My Scientology Movie.

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by shanic89, Oct 5, 2016.

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  1. michaelangelo

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    There was something on the local radio news this morning but I didn't catch it all. About some kind of event at Saint Hill, East Grinstead today. To coincide with the release of Louis Theroux's film "My Scientology Movie".
  2. arcxcauseblows

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    this movie is so funny lol

    i've seen a few of louis documentaries this is my favorite

    whoever's idea it was to film the interviews driving in the car with the camera facing the rear is brilliant, louis keeps looking back in the mirror waiting for osa's investigators but they only show up a couple times lol, wonder if osa knew they were being filmed out the back of the vehicles

    marty was very obliging exposing his vulnerable side to demonstrate the effects of leaving scientology, all of the ex scientologists were smooth and the (yet to be ex) scientologists were very busy playing angry dogs and blasting footbullets at theirselves, on full auto

    favorite quote, "he was just using his tone 40, no? you think that was tone 20?" lol

    hope there's a sequel!
  3. Victoria

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    That was brilliant! The actual application of TONE FORTY!!!! does not in any way resemble serenity of beingness, (even the lowly wog spotted that straight away) but $cientologists live with that cognitive dissonance for the whole of their involvement.

    I remember my false data stripping, trying to get to the bottom of why I couldn't understand that serenity of beingness was actually defined as being able to scream louder than the other guy.

    The more insidious part of that is how you put so much thought on the back burner to be examined "at a later date". Like probably after the planet is clear, true serenity could be achieved... or something... something.
  4. an0n

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    The movie is available to view on all major torrent sites.
  5. strativarius

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    Yeah, if you can find one that hasn't been blocked in the UK. Any ideas?
  6. an0n

    an0n Patron

    Use the Tor browser.
  7. strativarius

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    Thanks! Well, now I can get to the torrent sites, but the torrents won't download (not even with Javascript enabled :omg:)

    Never had any problems with torrents in the past. Oh well, think I'll call it a day on that one...
  8. Terril park

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  9. Anonycat

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    The issue with torrents, is that it requires other people torrenting at the same time, and the more the better. Sadly, when the link was up in the OP, I watched just half of the movie before going to bed, and planned on watching it again in the morning. The link was deleted, so I've just seen half of it.
  10. uncover

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    Maybe you have more luck with emule (or something similar) ?

    BTW I could split the mp4-file in 10MB-parts and send it to you via e-mail. It would be only about 160 parts.....:eyeroll:
  11. strativarius

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    Thanks for your kind offer uncover, 160 email attachments sounds like loads of fun. :) As it happens, today the first torrent site I visited had it and I downloaded the movie with no problems.
  12. matthew2582

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    Here is a straight link to the movie - no pop-ups, no malware -
    I tested this and can vouch for the link and the quality

    I thought it was a very poor movie - Louis - as is so often the case was shallow and trivial - completely failed to get into the true nature of Scientology - because he just didn't put any work into it

    I can see why Marty lost it with Louis

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  13. Same for this link.

  14. Terril park

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    Note it s currently on Netflix for free. At least in the UK.
  15. Karen#1

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    My Scientology Movie

    #1 on ITUNES. Go Louis GO !

    With Andrew Perez who played David Miscavige at the Tuesday Premiere at the ARC Light Theatre on Sunset Blvd In Los Angeles.
  16. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Re: I hope I do not get in trouble

    Louis Theroux's film has many levels. I especially liked his so-called "TRs".
    Also, he was able to expose Marty Rathbun's true character, which seems prevalent in churchies.
  17. Type4_PTS

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    Here's a video that Steven Mango posted on FB:


  18. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Thanks for the Steven Mango vid. Steven Mango is such a great guy.

    It's clear why Marty didn't like the film, though. It shows him as unpredictable, easily offended and a bit of a control freak. Certainly someone who is unwilling to set aside the controlling scn personality and open up to personal reflection about his scn experiences.

    Then there are Marty's various statements in the film that show he still believes in much of scn, ie., his description of the e-meter and how seriously he takes TRs. He's just a ball of contradictions and besides Steven Mango's clip, the film itself shows this.

    Marty is a person who does not seem bothered by his many personal contradictory statements or actions. He goes with the wind, whatever answer most immediately comes to mind. Never mind if he contradicts himself one moment to the next, one day to the next, one week to the next, or one year to the next. Whatever he thinks and says at that moment, in Marty's own words, "is what it is."

    Marty is unique and different from most other exes that way.
  19. TexasLurker

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    I finally got a chance to watch this movie. I was entertained, but I think being a scientology watcher made it much less entertaining than it would have been otherwise as there are few surprises. Interesting to see the reenactments of auditing and some of the drills.

    First impressions:

    I kept thinking "Scientologists are angry and weird and scared" -- this I suppose based on the footage of squirrel busters, airport confrontations, and the "No Trespassing!" yellers in Hemet. The Hemet situations seem so very very silly - who cares if some people stand outside your fence? If they would've stayed home, there wouldn't be all of this footage now making them look so ridiculous.

    Marty Rathbun came off better than I expected based on others' impressions that I've read. He does seem to believe the so-called tech, but at most times seems very rational. Theroux's question about him making other people suffer in similar ways was fair, in my view, but as Marty was too busy lamenting how deeply his own life sucks, he felt he was being kicked when he was down and had no room for sympathy for others.

    Marty loves the phrase "rue the day" - this time directed at Miscavige, not Ortega - but it appears he's 0 for 2 in actual rue-causing.
  20. JustSheila

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