My experience with Scientology

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by minnesotabrant, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. Whatever one had the most women. She said there were a lot. It was the 90’s so could be either one. I wonder if I was being fair gamed
  2. Little David

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    Narcotics Anonymous has hundreds of meetings a day, NarCONon doesn't.
  3. could be. It was pretty dodgy invitation either way
  4. downtown mpls was where the scientology office was at the time
  5. I am thinking it was Narcotics Anonymous now. No way she was a Scientologist
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    That was so weird. The four posts above by minnesotabrant seemed to be answering someone else, so I logged off for a minute, thinking that I must have blocked the other person with which minnesotabrant was having a conversation, but there was nobody there.

    It was a bit like watching someone yell at an ashtray on the CCH's or give commands to an imaginary BT.

    Minnesotabrant, why do those four posts above seem like you are answering questions from other people when nobody on this thread has asked you those questions? What am I missing here? Is that supposed to be a joke because you said you were a schizophrenic?
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  7. I am double posting again which I know is wrong but I all wanted to let you know, I am not a trolling; even though my troll rating online is, from what I have heard, have a+ rating. About myself, I prefer to call myself, "hard to understand."
  8. Little David

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    I always try to clarify the mistake when I see it being made. Sometimes health care workers mistakenly refer some of their patients to NarCONon thinking it's part of Narcotics Anonymous. This was likely Scientology's intention and why they chose the name Narconon to con people into thinking it's legitimate and not part of the Scientology con.
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    I was thinking of mentioning to you how we reply to posts on this mb, but in the light of recent events I think I'll give it a miss. :biggrin:

  10. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Scientology is abject persecution

    I had lived there earlier in life but always wondered where they eventually moved to, do you remember where that was?
  11. Saint Paul. Probably was too much road construction at the original site causing the org to ground to a halt. They probably sold the building.
  12. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Scientology is abject persecution

    When I first walked in their door in 1972 it was on the SE corner of Lake and Nicollect, the building has since been torn down when the city let K-Mart block off Nicollet to build their new store. Then they moved down to the NE corner of 7th and Hennepin on the 8th floor of a bank building (some humor in that) in Mpls where they stayed put for a while. Later they moved to the 2nd floor on the NE side, close to the corner at Lake St. & Hiawatha Ave. but I was pretty much done by then. At some point they moved somewhere around 12th & Nicollet but I was all the way out by then and moved away.
  13. I saw the 12th and Nicollet one. It was all rather grand; much like the one in Saint Paul.
  14. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Scientology is abject persecution

    I never went in when they were on Nicollect. I had become aggressively insistent that they cease all mailings to me because I'd grown sick of seeing 3 or 4 Scientology promos in my mailbox every time I got my mail, it was like a punch in the stomach to have to see it. That and my cousin was a mailman and had my route and wrote me a note on one of the promos "Dag, I thought you were out of Scientology?" Then he told the rest of my relatives that I must still be in it based upon the volume of correspondence. I was incensed!