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Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Bea Kiddo, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Time for a :bump2:
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    :bump2: - A must read thread.
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    So true.
    Bea's story is some of the inspiration for me to finally join here rather than just lurk.
    This is what happens.
    Thank you for sharing Bea.
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    Hi, Bea Kiddo, I Remember those kids Seth Price and his brother(?), there was a kid who would always say "run along and get your smarties" they would say it hilariously over and over again, was that him?
    I would break dance all the time
    I remember the other kids also, but vaguely, I was there for a short time, less than a year. These are just names in here i grabbed that sounded familiar.
    Travis Mcarthy
    Ben Shulman David O'Malley
    Cassavius Tabayoyan, Kim Fries, Sandy Fries, David and Andrew Harris, Melanie
    Chin Dao, Mettayya, Sayadina,Seth Price. Does anyone remember "Fudgy" a big black kid? he was so nice.
    I think one day at lunch with all the boys, we made a dare to Able schwarts( I think), we mixed a bowl full of galley left overs and offered $5 to drink a cup of it, they did!
    I lived in the wilcox dorm and Fountain bldg. went to "school"(a joke) at the ATA.
    Its unbeleivable but arond the age of 9/10, my scientologist mother put me on a plane alone to PAC base to join gold (i later learned why the sudden shipout possibly, very deep). I arrived at LA, just a kid, and no one was expecting me, The first several nights I slept on my suitcase in the bottom floor outside the gold offices in th hallway waiting for "Andy" to make his decision what to do with me. while there I ran around wild and broke my toe and was never sent to the hospital, but just put on crutches some crutches laying around. I hopped all around PAC in pain for quite a while.
    At that time we would play on the roof of big blue quite a lot
    i got sick once, and was sent across from PAC to the smaller Medical officer building for treatment. the medical officer handed me a handful of niacin and sent me back to work. I took the overdose of niacin and became flush and hot, went inside a walk in cooler and fainted and vomited.

    also since the roof was the kids playground a lot, one time i met Arthur Hubbard(probably 20 or so maybe?) up there( an art space?). it was very strange, i said hello like a normal kid, and he just stared at me surprised said a shy hi and just kept staring.
    I would run widly around hollywood blvd at a time when it was the punk era, lots of mohawks and colored spikey hair.
    When we would get paid, i think i was like $2 a week or something, we would go to thrifty for a a cylinder shaped scoop icecream for a quarter.
    Eventually with my broken toe and all my bad experiences i convinced my parent to western union me the money for a plane ticket back home.As A kid went to hollywood blvd western union on my own to collect several hundred dollars cash and go buy a return plane ticket. The rest is history.
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