golden tablets are completely fictional; no one ever saw them except 'in the eyes of the spirit' or something. Smith 'translated' them by staring into his hat with the stone in it. The supposedly historical events that the resulting book of Mormon depicts have never been corroborated by any archeological finds. The site of a supposedly huge battle involving metal weapons and armor has never yielding the slightest bit of artifact.

    He bought an old Egyptian scroll from some peddler of such things in the 1800's and deciphered them to be about the Biblical Joseph, and various other things supporting his dogmas. This is in 'The Pearl of Great Price' I think. Unfortunately for ol' Joe, the Rosetta Stone was discovered, which allowed Egyptian hieroglyphs to be correctly translated, proving that his interpretation was completely wrong. Whoops.

    He became a 33 degree Freemason. A very short time after that, he tells his followers that God has given him more revelations and institutes Temple Mormonism, which has been estimated to be about 80% Freemasonry mixed with his rather Sci Fi cosmology.

    BTW, the big secret of the top Masonic degrees (at least it used to be, before it was censored) is that Lucifer is the good guy, and 'Yaweh' is really the bad guy. Josephs last words right before the mob shot him were the grand distress call of a Master Mason, so he was a believer up till his death. The real god of Mormonism is Lucifer, though only the top leaders know this, and it's founder was knowingly deceiving people.
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    I'd guess you stripped her of her holy underwear a few times ;)

    Too bad she got re-hooked. I thought I had my daughter out, but the rest of her family was in and she couldn't deal with the possibility of disconnection.
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    Lucifer means light-bringer according to some text somewhere. Didn't Hubs essentially say the same thing in the OT VIII doc? Apparently all secret societies have this revelation.
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    I don't know about all, but yeah, it's pretty standard.

    Understand that most Masons, like the Mormons, have no idea this is the top secret doctrine, although it says it pretty plainly in 'Morals and Dogma' by Albert Pike, which is sort of the Masonic bible. Those old farts don't really study much, and it's been deleted from the ceremonies, like a lot of stuff, to be more politically correct.
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    So hello, I have been chilling with mormon missionaries recently and they are young beautiful women who mean well.

    I enjoy their company.
    However our time together is most like that of a bad sales pitch.
    They say 'do you want a relationship with god?' and god in their religion is a man and because I am also a man I find this idea to be kinda gay.

    Christiany and mainstream religion is like a buissiness. I am making a wild guess that they wouldn't be spending time with me if (someone uplines) didn't think I were some kind of prospect.

    Their goal apparently is to baptize me so that I may become an official member of their church.

    Why they would ever want me I don't know because I find the bible incredibly boring. I gather from hellavahoax's post that "LDS is in for the long game, tithing and letting you grow your income, expand your business and make money investing--because they get their tithing cut of everything anyways."
    And he is right .
    And maybe they don't care about the money because they have so much already.
    Perhaps it is meat bodies that they want , to put in lrhs words. More manpower for gods army. Lel.

    Because I am poor and don't have any income so whether they can get tithing from me might not matter to them if they have a link to my descendants or something.
    I could be paranoid but nah.

    I am 100 percent in favor of make believe and pretend. We all love to tell stories and tall tales which is why we read and write.

    Somewhere on the internet someone pointed out that unlike scientology you can get to know most everything about christianity in a matter of minutes. In scientology it is all just like a really long science fiction novel.
    On the other hand in christianity it's like .... ok I have learned about god and jesus... now what? Oh that's the end? Wow that was easy. Nothing to it at all. I am so relieved. Much to do about nothing. Is that all? Now I am bored and want to move on to the next level...

    The following is me explaining scientology to a christian.
    Hey man I am or was a scientologist and it's all about saving the planet by playing this sort of super expensive real life roleplaying videogame where you level up and your spirit levels up like in diablo 2 (if you haven't played diablo 2 go do so now) ... and like leveling up requires extensive interviews with complete strangers asking awkward questions over and over which don't make any sense at all ( go see typical auditing repair list) and while listening to your words they look to this strange device which has a single black needle which bobs and dances and floats and base their course of interviewee action by looking at the dancing black needle on a dial which looks like suit of spades.

    Meanwhile in real life the human brain has over a billion synapses and sodium channels so the tech is invalid.

    Okay I looked it up and it's actually over 100 trillion synapses. So validate your brain for once because mind and brain are interchangeable in my opinion.

    At this point I would like to congratulate you all for graduating the school of christianity. Here is your invisible diploma.
    While I'm at it here is your invisible diploma asserting that you are an ot3 , ot5 , ot7 and ot49.
    Happy birthday.

    I would like to say unto these Christians that it is more intelligent and sane to believe in one another than to believe in the ancient dead and those who you have been told exist but are actually buried somewhere 7,000 miles away, I mean I guess it doesn't matter where they are buried. The point is that the living are more important than the dead. I mean it depends on what you mean by believe anyway. In my understanding, belief is when you don't have to lie to yourself to understand something.

    It is strange how much wealth and real estate religion has. Within three blocks of my house there are like six christian churches, of different denominations. Essentially they are all the same religion in my mind .. they all worship jesus and god and the holy spirit. In the town next to mine not far away there is a huge church and another huge church and what purpose they server other than to look beautiful ... sunday service probably.

    In reykyavic iceland there is only one church in the whole city which is the capital of iceland with a population of 122,141. I on the other hand live in a town of 12,000. Maybe they are doing it right. Why would anyone need a large building to only use once a week for a few hours.

    Anyway the whole thing smells like scientology. It is like a lame version ... scientology is like mormonism on crack cocaine.

    blahbllbah blah

    I miss you guys.
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    Oh true, when I was there I was chatting with a policeman and he said there was only one , I guess he was mistaken.