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    “Do I Look Brainwashed To You?” – Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie (Film Review)

    Vulture Hound: “Do I Look Brainwashed To You?” – Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie (Film Review)

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    Of all of the Louis Theroux canon to date, my favourite of his contributions to journalism is his description of BBC reporter John Sweeney going “shouty-crackers” when continually hounded by Scientology members when filming a documentary about the church. You can imagine my excitement upon finding out Theroux was to take on the church in a documentary of his own.

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    One of Theroux’s greatest skills as a documentary maker is to present the blackly comic aspects of his subjects, to draw out the funny side, without making light of their essential moral and intellectual wrongness. Also, his commitment in attempting to portray his subjects as real people with good intentions, is never more apparent than it is in this film. Theroux is continuously thwarted by a high-ranking church member, Catherine Fraser, as he attempts to film outside one of the church’s buildings. Coincidentally, Fraser happens to be the ex-wife of Jefferson Hawkins, one of the contributors to this documentary and author of Counterfeit Dreams, a book about the church and his defection from it. Hawkins, when asked by Theroux, says his ex-wife is “trapped in a not-good system” but knows she is a “good person at heart.” And that’s probably the perception of Scientology most accurately conveyed in this film – well-intentioned people tricked into working for an organisation with a heart of darkness. As funny and ludicrous scientology may seem to us (and is), it has ruined the lives of real people trapped in its beliefs and there are some who may never get out.

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    Your post is two words too long.
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    VIDEO: Filming My Scientology Movie with Louis Theroux, by Steven Mango.


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    Published on Jan 23, 2017

    I wanted to share my experience filming My Scientology Movie with Louis Theroux and BBC Films. I was very excited to have had the opportunity to share my story about Scientology. I wanted to take you guys back to 2014 and give you the scoop on what actually happened on set of the film all the way up to the premiere in NYC at the Tribeca Film Festival.

    My Scientology Movie will be in theaters in the USA on March 10. It will also be available On Demand and on Amazon Video!

    Have you seen the film? Please comment your thoughts below! Don’t forget: please subscribe to my channel!

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    It's finally on Netflix!

    So Theroux's movie is now on Netflix.....FINALLY!

    I was really sick of waiting for it.
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    We watched My Scientology Movie and thought it was EXCELLENT!

    Very good job - Louis Theroux... it was excellent and we will use it to help Scientologists go free!:thumbsup:

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