Featured My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprisonment

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    I think there is always hope. It does take a lot of work however to dig deep and become aware of the wrong concepts about living that need to be looked at, and a person needs to want to do that.
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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Yes FTS I agree 100 %. "....there is always hope AND it does take a lot of work to dig deep and become aware of the wrong concepts about living that need to be looked at, and a person needs to want to do that." At least this is true for me and writing down this whole story of me and my family in and in contact with Scientology is forcing me to do exactly this - to "dig deep and become aware" it is helping me to learn more about life and how the wrong concepts of Hubbard caused a lot of harm and even crimes. I - while digging deeper and deeper- I must say that I was a very lucky guy to find my way out of Hubbards "Soul Hacking" so fast. I was getting more than 50 letters from my non Scientology friends in Germany while studying and working there and I even found some letters, in an old box on my attic, which I wrote to my mother during this time. Reading these letters helped my to break through that shield behind which all that stuff was hidden for so many years.
    I became aware that the letters of my friends helped me against getting completely brainwashed - they brought me back to what my own dreams of life really are and some of them told me very clearly that Scientology is dangerous and why they believe that it is dangerous. So I was lucky because I had so many good friends who forced me out of Hubbards mindfuck and back to real life again and again.
    Most of you may know that my brother Uwe was working at the international headquarters near Hemet where every letter is and was read by security - so even if he would have had as many friends as I had to write him letters most of the letters would not have made their way through to Uwe.

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Everyday life of an 18 year young course supervisor in a military organization and the forced signing of a contract for eternity

    I shout "Ok that's it - Time for roll call" and I look into the large course room of the AOSH EU in Copenhagen. The babble of voices from 80 students of the crash course is ceasing suddenly. I'm reading out the names in alphabetical order which are written down at a list on my clipboard.
    Every time I call a name one of the students is standing up from his or her place and is answering "Yes Sir!" I'm 18 years young and my course supervisor training not even took four weeks, nonetheless every student has to address me as "Sir" I find this very displeasing and a little flattering at the same time.
    After I finished reading down the long list of names I ask all the students to please stand up and copy some simple gymnastic exercises which I demonstrate to them first. The room I look into is about 10 meters deep and 30 meters long. Almost over the whole length there are lined up tables side by side into the breadth of the room. On the tables I see opened files and dictionaries. On each table there are several boxes with "Demo Kit" a varied all sorts of things consisting of corks, caps, paper clips, pen tops, batteries. Each student has one box filled with this stuff and he is expected to use it to add mass, reality and doingness to the significance as our master Hubbard taught us in our supervisor training.
    Standing in front of our course sup desk in the middle of the room I see some large tables in the far right of the room on these tables I recognize some strange figures made out of modelling clay. At the wall behind the clay demonstration tables there are huge shelves filled with the written works of our dear founder L. Ron Hubbard. In between the shelves there is a door - if you leave the room through this door you will enter the rooms for the training and the so called drills.
    The Uniforms, the shouting, answering "yes Sir", drills -
    Yes it is all quite military here - I do not have an uniform yet, but I was ordered to put on a white shirt and dark blue or black trousers while being on duty as Course Supervisor.
    My colleagues of course are wearing the typical Sea Org uniform and do enjoy at least the same military respect beyond the students like I do.
    The course participants are coming from all over Europe - most of them from Germany and Italy. Some very special jokers and funny happy people from Spain - but the official language is English in our little isolated world. The isolation is fully intended - we all have to save the world - every hesitation, each distraction could cause our fail because we have not much time left.
    Probably only five years as Ron told us in a recent order. The last exercise is supposed to strengthen the pectoral muscle, then I thank the students for participating in the exercises and shout a loud "start" out into the room which is supposed to be the order to begin with the studies for the day.
    I'm supervising one part of the course room usually where most of the German students are reading their materials. I'm looking for a yawning or a nervous movement of the fingers which per Hubbard are signs for having read past a misunderstood word. Then I have to ask the student to go back in his studies in order to find this "MU". If a student falls asleep we have to interview him if he have had enough sleep - at least seven hours are stipulated by Hubbard. If we find out that a student did not have enough sleep we have to order him into the Ethics department of the organization where they will discipline the unethical behaviour of the student. We have to be tough because we have the goal to make as many final examinations per week as possible.
    Each course has its own "check sheet" on it all the points are listed on which the student has to get a pass. He will get a "pass" in so called "checkouts" for the written materials. Other points on the check sheet are trainings routines, drills or clay demonstrations. The statistics of our course are fantastic but today I am a bit worried because tonight I have an appointment with a high ranking Sea Org member. Have I made a mistake without knowing it will I be in trouble with the "Ethics department" soon?
    The officer ordered me to come to his office at 11 pm without telling me any reason. After 14 hours of uncertainty and worry I'm standing in front of the door at his office now.
    My heart is racing like hell and I have a lump in my throat as I knock at the door and getting a short brusque order to “come in”.
    In the room there are two men sitting behind a desk. Both of them are standing up now in order to thank me for coming and to welcome me in their office. Just when I started to be relieved because both of them are so very friendly they are beginning to ask me many strange questions and my fear to get involved into an "ethics handling" seem to come true.
    They ask me if I ever took drugs like LSD or if I had any connections with psychiatry or took drugs like Ritalin. They ask if I ever had problems with the police, if I have any debts, any connection to press or other antagonistic organizations, if I am in contact with people who are not in "good standing" with the organization. I just celebrated my 18th birthday so I'm not only wearing a white shirt - I'm having a clean slate too and I can answer all these questions with a clear "NO!"
    Their faces are beaming now and I’m so very happy that I went through all this questions without any stain on my reputation.
    Now one of them opens a folder and is handing out two writings to me asking me very friendly to please read both of them.
    Right in front of me it is laying now the glorious Sea Org contract and beside it the famous KSW "Keeping Scientology Working" policy of our founder.
    I take all the time I need to read both writings very carefully. Then I gaze at them because I finally know what they want from me here and now.
    One guy is beginning to tell me that it was amazing how fast I went through the course supervisor training and he is starting a speech in the honour of my great deeds as a course supervisor in the crash course room. The other one is telling me that I must sign the Sea Org contract because able young men like me are not easy to find. It is amazing how they managed to put up pressure on me so perfectly in such a short time. I do not want to sign this so I ask if it is ok to read this billion year contract again which I do then:
    Framed by two sea-horses and a laurel wreath with a star in it SEA ORGANIZATION is written down resplendent in the heading.

    Let it be known, as stated here, that I_____________
    on this day and for the next billion years or so, fully subscribe to the
    disciplines, conditions, mores, Goal and Purposes of the SEA
    Knowing myself to be a Spiritual Being, and knowing that the
    technologies of Dianetics and Scientology will bring about the
    salvation of Man, I hereby dedicate myself to the Sea Organization,
    a fraternal organization existing within the formalized structure of
    the Churches of Scientology, consisting of highly dedicated
    members of the Church who share the following GOAL:
    and these Purposes . . .
    And finding the Goal and Purposes of this true group to fully align
    with my own, I hereby pledge myself to the realization of them.
    Witness these to be my intentions, fully endorsed by me

    (The witnesses have to sign beneath the Scientology cross - below the signature of Hubbard)

    on this day of________
    in the year__________
    Lafayette Ronald Hubbard

    While reading it again I thought "WOW" what is this?

    "..for the next billion years or so.."

    Well yes I agree and stand behind all these great important goals, but I do not want to tie myself to this for so long. I want to go back to Ulm and help there to clear the planet while having time for my friends there too and I would like to found a family one day.
    So I look at them and say - no this is not what I want to do - I will not sign this - I would like to contribute to clear the planet but I want to do this in Mission Ulm.
    They say nothing but they open the folder again and show me another writing of Hubbard it is an “LRH COMMAND” with the headline "five years"
    It is past 2 am, I'm very tired and want to go to bed now. I have to take the bus at the town hall and it will take at least 30 minutes until I will be at the house of an old lady where I found a small room in the attic storey. I have to get out of bed at 7 pm next day.
    But I obey and read this too. It is from Auditor Magazine 9



    The world has an optimistic five years left, a pessimistic two.
    After that, Bang or maybe just a whimper.
    A handful of us are working our guts out to beat Deadline, Earth.
    On us alone depends whether your kid will ever see sixteen or your people will ever make it at all.
    A handful of us aren't nattering or dramatizing or whining or aiting. We've got our sleeves rolled up for a twelve hour day and sixty hour week.
    It's all right to be reasonable or cautious or have an open mind so long as the openness doesn't consist only of holes.
    A few of us see the world has got a chance if we don't dawdle along the way.
    We may not be super beings. Yet. But we are very earnest people.
    We would be longer on patience if we weren't so short on time.
    Our chance is a thin chance at best.
    We're making the most we can out of that chance.
    Our programme is simple:
    We are working as hard as we can in Scientology.
    We are doing the best job we can do at our job.
    We are shooting people up in case level.
    We are training up the best auditors we can train as fast as we can train them.
    We are keeping the lines going and the place together.
    We are releasing people wholesale.
    we are making Clears or OTs.
    We intend fully to make the grade.
    We know every minute counts.
    And we intend to take out of the road anything we have to take out of the road, no matter how big, to make a civilization that can survive.
    We won't go Bang.
    If we win, you will win. The kids in school will grow up. And we'll have a world without criminality, without war.
    We mean it. And the only slim chance this planet has rests on a few slim shoulders, overworked, underpaid and fought -- the Scientologist.
    Later on, if we make it, what will be your answer to this question?
    Did you help?
    L.Ron Hubbard"


    After I read this they let me go home but asked me to come again next day at 11 pm and give them an answer. I was in bed at 4am but I could not sleep at all.
    I had to go back there reluctant. Then, in that second night, they played another game with me, it was the guilt game. They explained to me that I could do much more to clear the planet while working in the Sea Org.
    If I really would want to help to save the planet from the "Bang" I need to sign this contract now because we have not much time left. They used almost every point of this "Command" of Hubbard to strengthen the pressure until it was almost unbearable for me.
    I managed to say no until they let me go home again at half past 3am.
    While sitting in the bus on my way home I started crying but I managed to sleep about two hours.
    I remember how I stood in the course room all day without any feelings left inside. My head was aching and I felt so very helpless - they asked me to come again last night.
    When I entered the room after a hard and long working day I knew I could not bear to stay there so many hours again - after three more hours of perfect brainwashing I signed my billion year contract.

    Isn't it ironic that the pressure and the brutality brought the first stronger doubts to life within my mind, no it was not in my mind already - it was a kind of feeling deep in my stomach then - some weeks later I was back in Ulm.


    Unfortunately I have no fotos from this time of my life because I had no money then to even take some pictures - and I had virtually no time off. In all this months I only had about three half days off from duty or from my studies. This is a promo video of the AOSH EUROPE and it shows the building, some rooms in the building and the surroundings.


    This is the house where I lived after my time in the scientology schoolbuilding where I had to sleep on a mattress at the floor. It was the house of an old and very nice lady. My room was located where you can see the window in the roof. Another guy lived in the room under the roof where you can see the huge window on the front side - he was a Scientologist too.
    There was a third room up there where the old lady placed all her old stuff.

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    :drama: MOAR :drama:

    Thank you, Markus. Thank you.
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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Thank YOU for listening to all this for so long now:)

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Another MOAR!


    (and another thanks too, I find so many of the stories/histories people post quite facinating in general and am enjoying yours)

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Just a letter......

    This is a letter which I received in Copenhagen - it was written in German in a small village near Ulm - this is a translation - I placed XXXX where the person wrote down names - please pay attention to the fanatical insanity that speaks through this letter - it was written at November 4th 1982:

    "Dear Markus
    today I got my hands on your letter, therefore I'm writing you right away. I would like to say a warm thank you for your letter and I'm happy about the Comm-line with you.

    How are you?
    XXXXXX (she is talking about a son who is deeply involved in Scientology here) told me that you supervised in the Academy and that you have done this quite well, "really tough" he said.

    I'm sure you have no problems in your studies I think you will be Class IV in no time at all.

    How are you? Is life on the "Crash-Training very hard? I've heard said it is very hard to confront. The universe is rough, this is why we have to confront and to handle it.

    Please do write me again sometimes. Here at our home all are healthy, but XXXXX and XXXXXX (she is talking about her sons here which are not deeply involved in Scientology) could well have some more wins, it is not agreeable at all to look at how they do not make any progress in life.

    Best wishes yours


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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Right Nicole,

    you see Hubbard managed to change human beings perfectly into soulless ronbots - and I ask you DM haters - do you really believe that this person who wrote the letter was so fanatical and insane in 1982 because DM was beating up his staff many thousand miles away? :no:

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Looking back at the 22 months I was working in the Scientology Organization in Ulm, in the Sea Org in Copenhagen and at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater it feels more like 6 years I spent there loosing the best time of my youth. And I have the impression that I was living in a kind of trance all this time, in a constant hypnotic condition or let us name it "Permanent lunacy".

    During this permanent lunacy I had some awake, lucid moments. Let me describe one of this moments in the following story which took place in winter 1982/1983.

    Visiting the little mermaid and our yearning for life

    Today is my first full day off after many months of hard work and studies in my Sea Org life in Copenhagen. Now and then I had some half days off but I had to spend my valuable free time then to buy hygiene-articles or to wash my clothes at a launderette.

    This morning I had time to have a long and good breakfast with the old decent woman who is the owner of the house where I am living in a small room in the attic storey. I took the bus to the city centre of Copenhagen. I went off the bus at the great Castle. The sun is shinning bright and there is not one cloud to find at the wide and open sky but still it is cold on this wonderful day. The deep blue sky is reflected in the large moat of the fortress. I'm on my way to an enchanting mysterious woman. All this very long time I spent working here in the AOSH EU I never had any time to see her, to receive her love, her magic spell. It is winter in Copenhagen. The grass is brown and all the trees and bushes have shed leafs. It is absolute windless and the noises of the city are far away. It is exactly this peacefulness I'm looking for today I'm longing for rest.

    Right when I passed the corner of the castle and headed for a little path along the coast I already could feel the magic of this place. It is the magic of a fairy tale about a sea-creature which dreamed about living the life of a human being. This creature loved us human beings just as we are with all our faults and it sacrificed its existence and its life for being human.

    Suddenly I see her – she is sitting there on some rocks at the shore. I gaze at her in admiration recognizing her simple but almost divine beauty. Sorrowful she is looking towards the sea. I sit down at one of the rocks of the bank reinforcement and begin to dream.

    "I would gladly give up my three hundred years if I could be a human being only for a day, and later share in that heavenly realm."

    Said the little mermaid to her old grandma and I love her for stating this so very emotional without the slightest doubt. And somehow this place is filled with this love. I will only stay here for about half an hour but the charm of this place is so strong that this moment in time will make a deep impression on my consciousness.

    Now a light gust of wind is drifting the pleasant smell of the sea in my direction and I take in the salty scent. The little mermaid is longing for love and human life but still she is so hopelessly far away from it. Yet she will risk anything to reach her goal to be human, to be able to love, to live a human life.

    I look to the other side of the arm of the sea and I see grey industrial plants, dirty smoke is rising from the countless chimneys. This isn’t a beautiful sight, not at all. In our striving for more and more, in our aspiration to material luxury we already have ruined so much beauty of nature. So I ask myself what did the little princes from the depths of the sea find so interesting in our existence that she left her family and home and finally sacrificed her life for being human and be able to love and cry.

    She loves to ride through the sweet scented woods, where the green boughs brushed her shoulders, and where the little birds sang among the fluttering leaves.

    She climbed up high mountains with the Prince, and though her tender feet bled so that all could see it, she only laughed and followed him on until they could see the clouds driving far below, like a flock of birds in flight to distant lands.
    She longs for lying” on a sand bar in the moonlight, when the sea was calm, and to gaze at the large city on the shore, where the lights twinkled like hundreds of stars; to listen to music; to hear the chatter and clamor of carriages and people; to see so many church towers and spires; and to hear the ringing bells.”

    She loves the pulsating life and is very attracted by the idea of having an immortal soul.

    The little mermaid is unconditionally falling in love with her prince and even is choosing certain death in order to save his life even though she would have been able to save her own life by killing the prince with a bewitched knife.

    (In fact the little mermaid is doing exactly what I would have expected from my former sister in law Laurisse – she is standing by her beloved man thus possibly accepting horrible consequences – no Laurisse would not have risked her life by standing by Uwe – only her allegedly salvation from the so called evil in the world.)

    I love fairy tales because they show us the blackest depths of the human soul and they offer solutions for the problems of life by giving the reader a moral to take it with him.

    Finally I have time for myself and I enjoy the weak rays of sunshine while sitting here thinking about my situation. Do I really want what I’m doing here for many months now? Several conflicts from the last weeks are coming into my mind. I had a long and forceful argument with a course supervisor about TR 0 and the necessity of a natural eyelid movement in this “training routine”. In my opinion it is very hard to define what “Standard Tech” really is. Every person has different experiences and so even if you go through a writing of Hubbard defining every word with a dictionary – as most of the readers may already know Hubbard even dictated which dictionaries are to be used in Scientology course rooms- there will be thousand of different interpretations of a text simply because people evaluate words by comparing the meaning with what happened to them in life – what is important to them. A human being never will be able to view any part of Hubbards so called Technology 100 % objectively. And this colleague wanted to force the imagination on me that while doing TR 0 one had to sit there for hours not being allowed to move the eyelids. I clearly stated that I’m sure that I can not find any word in the writing about how this Training Routine is to be done where Hubbard is saying that it has to be like this. I absolutely made no sense for me to learn to be able to act like a robot and argued that there is a very physical necessity that the lid is spreading eye-liquid over the eyeball. We read and discussed the definition of the word “blink” again and again but he was senior to me and forced me to accept his opinion.

    He was the military style, control loving person and interpreted the words in the “HCOB: Training Drills Remodernized” in a military way. This is what I do not like big time here in this organization – they are talking about freedom and choosing for yourself what is true for you and on the other hand, if someone is senior to you he is doing whatever he likes with your freedom, just like ignoring definitions in a dictionary, even if he is obviously wrong.

    Last week all of us had to do an “all hands action” because AOSH EU was “down stat”. So I just as everybody else had to stay after end of work to write letters for hours and hours. So my 80 hour week changed into a 100 hours working week and I went to bed at half past 4 am again.

    I feel how this is eating me up. I am completely drained out and I am not longer able to cope with this constant pressure. I’m longing for very simple pleasures like playing soccer for an hour, to meet with good friends for a cup of tea or some ice cream – I am yearning for meeting and hugging the girl who wrote such a wonderful empathic letter which I received just a few days ago. This letter caused a huge desire for her which again is causing me almost physical pain. A feeling grows deep inside myself - I have to get away from here- this life is not what I want-much too long I have made compromises I had suppressed my wishes and dreams – I have to find a way out of this.

    Some days later I find myself sitting in a train which is leaving Copenhagen towards Germany.

    Exhausted from the long journey and from the countless months full of constant stress I’m falling into a very deep sleep just when I reach my little room in Oberelchingen late in the evening. Probably I would have been able to sleep for three days – but when my alarm clock is waking me up in the next morning it is 7 am – even here in Ulm I still have to contribute my part to save this planet from the certain destruction through evil suppressive sources.

    In the following weeks I will have to do tough routine work in a small Scientology Organization in Southern Germany having 72 hours working weeks virtually without payment. Somehow I managed to flee from this very extreme slave machinery called “Sea Org” just to find myself in another treadmill. But soon I should be lead astray to go near to this monster again. This time I should find myself much deeper and almost hopelessly entangled in the tentacles of this man and soul eating Kraken.

    But let me abduct you into the world of fairy tales for some time. Let me lead you through the enchanting world of the little mermaid. Here is the last part of that fairy story. (From: http://www.andersen.sdu.dk/vaerk/hersholt/TheLittleMermaid_e.html )

    "Then she saw her sisters rise up among the waves. They were as pale as she, and there was no sign of their lovely long hair that the breezes used to blow. It had all been cut off.

    'We have given our hair to the witch," they said, "so that she would send you help, and save you from death tonight. She gave us a knife. Here it is. See the sharp blade! Before the sun rises, you must strike it into the Prince's heart, and when his warm blood bathes your feet they will grow together and become a fish tail. Then you will be a mermaid again, able to come back to us in the sea, and live out your three hundred years before you die and turn into dead salt sea foam. Make haste! He or you must die before sunrise. Our old grandmother is so grief-stricken that her white hair is falling fast, just as ours did under the witch's scissors. Kill the Prince and come back to us. Hurry! Hurry! See that red glow in the heavens! In a few minutes the sun will rise and you must die." So saying, they gave a strange deep sigh and sank beneath the waves.

    The little mermaid parted the purple curtains of the tent and saw the beautiful bride asleep with her head on the Prince's breast. The mermaid bent down and kissed his shapely forehead. She looked at the sky, fast reddening for the break of day. She looked at the sharp knife and again turned her eyes toward the Prince, who in his sleep murmured the name of his bride. His thoughts were all for her, and the knife blade trembled in the mermaid's hand. But then she flung it from her, far out over the waves. Where it fell the waves were red, as if bubbles of blood seethed in the water. With eyes already glazing she looked once more at the Prince, hurled herself over the bulwarks into the sea, and felt her body dissolve in foam.

    The sun rose up from the waters. Its beams fell, warm and kindly, upon the chill sea foam, and the little mermaid did not feel the hand of death. In the bright sunlight overhead,she saw hundreds of fair ethereal beings. They were so transparent that through them she could see the ship's white sails and the red clouds in the sky. Their voices were sheer music, but so spirit-like that no human ear could detect the sound, just as no eye on earth could see their forms. Without wings, they floated as light as the air itself. The little mermaid discovered that she was shaped like them, and that she was gradually rising up out of the foam.

    'Who are you, toward whom I rise?" she asked, and her voice sounded like those above her, so spiritual that no music on earth could match it.

    "We are the daughters of the air," they answered. "A mermaid has no immortal soul, and can never get one unless she wins the love of a human being. Her eternal life must depend upon a power outside herself. The daughters of the air do not have an immortal soul either, but they can earn one by their good deeds. We fly to the south, where the hot poisonous air kills human beings unless we bring cool breezes. We carry the scent of flowers through the air, bringing freshness and healing balm wherever we go. When for three hundred years we have tried to do all the good that we can, we are given an immortal soul and a share in mankind's eternal bliss. You, poor little mermaid, have tried with your whole heart to do this too. Your suffering and your loyalty have raised you up into the realm of airy spirits, and now in the course of three hundred years you may earn by your good deeds a soul that will never die."

    The little mermaid lifted her clear bright eyes toward God's sun, and for the first time her eyes were wet with tears.

    On board the ship all was astir and lively again. She saw the Prince and his fair bride in search of her. Then they gazed sadly into the seething foam, as if they knew she had hurled herself into the waves. Unseen by them, she kissed the bride's forehead, smiled upon the Prince, and rose up with the other daughters of the air to the rose-red clouds that sailed on high.

    "This is the way that we shall rise to the kingdom of God, after three hundred years have passed."

    "We may get there even sooner," one spirit whispered. "Unseen, we fly into the homes of men, where there are children, and for every day on which we find a good child who pleases his parents and deserves their love, God shortens our days of trial. The child does not know when we float through his room, but when we smile at him in approval one year is taken from our three hundred. But if we see a naughty, mischievous child we must shed tears of sorrow, and each tear adds a day to the time of our trial.""

    Today I understand and see very clearly why they do not grant free time to Sea Org members….

    Companions of my brother Uwe told me that you have about two days off in a year at the “International Headquarters of the Church of Scientology” near Hemet!

    Everything is done systematically inside the totalitarian machinery of Scientology and in this case behind this cruel fact of almost no leisure time for Sea Org Staff you will find the clear intention not even giving the slightest chance to the working slaves to start thinking and feeling again. It is a very effective way to produce spineless slaves for a very long time – often even for a lifetime.

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Hi Markus! Deine Geschichte ist ein Wahnsinn - hast du sie auch auf deutsch, dann post ich sie auch auf meinen Blogs in Facebook und auf WordPress - wenn du magst?
    Liebe Grüße,
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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Hallo Wilfried, schön dich hier zu "treffen". Ich schreibe die Geschichte in deutsch und übersetze sie dann. Ich denke ich habe noch nicht einmal ein Drittel der ganzen Geschichte fertig - da wird also noch einiges dazu kommen....
    Sag mir einfach in welcher Form ich Dir das Ganze zukommen lassen soll.

    Liebe Grüße

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison


  15. Markus

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Sharone I hope you are doing fine :bighug:

    Love to you and your family :)

  16. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    I will continue this story soon. I'm very interested what you think about it Karen. May you please let me know.


  17. Markus

    Markus Silver Meritorious Patron

    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    I just wanted to let you all know that I'm stuck at this point of the story. I started to write it down in German but this part of the story is so overloaded with emotions and fears that right now I'm not able to continue.

    Much love to you all especially to brave people like Debbie and Karen who are deeply involved in this insane web of lies and cruel abuses - who are still not able to see who is abusing them and their families for so many years now. I'm scared to death to observe this happening. I'm so scared because I felt that there was something wrong in that organization where my brother Uwe had to live in. I felt it for so many years after I blew from Flag and from Mission Ulm. But I was not able to see it and to attack it early enough because I was partly brainwashed for many years after I left just like Karen and Debbie still are brainwashed and thus are not able to see and to expose all the crimes which are happening in the name of Hubbard and only because of the written orders of Hubbard.

  18. Free to shine

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    I totally understand the block on writing, the same thing has happened to me about certain parts of my story. Just take it as not the right time yet, it will come when it comes, if it comes. Thankyou for all you have written! :)
  19. Markus

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Thank you for your kind words and for your company in the last years.:)

  20. Markus

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    Re: My family in Scientology: child neglect, fraud, slave work, trafficking, imprison

    Bump for interested new lurkers.



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