My Role in the 1988 CLO EUS Renos Mission

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Mest Lover, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. Mest Lover

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    Suffice it to say: Maybe you showed Laurie the door to the org, but she found the path she was meant to follow and she did it well.

    Her INT post when I knew her was INT Landlord. From conversations with others she was trained by LRH and spent lots of time with him.
    Recently, I came across a picture of her daughter. Their faces are almost identical sans the age factor I remember.
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    VERY interesting thread!
  3. CarmeloOrchards

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    Laurie and me, 1969


    her daughter, Jessica, about the same age

  4. CarmeloOrchards

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    thank you, I'm reading up on your recommendation
  5. Mest Lover

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    Added detail to the OP and edited some stuff.

    I think I got the floors backwards. Now that I am trying to remember this stuff I believe the floors were swapped in my head.

    I posted a floor plan in here but have since thought it should be in its own thread here:
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  6. Mest Lover

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  7. Voltaire's Child

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    I really like to hear people's stories/accounts of their experiences. This one's kind of neat.
  8. Re: Jose Muarno

    <Abuse edited> have no business "helping " need lots of help your self
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  9. who are you ? who is this.. I was at clo with you..ex member..anti sci
  10. Re: Jose Muarno

    dont talk out of your a-s about things you know nothing about were an abusive parent(jailable offenses) and bitter divorcee with typical hatred towards your ex............get the F over it.
  11. This is NOT OK !!!!

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    Don't worry Es SO dude, Dexter hasn't been around these parts in ages, so you're not likely to get any response.

    You can track him down in some Free Zone circles I suppose.
  12. Mest Lover

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    I was the Security Chief.
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  13. Mest Lover

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    CLO EUS people seem to be very rare.
    I have seen a few popping up in the past couple weeks.

    It's nice to see some chiming in.
  14. I wish I could remember memories are so jumbled from trauma, your posts are helping me fill the gaps, thanks
  15. Mest Lover

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    It was a long time ago. Sometimes when I put effort into the time it is very detailed and as if it was moments ago.

  16. TO Rene Descartes:...I think I remember sonny..was it a blonde older female? when I was a kid(10 to 13?) she said something really mean to me, but it really helped me out. I was in the SO and wanted to go home....she told me the truth..that my step father was visiting her and tell her he did not want me either and to keep me. Opened my eyes..that bastard..and he is on here as an screwball. Made me realize that the church was a dumping ground for parents to donate their kids to slavery when they didnt want them...not some higher religious calling
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  17. you forgot about j lynson(devocht) she was sent to do theSea org berthing renos as well, am I correct about that anyone?(it took me a while to remember her name, they would never introduce themselves..The INT people were always like scary emotionless cyborgs entering your life) I was just a kid alone without parents and she white glove inspected my room. My room was spottless and very organized and neat... she found the slightest bit of dust in a very high up obscure place. She told me to leave all my belongings and take a pillow and blanket to sleep in pigs berthing and to only leave with the clothes on my back. someone bagged up my belongings and put them somewhere(I lost everything). Pigs berthing was on the Second floor of the was a large open warehouse type space with no heating(and open broken windows), no bathrooms and no furniture with quite a few leaks and caving in black moldy ceilings and walls. I put my blanket on the floor and slept there for quite a while...I kept requesting to get out and they would never let me...Im not sure , but I think I stayed there for about a month. meanwhile ..J was an officer enjoying all the finest there was to offer about NYC.....I vividly remember her bright pink manicured nails and dry cleaned uniform and what looked like very expensive panty hose and high heels. Disgusting to do that to a little kid. It traumatized me for years about cleaning my room...the inapropriate punishment gave me hangups as a kid never want to tidy up my room every again as a kid. I was willingly a very neat and organized person before that..and after never again.
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  18. ThetanExterior

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    "......bright pink manicured nails and dry cleaned uniform and what looked like very expensive panty hose and high heels".

    I think karma must have caught up with Jenny DeVocht. Apparently she spent time in the Hole before being let out to ambush Marty Rathbun at LA airport.

  19. Mest Lover

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    Glasses much?

  20. so you remember her being there?

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