My training and auditing experiences at Miami org 1981-82

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    (At the request of a friend, I originally posted this as part of another thread, but as one person pointed out, it properly ought to be a separate thread, so here it is):

    In 1981, there was a demand that all eastern U.S. orgs send a number of staff to be trained as HGC auditors at what had been designated the Continental Training Org, the Miami Org, which at the time was the biggest and most successful class IV org. They were a truly impressive group, and I've become reacquainted with several people I met there, through ESMB in the past year or two.

    I had joined staff in New York in 1979, and worked in div 6 (public divisions) until I soured on the org exec experience and decided to follow my goal to be an auditor. To that end, I recruited someone to replace me on my post, and personally trained and apprenticed him on my functions until my superior originated to me that I had completed this task well enough to move on. I signed a new 5 year contract to join the TTC (technical training corps, the people on staff who are training to become auditors for the organization), and had been training for a few months when this demand to send staff to Miami materialized.

    I had recently gotten married to my first wife, who had two young children. She had also joined staff, and both of us were being asked to go to Miami to train there. While she was being successfully persuaded to go, I was simultaneously refusing, because I considered the idea a slight to my own org, and I saw no reason I couldn't train just as well where I was. Two things happened to change my mind, the first being that if I wasn't going to Miami, I was expected to mind my new bride's 2 young children myself when I barely knew them, so that she could go off carefree to train (as it turned out, she had very little interest in the well-being of her own children, but that's a story for another day) and I was called into the org's executive director's office after steadfastly refusing to be sent out of the org for training, and saw him pretty much beg me to reconsider, cowering, with two big monkeys in paramilitary uniforms (the "Sea Organization") standing on each side of him, arms folded, clearly applying intimidation toward him that would never fly against me. I felt a pull to rescue/save him from whatever threat he was under. Looking back, maybe that was their plan. At any rate, at that point, I acquiesced.

    At the age of 26, I took my first commercial airline flight, as the New Org TTC I/C (person in charge of all the auditors in training from the New York org).

    More to follow....

    Love, Dex
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    Part II

    I arrived at the Miami org, and right away I was impressed with the number of staff, the number of HGC auditors, and the personnel in Qual, particularly qual sec Jed McCord and Intern Sup John Gludovatz. Very professional, very friendly, very real in their communications. Eventually there were several dozen outer org auditor trainees. Among them was John Magerowski from Boston, a great guy. John and I became fast friends, and wound up paired as "twins" throughout our training. John and I were, from start to finish, steps ahead of all the other students and interns, so that worked out very well for both both of us.
    I wound up being the "I/C" or "In-charge", of the outer org students, which was a lively and eclectic bunch. I recall a party that was ran late in the org, past the point at which I was turning in for the night, when we all had to be in the course room the next morning, and the noise and music was keeping me awake. There must have been 40 or so students dancing and partying. I walked back in and sent everyone home to their dorm rooms to be "studentable" (and so I could sleep). It was so cute, all these kids- teenagers and early 20's for the most part, streaming out past me, thanking me for "Keeping their ethics in", I felt like I was their dad or something .

    It was an interesting crew of students, for sure. Some were just not capable of grasping the materials for whatever reason. I remember one girl student, sitting in the course room, always staring into space, no clue. One day, without pointing at her or stating her name, I just looked at the course sup, "Cuch" Figeroa, when he drifted over to me, and asked him "What is she doing here?" Knowing Cuch would have to know who I meant. He did. There was a guy from the Atlanta org, who, had a frustrated look on his face that said "What the F__k is this?" pretty much all the time. Finally, one day, he was sent to qual, where he was instructed to write down a list of everything he had a question about, everything he didn't understand. I saw the list while I was doing my internship. It was a very long list. One of his questions was "If I'm a class III auditor, how come I'm so dumb?" I could see where the intern sup had written in red, underneath that line, "Good question".

    Obviously, this was the result of a "stat push" to fulfill unrealistic quotas forced on each org, and so in desperation (or perhaps annoyance), there were instances where in order to "comply with command intention", some orgs sent some untrainable "students".
    Having risen to the top of that crop (intern sup John Gludovatz had declared me to be the top trainee of the group), I was frequently asked to act as review auditor for the "flat ball bearings", the public and student PC's that hadn't done well with their HGC or student auditors. I relished the challenge, and enjoyed accomplishing my goal to achieve that position.
    There was one trainee from the Boston org, who had an inappropriate interest in me, and found no shortage of bad excuses to get my attention. The most outstanding time was when she tapped me on the shoulder in the course room, and spoke a "deadly serious" tone. She had a tiny speck of paper in her hand. She pushed in in my face and said "Dexter. do you recognize this?" (As though she was interrogating me in a dark room with a floodlight over my head). It turned out that she had taken it upon herself to get hold of the folder of the preclear I was auditing, in which I'd noted on the program sheet, as is proper form, what that preclear was voicing while the e-meter was registering a particular phenomena called a "rock slam", which is evidence of a bad intention. It gets noted for future case handling. She had failed to grasp that point, and had actually torn this off of the sheet to tell me that it was wrong of me to have written that in the folder, because, she claimed it could act to "3rd party", i.e. slander, that preclear. With a combination of annoyance and resignation, I walked her over to where the technical reference was that covered this situation, and told her to go tape that sliver of paper back onto the program sheet. For whatever reason, she continued to find ways to impinge on me. Some time later, I was asked by the case supervisor to audit her after she'd chewed up a couple of the org's HGC auditors, and nobody else wanted to deal with her. (footnote: even after that, a year or two later, she somehow managed yet another repeat performance. I'd been back in New York as Lead HGC auditor when she was sent there to do an internship as a case supervisor, got hold of my PC's folder, and abused her authority as acting Case Supervisor to suspend my certification as an auditor on the basis that she was unable to read my handwriting-not even on anything that occurred in the actual session, but on my notation of the preclear's meter read upon checking for basal metabolism- a mind-boggling example of nitpicking, and overreacting in biblical proportions).

    more to follow...

    Love, Dex
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    Part III-my favorite auditing story

    So there I was, escaping the New York City winter weather since fall 1981, and through the winter 1981-2, in sunny Miami. My org's ED sent me a message asking how soon I'd be back, and I told him to let me know when the weather got warm up there.

    It was the middle of March, and per tradition there was the March 13 "Ron's Birthday event". As it was ending, I was standing around in the parking lot behind the main org building shooting the breeze with a group of TTC students and interns when a woman approached us in a somewhat frenzied state. She gave her name (I won't disclose it here), identified herself as OSA staff (OSA was very new and largely undefined for most of us) and explained that she was seriously sick and needed help of an auditing nature, and that she was on the confidential Key to Life Course, and so any handling had to be done through the KTL Case Supervisor. She was in a panic, and nobody knew what to say to her.

    Observing that this woman needed not only help but some immediate reassurance, I took control of the situation. I asked her which dorm room she was staying in and told her to go lie down there, and I would meet her there shortly to help her. Somewhat relieved, she went on her way. One of my circle asked me what I was going to do, and I truthfully answered "I have no idea, but I'll figure it out".

    I sought out a staff member who could immediately get a message from me to the KTL C/S, who in turn quickly sent out to me an emergency assist program to run on this woman. I looked it over and headed to the woman's room, with the rest of the circle of students and interns tagging along.

    With the others hanging back in the far section of the dorm, I had a brief conversation with my PC and commenced with the program. I don't recall what the assist process was, but it grinded and grinded, without producing any sort of change, and after a little while I just bridged over to the next process, which was a touch assist.

    This woman was very sick, very weak, in much pain, dizziness and discomfort. As the assist went on through the night, there were frequent originations from her that she was just about to die, that she was dropping the body there and then. Fortunately, from the very beginning of my training I was a very confident auditor, and I knew it was important for my PC's to exude that confidence, and it served me well in this situation. I calmly and firmly coaxed her to "stay with me, we've got a little more to do, this body is save-able", and it required that she do her part and carry on with the process. (Honestly, I couldn't tell you why it never entered my mind that she might belong in an emergency room, other than supreme confidence that I would successfully get her through whatever this was).

    My PC did stay with me, and we ran a very long touch assist, which ran past midnight, from March 13th, "Ron's birthday", to March 14th, which just happens to be "Dex's birthday". 9but for some reason, I don't recall there being any "Dex's Birthday events"

    Eventually, she brightened up, smiled, very relieved and told me she felt much better. She sure did look like she felt much better. She sat up, then stood up, looking quite chipper. The next day she found me, and smiling told me she'd been to a doctor and found that she'd had a kidney infection, and thankfully expressed "That was very OT of you".

    I had actually, some time earlier, come across the idea of saving a life with auditing, and I'd decided I really wanted to do that. I do believe that at this time and place, I accomplished that goal.

    Love, Dex
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    Good story. Keep at it.
  5. FoTi

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    Thanks Dex.....keep tellin' more story.
  6. SchwimmelPuckel

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    Hmm.. I don't particularly want to be an ass.. But frankly, most infections will mend themselves.. So I think she fought that infection herself while being 'entertained' by you. Maybe she'd have recovered even better sleeping it away? - Though from the sound of it, she could've used a shot of antibiotics..

    I really don't think that scientology processes does anything for infections or other ailments..

    Common cold, as an example.. I've always recovered from colds in a few days by simply ignoring it.. But one time Hubbard somehow persuaded me that his SP/PTS tech was what I needed to get over a cold. - And sure enough! - I got well in a few days while on the course!

    Even the next time I catched a cold.. It went away in a few days, thank's to Rons SP/PTS tech! - Ain't that incredible!? - Keeps on working to this day!

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    Hi Dex, Thanks for your story and am enjoying it very much. Moar pls!
  8. Boojuum

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    Keep it coming

    Neat story.
  9. degraded being

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    I agree with Schwim.
    Even now with hindsight, you still spin yourself the hero saving a life story. Lucky for you her kidney infection wasn't worse and she didn't die.
  10. AnonyMary

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    Well, having almost died from one ( became sepsis in a matter of hours requiring hospitalization and surgery), I do believe that when one is ill, they should seek medical attention first. I think that is what the sign says when you walk into an org . Also on the inside cover of all the old books I had. But knowing the mindset of the church about using assists as a medical solution first, and that Dexter is a helper and did this out of care and concern, I say give him a break. He did what he was trained to do. I did many such assists, though on people less ill .
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  11. degraded being

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    Yeah. I was going to post it yesterday, but thought that I should give him a break as you say. I am not doubting his care and concern and wanting to help someone.

    Dexter said "...I had actually, some time earlier, come across the idea of saving a life with auditing, and I'd decided I really wanted to do that...." I think I probably would also have thought that way. But now I see it as a potentially dangerous way of thinking. Dexter was provided with his big chance when the woman happened to be there with her kidney infection.

    There is also this:
    "...This woman was very sick, very weak, in much pain, dizziness and discomfort. As the assist went on through the night, there were frequent originations from her that she was just about to die, that she was dropping the body there and then. Fortunately, from the very beginning of my training I was a very confident auditor, and I knew it was important for my PC's to exude that confidence, and it served me well in this situation. .."

    OK, so Dexter is wanting to help but she obviously has more than a headache or a cold. My point is not so much about Dexter personally, here, but about cult indoctrination and real danger.
    However at the end of his post, Dexter still does not look back and say "WTF was I doing? I should have gotten her to go to the hospital". He still seems to think -or would like to pretend -that may have saved her live, rather than luckily having nothing worse happen. On that last point I don't mind challenging his perspective.
  12. Auditor's Toad

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    Sorry, a graphic example of why scn is so dangerous !

    I'm glad that woman didn't die.

    Who will ever know how many others have died - and will die - from such nonsense.
  13. Zinjifar

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    It it's some people's will, you won't.

    That's my whole reason.. I want an end to shore stories and acceptable truth. Let Scientology be seen in its own words and actions and stand or fall on it.

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    Interesting to hear about the Miami Org from those 'famous 80's' I'd heard how booming and popular it was from then. (I went on Staff there in early till mid 90's. It wasn't so booming or popular of an Org by that time). I do have to agree that there were/are a lot of friendly staff and public there. :)

    And I wish you would name more names, for I'd know at least some of them! :yes:

    Keep writing...:drama:
  15. dexter gelfand

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    Thanks, guys!

    We have to keep some perspective here- as many, if not most, are participating or viewing ESMB to deal with the damage they experienced through their participation with the CoS, there will likely always be those who, in an attempt at self-preservation/recovery, have constructed in their own universe a world in which they are a faultless victim of a system that is absolutely bad. In order to prop up the walls when something positive about the subject threatens that faulty construct, such a person must work quickly to spin it all black. I hope for them that they won't forever hold onto that fixed solution with clenched teeth and white knuckles, as that is no way to go through life, and they deserve better. Its ok.

    It is of course a common, if not universal idea that the spirit can heal the body, infections included, of course-just as pain can be diminished and resolved, broken or strained body parts can heal better and faster, and organs, glands and the immune system can get a great boost through a variety of approaches, including those that are found in Scientology. If it is obvious that first aid is indicated, or a trip to the emergency room, than of course that would be the priority. I myself am a trained emergency medical technician. But I wouldn't hesitate to use any tool at my disposal to help a being in need, and if they are willing, I would do an assist on them while waiting for the Ambulance to arrive, or even in the ambulance. In this case, there were no outward signs that the situation required immediate medical intervention at the start. As we proceeded, the pc gained greater confront of and communication with her body, and originated what she was experiencing as part of the changes that were part of the successful process.

    Thanks to all for their comments and acknowledgements:), there will be a bit more to tell in this story. I'll get to it later today.

    Love, Dex
  16. Auditor's Toad

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    "I hope for them that they won't forever hold onto that fixed solution with clenched teeth and white knuckles, as that is no way to go through life, and they deserve better. Its ok."

    That passage makes me think of Linda McPherson.....and too many others.
    Yeah, they damn well did deserve better than thay got !

    I do not doubt the sincerity, wilingness, or intention to help another being in need.

    My point is that most of us know of specific instances of where a person a person was given scn processes only when even the barest of common sense indicated a qualified medical doctor could really help.

    There are times an assist doesn't cut it but the limitations put in place by the group prevent proper care.
  17. dexter gelfand

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    True dat!

    No question about that, Toady. :) The Mcpherson case establishes that fact. And clearly those limitations, at least in that situation, can be seen to based entirely, on selfish, callous and arrogant concerns. Shameful and repulsive.

    Love, Dex
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    Hey, Dex. I've been waitin' for your next Chapter on the "Apollo '73" thread.

    You might wanna consider posting the next one here and over there with a header that you posted it in both places. There's some folks that just read the "'73" thread and may not see this thread...or you could just post a notice over there when you make a Chapter post here.:confused2:

    Anyway, I'm sure glad you here and I said over on "'73"'ve got real good stuff, Dex.:yes:

  19. Terril park

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    Lisa was PTS to weird ethics actions as the main reason for her initial problems. Such weird ethics actions including severe wrong indications.
    See the logs.
  20. Infinite

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    If trainees can wander about the org reading/altering your PC folders, does it really surprise you that this sort of thing has been going on for as long as it has?